This message was forwarded to me from a dear friend who came across the website www.wildmysticwoman.com. Layla Saad, as described on her website, is “a writer, mentor and healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul’s work”. She has an insightful and meaningful take on the shift we’re in at the moment, indeed, what is happening to all of us right now, this week. Even though she concentrates on women and the mystical feminine energy in her writings, what she has to say about our current situation in the United States and the world is for all.

The following is an excerpt from an “offering” she posted. For her complete article, go to http://www.wildmysticwoman.com/poetry-prose/rise-of-priestess-activist.

Layla Saad writes:

Where to even begin? This week has been overwhelming in so many ways, for so many of us. Watching from afar as the events unfold day to day in the US is like watching a scary historical documentary. And I don’t say these words to add more negativity or fear to what we are already witnessing. However I do think that before we jump into positive action, as priestesses we have a responsibility to acknowledge the truth of what is happening, so that our hearts can break open in compassion, and we can access that deep conviction within to do what we can to turn things around.

Long gone are the days of, ‘just focus on keeping your vibration high, and everything will work out!’. We cannot run away from darkness and expect it not to follow us around. We cannot live in a world where we ignore the fact that the law of attraction applies differently to you, depending on your level of privilege. We cannot ‘wait and see’ how things will play out and hope for the best.

I’m not a US citizen, but I don’t need to be in order to feel severely affected by what is happening there. And while I live in the Middle East, I don’t live in any of the predominantly Muslim countries that have been banned from entering the USA. But still, all the parts of my heart ache as I see how my Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi, Sudanese, Libyan, Somali and Yemeni sisters and brothers are being treated by the new US administration. And how as Muslims as a whole, we are being demonized by the executive orders of the most powerful country in the world.

And it’s not just US politics that are shaking the world, is it? It’s everything, everywhere, all at the same time.

I feel all the different parts of my identity screaming out in righteous rage:

The Black Woman in me.

The African-Arab Woman in me.

The Muslim Woman in me.

The Feminist Woman in me.

The Mother and Wife in me.

The Daughter of Immigrants in me.

The Priestess in me.

All of these women are begging me to Do Something! to stop all of this, and they are simultaneously feeling the horrific fear of Whatever I Do Won’t Be Enough.

It reminds of the recurring nightmares I used to have for years about the ‘dark man’ who would chase me in my dreams, trying to physically harm me and the people that I love. No matter how fast I ran, or how much I tried to hide, he would always find me. I could never see his face as he always in the shadows, but he was unrelenting in his insatiable hunger to harm and destroy me.

Later on, I realized that the dark man represented oppressive patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

My fears on global events became so overwhelming in the last few days that I had to take a break from social media. I was feeling completely exhausted and numb. Facebook was particularly challenging. Every time I opened the app up on my phone, there was a new article, news analysis or announcement that shook me to my core. Like many of you, I have spent a lot of the past week crying.

Making the decision to step away from social media for a couple of days, and giving myself the grace of a slow business week, has already done wonders for me. I’m feeling more nourished and a sense of wisdom and perspective is returning. Having this ‘white space’ time to myself to process what is happening, to feel my feelings, and to consciously decide how I want to show up as a spiritual entrepreneur is so important.

What I am seeing is that the events that are happening in the world today feel like being in a never-ending thunderstorm or tsunami. The minute you think you’ve come to terms with the latest shocking news, another devastating tidal wave hits. A new executive order. The threat of war. More injustices being legalized. More rights being taken away. More power being given to people who should not be anywhere near power. More hate crimes being perpetrated. More refugees trying to escape the horrors of their homeland only to find that they are being turned right back. It is never-ending, and no one is coming to rescue us.

So what do we do?

We can’t escape the world we live in. And we can’t pretend that we still live in the old world, either. And let’s face it – there was a lot that was wrong with the old world, which is exactly why we are here in this situation today. But we also can’t accept that there is nothing that we can do. These times are calling us to rise up as priestess activists.

The reason why I no longer have nightmares about the dark man is that I chose to confront him in my dreams. I stopped running away from him, and I turned towards him instead, daring him to do something to me. I embodied the fierceness of a mama lioness standing to protect herself and her pride. When I stopped running and stood my ground with conviction in my own power, the dark man lost his power over me. And ever since then, he has never returned.

This is our work now. We must become consciously grounded and stand firm in our sovereign power, our inner wisdom, our connections to each other and our continuous acts of resistance. We must stand for those whose voices have been suppressed, and whose rights are being revoked. We must stand for our human family.

Robert Kennedy said: Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he or she sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. And crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Each one of us is here to contribute to the whole by sending forth these ‘tiny ripples of hope’ through our sacred activism. It is time to realize that our entrepreneurial work does not exist in a vacuum outside of what is happening in ‘the real’ world.

If you believe that you are a modern priestess, then now is the time to take your priestess-ing out into the real world and turn what you have learned on your personal spiritual journey into sacred acts of resistance and healing for the collective higher good. Don’t separate your role as a priestess from your role as a member of the human family.

No one is coming to rescue us. We must become our own rescue. The new paradigm that we are entering is about grounded spirituality meeting radical love-in-action.

Layla Saad goes on to write about eight guiding principles that she is going to be working with to step into her own priestess activism. I highly recommend checking out the rest of what she has to say. You don’t have to be a women or a priestess or a metaphysician to take action. All you have to do is stand in your own power-within and take back our future from those who want to perpetuate the past.

We are safe in that I don’t believe we will be allowed to decimate ourselves in a nuclear war. But pretty much everything else is on the table as we figure out who we are and where we’re going from here. Actually, that energy and vibration is already set, but the Earth is allowing us time to find it ourselves. However, there is a time limit to her patience.

Those who are stuck, refusing to move forward, refusing to learn anything that is put right in front of them about the progress of humankind have a deadline to “get it”. They are not allowed to stop our overall spiritual and evolutionary progress by delaying everyone else for years while they fearfully hang on to their egos. Most of those who are stuck now are going to continue to be stuck the rest of this life. Human beings can not wait that long. The Earth can not wait that long.

Stand in your own power-within and figure out a way to change this tide of Piscean Age stuckness. Those who are holding out are only doing so because the energy already changed underneath them and they no longer belong. They are terrified. But they are terrified children who just need the firm hand of tough love to step in and stop these antics.

We can do this. We are here at this time in this country to do this. All that we’re going through in August, especially during the coming eclipse on Monday, August 21, puts what we need to learn about ourselves and change or let go or move into right in front of us. Pay attention, even if those around you don’t.

Strength to us all. Enlightenment to us all. Personal power-within to us all.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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