Winter Solstice 12/23/2013

Winter Solstice

With the coming of the Winter Solstice on December 21st, we started an important spiritual journey that helps us complete the ending of the last seven years of purging to get us ready for the next seven years of growth.

From December 21st to the 24th, the Sun is in a stationary period before beginning its cycle of lengthening the days. It’s on pause, giving us a moment to catch our breath after the intensity of the release brought to us in August and the adjustment in the months that followed.

These three days give us an our opportunity to focus on integrating our karmic work – the difference between who we are in the depths of our being and what has been put on us or we accumulated that needed to be worked on, healed, resolved and released. We are integrating that duality during this time, when it’s all about letting go of what we were and standing in who we truly are.

Then for the 40 days starting on Christmas Eve, our focus is on the opening of our Heart Chakra by expanding the light within. The energy during these 40 days helps us create a stillness within, which is the key to allowing the heart light to grow. If we spend any time concentrating on this stillness and expanding our heart-light, we get massive and specific amounts of help from our guides, angels and ancestors to accomplish that purpose.

During these 40 days, the number one focus is being very kind to ourselves. That means self care is vital both for our physical bodies and our spiritual ones.

Eating well now is more about avoiding foods that we know make us feel badly, which includes alcohol, rather than going vegetarian or wheat free. Sleeping is really important because we do some much of our spiritual adjusting and understanding in sleep. Being kind to ourselves, respecting how we feel in the moment and knowing that we’re ok “as is” is essential.

Caring for our spiritual bodies includes meditating or chanting (if that is part of your world – if not, now’s a good time to try it). Or simply taking time to be quiet even if we have to break established rhythms and responsibilities to do it.

The work being done now is spiritual so it’s not going to necessarily show in our physical world. That makes it harder to go with what we feel without judging it. But if we concentrate only on our heart-light, everything else falls into place.

So during these 40 days, work to give yourself a break, be aware of how important you are to the world (or you wouldn’t have been born in the first place), hug yourself, talk to the injured child within to heal the past and let your love-light grow.

If you don’t know how to do that, here is a meditation which takes only a few minutes that I’ve found really helps. We will be concentrating on the pink light that is the higher vibration of the green light of the heart chakra. Pink is the color of unconditional love, the strongest power in the universe.

Sit comfortably, preferably with feel flat on the ground, or with legs crossed in lotus or half lotus position. With eyes closed, take several deep cleansing breaths, in though the nose, out through the mouth. With every breath in, feel the beautiful light and life of the air fill you and break up that which is stuck or in pain within you. With every exhale, feel the negative being released from your body, replaced by soft gold light.

Turn your focus to your heart chakra, which is in the center of your chest, just a little below the level of where your physical heart is. With your mind’s eye, see its spinning sphere of pink light. Focus on that, being aware of it with all of your senses. Ask yourself what it sounds like, then wait for the response. Ask what it smells like, tastes like and feels like both physically and emotionally and each time wait for the response, which may come in more of a feel than an actual scent or taste.

Allow it to grow so the spinning sphere of pink light fills your entire chest. Note if the sound of it gets louder or you feel it any clearer. Let it grow bigger and bigger until it completely surrounds your entire body in a perfect sphere one foot beyond where you can reach in every direction.

Sit in that sphere and feel the unconditional love that is within you spinning around you. Allow that energy to heal everything out of balance within. Stay in that sphere as long as is comfortable – 5 minutes, half an hour, whatever time or circumstances allow.

Then pull the energy sphere back into your body until it is back in your heart chakra, a little bigger than when you started. Feel the potency of it, the expansiveness of it in such a small package. Thank the pink light for the experience and be grateful that you possess such an extraordinary gift of unconditional love.

Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths, come back to the here and now and get on with your day or night.

A variation of this is to picture a rose or lotus bud inside the spinning pink light and gradually experience it opening. This represents the hidden and protected parts of your heart opening up.

Or if you prefer to chant, take a few minutes a day to chant the single syllable seed mantra of the heart, YAM (pronounced YAHM). First sit in a lotus or half lotus position (cross-legged). Let your thumb and index finger touch (on both hands). Rest your left hand on your left knee and point the fingers of your right hand (with thumb and index finger touching) inward, touching your heart chakra. Then repeat an intoned YAM until you feel you are done.

While we experience this heart growth, be aware we’re still fragile so please avoid sharing the light with others. Take care of healing yourself, releasing what needs to be released and balancing yourself to make the giving of this unconditional love all the more powerful and potent when the 40 days are over. Chances are you’ll feel so good, your energy will affect others without you having to try to give it.

If you’ve never given yourself priority in your life, try it for the next 40 days. It will make a difference.

Much love to you all over the holidays and into this new phase of evolution. I hope you all get a gift or have an experience that reminds you that everything is this universe has one core reality – and that’s love!

With love and gratitude…

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