Did you feel the release yesterday?

Even before the Moon hit full in the late afternoon/early evening, my cats were nuts all day, running around and playing – releasing all the pent up/built up energy of the demanding previous week. I had trouble finishing writing this post because there was a cat (new baby, Peri) wanting to play all the time! When she wasn’t trying to get on the keyboard for attention, I could still feel her want! She normally sleeps next to the computer while I work. But not yesterday! In my face! Very cute and sweet, but difficult to get anything done.

It was a tough last seven days in my household. Getting through each day got more and more difficult leading up to yesterday. I felt oppressed and lost and irritable, with no energy to accomplish anything. I knew why, I was aware of the energy of last week. But that didn’t help in the moment (well, it did help in knowing it was temporary and why it was happening, but knowing didn’t stop me from feeling it). From readings with people all over the country (and one in Pakistan), I got confirmation that the challenging energy was felt throughout the world.

We could especially see it playing out in the news. What I had written last week about the energy, specifically the lead up to the Full Moon magnifying Venus moving into Scorpio, was “…what no longer works for us (is) being brought into the light to release – this time about love, relationship and justice”. Yeah, Justice! How many things are now coming out in the open about what have been going on behind the scenes in politics?

The energy of “that which is not true to self or has been hidden is being revealed” seems to have been playing out for the entire week. Isn’t that what this presidency is for, to get us all on the same page, all equal and in harmony? The combination of all the powerful energy of last week combined with the bigger purpose of Trump (the Great Negative Lesson) got things hopping! And none of it will let up yet – not just in politics. In our own lives, too. This was a release and reveal for each of us, in whatever we needed to personally face.

I saw this yesterday in one of “oracleofyoursoul” posts on InstaGram. Fill in the blank with the Zodiac sign’s appropriate phrase to help assimilate the lessons we’ve been given. I found it very revealing and helpful for myself.


As I release the wounds of …., I arise to my healing and wholeness”

Aries: Impostor Syndrome

Taurus: Victimization

Gemini: Alienation

Cancer: Judgment

Leo: Righteousness

Virgo: Betrayal

Libra: Shadow Projection

Scorpio: Inferiority

Sagittarius: Mediocrity

Capricorn: Neglect

Aquarius: Lies

Pisces: Poverty Consciousness

And I liked this post, also about yesterday’s Full Moon, from @leah_whitehorse, LUA ASTROLOGY

Situations come to a head, we’re fired up, impulsive, outraged. A desire to win burns yet we may feel held back, compromised, vulnerable, forced into a corner. Somehow, we must find our balance and figure out what we’re fighting for.

Our greatest opponent is fear. Confront your demons if you feel like life has knocked you down. It’s time to get up off the floor. Where is your fire, your rage, your passion, your willingness to fight for what is right?

Consider what drives you. Know what is in your control. Know your triggers. Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses. Are you on board for change because change is coming? Get ready. Get animated. Get motivated. Get back in the game of life.

Life isn’t just happening to you – you are part of life, a co-creator, a living flame, divine spark. The future is wide open. When you’re willing to step into your power, know that you’re strong enough to take the next step.”

One of my observations mid-week while inundated with all the demanding energy leading up to yesterday, was that it felt like the last day in pregnancy before giving birth (without knowing it was the last day). Anyone who has carried a baby to term knows what I mean (and in a one-degree-of-separation way, those who have gone through a pregnancy with a partner or friend know, too). There’s a fullness, anticipation, tiredness, irritability, “get this over with” energy that comes before giving birth.

Yesterday was us giving birth to a released version of ourselves and that takes us into a new level of our brave new world. It’ll take us a few days to get used to the new us, so take it easy. Revel in the release. Enjoy. Do the above mantra even though we feel better. We’re in a pattern of Full Moons continuing to move us into Aquarian Age knowledge, so be ready for the next one. The intensity of the last two Full Moons is now the norm. When we’re in complete balance and truth within ourselves, each Full Moon will become more about perceiving and feeling others’ reactions than it will be about ourselves.

A final note: this was posted by #dailybelief – a quote from one of my favorite people on the planet, Joss Whedon, creator of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Angel” and the best series ever made, “Firefly” and the director of the first two Avengers movies:

You are going to change the world, because that is actually what the world is. You do not pass through this life, it passes through you. You experience it, you interpret it, you act, and then it is different. That happens constantly. You are changing the world. You always have been.”

Let’s act for our own truth, our own good, which is also for the truth and good of the world.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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