The New Moon on Friday, February 15-16 brings a Solar Eclipse and the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. As with all celestial events in 2018, this is a big deal and will affect us strongly. When a year begins on an eclipse, it makes that year more volatile, and an Earth Dog Year is said to bring the potential for violent conflict, on individual and world levels. As Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson says, “If 2018 is the Year of the Dog, then we are talking about a pit-bull rather than a docile poodle.” That fits with the over-lord energy of Saturn playing such an important role in our lives this year as it brings unavoidable karmic God-smacking.

I’ve already seen that happen, even before we reach the Year of the Dog energy. I know four people who have been diagnosed with cancer so far this year (cancer being the great karmic leveler) and one person who died unexpectedly. Not to say that all karma involves cancer and death, that is the most extreme of its lessons. It just tells us to stop avoiding what we have to face because we don’t want to. Chances are we’ve put off lessons for years. Now is the time to face them.

Remember that the last Solar Eclipse we had was the profound event crossing the skies of the United States in August of last year. When the Sun reemerged from behind the Moon on August 21, 2017, the Earth’s care-taking energy toward us changed from nurturing to tough-love. The underlying “belonging” we’ve innately accepted all our lives shifted so we have to adapt our growth to the Earth’s growth. We must raise our vibrations, our awareness, as she is doing in her rebirth journey. And this year, we’re on a bullet train.

Also remember that 2018 is the year of spiritual-world balance (Master Number Eleven) and physical-world balance (Number Two). How better to achieve that balance than facing karmic lessons that we have avoided because they interfere with our desires and choices we’ve made for success within our society? Those choices haven’t always honored our individuality but karma is coming around strongly this year so they can if we are brave enough to face them. We shaped our society to get us where we are and we can reshape it to fit what we need in our evolution.

We’ve seen this happening with the recent acceptance of those who were perceived as “different” from the Piscean Age normal (different race, color, belief, sexual orientation) and the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. That is just the beginning.

Master Number Eleven, Number Two, the Aquarian Age and Saturn’s influence also deal with inequality and injustice, which fits right in with the characteristics of the Chinese New Year. The Earth Dog brings world-wide social consciousness that cascades into change in every society. As people have tried to hold onto the Piscean Age righteousness with selfishness, greed and fear of change, they’ve exhibited a pretense of ignorance that they don’t know the depth of change going on, so they don’t have to deal with it. But everyone, no matter their spiritual understanding, is aware on some level that profound change is happening and unavoidable. This year brings that to the surface in a way that can’t be ignored.

Those who understand the change that’s happening and is needed bring a dialogue and solidarity with others of like mind throughout the world. While it may take a village to raise a child, it takes a world to raise our consciousness. The Year of the Earth Dog brings that change. How we deal with it, which equals how difficult this year can treat us, is up to each individual.

KarmaWeather® by Konbi® says, “Earth Dog year vibrates with truth and justice, even for those who don’t want to hear it. Actions based solely on individual drive and demagogy are unmasked and rejected by the majority, giving way during this period to the more universal values of empathy and social justice.”

They key to the Year of the Earth Dog is to have patience, acceptance and empathy toward ourselves and everyone around us – not just those in our immediate sphere but those we see on the news. This can be a tough one. I was completely disgusted to see Vice President Mike Pence dishonor our country at the Olympic Winter Games’ Opening Ceremonies by standing only for the United States’ athletes entering the arena. The Olympics is a non-political celebration of the world coming together, not pulling apart (even though politics can linger in the background). Yet he was on board with all the condemning about football players taking a knee through our National Anthem. What’s the difference?

But we can’t know another’s karmic journey. Showing tolerance and understanding for others shifts our inner vibration for the better. So I can look at Pence’s actions as part of his personal journey. As those actions are then seen by the world, the karmic journey of others is honed by their reactions and the self-awareness that brings. We learn all the time by facing situations like this. Self-knowledge is growth. Growth is rampant and unavoidable this year so we might as well work with it.

Balance within self this year also means talking care of our physical bodies. An Earth Dog Year is good for quitting a habit like smoking or drinking because the reactions to imbalance within our bodies will be extreme. What we eat, how we exercise, how we meditate will all be very important. Honor all aspects of who we are – from our physical to vibrational to spiritual health. If we don’t face what we need to do to achieve health, we get the negative tough-love lesson to tell us.

Sometimes being aware of what throws us out of health (stress from a bad relationship, taking a social drink when our body says “No!”) is just as important as knowing what keeps us in health and balance. The Golden Rule is to do everything in moderation – eat, exercise, meditate. Eating natural foods rather than anything processed or frozen quickly restores and supports health. Yoga is especially good this year – it’s gentle, soothing and active. For those not used to meditation, do something that is guided rather than trying it on your own.

Experiencing self-balance on all levels of our being, clear communication, community, selflessness, generosity, strength of character, empathy and awareness of social justice and equality help us surf this Year of the Earth Dog’s challenges into fulfillment and success. This year is only difficult if we fight it.

We come into collective awareness this year. We’ve been working on it for a while and will finally see more rewards for the hard work of others. It starts with self-awareness then spreads to world-awareness with clearer choices and examples than ever before.


To start the new energy of the Year of the Earth Dog off, tackle karmic lessons head on. On my website under “Metaphysigifts”, if you scroll down toward the bottom, there’s a “Forty Day Love Spell” followed by “Forty Day Spell”. These use the principle of the sacred number forty to accomplish things (getting love, a new job, etc.) This can also be used to help clear karma.

Make a list of forty things that you are aware of that you’re not dealing with, or that are obstacles in your character. Be honest with yourself, avoid doing this in ego. At the top of the list write, “I face and overcome my karmic challenges of:” then write the list in first person, present tense, without negative words (no, not, never, can’t, shouldn’t, etc.). Examples:

  1. My fear of monetary success.
  2. My fear of being alone.
  3. My fear of being unloved.
  4. My anger at my mother.
  5. My feeling of helplessness at changing the world.

On Friday, February 16 as we start the new year energy, read this list to yourself as the first thing you do after waking before getting out of bed, and again as the last thing you do before sleeping. Do this consecutively for forty days and see what happens. Avoid flinching when things that you asked to face and overcome show themselves to you. Face and overcome them. It’s what this year is for!


Because Wednesday, February 14 is St. Valentine’s Day, here’s hoping we all celebrate without guilt, blame, or the frustration that can come when there is a day representing love in our lives. That one day can make us expect more of what we want than what is in front of us. Honor what is in front of you, of the love you have, even if it isn’t perfect (or present). Love is sacred and, hands down, the strongest power in the universe. Honor that.

Love yourself, love your lovers and love everyone else (including the Earth and all life on her) equally but with applicably discerning attention.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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