Wiccaning is a ritual to introduce a new baby to family, friends, community, the Earth, the Energies and Spirit in the form of God and Goddess. It predates Christening and has many similarities. The main difference is that it doesn’t commit the child to the Christian church as the choice of path is considered the child’s right to make during her journey. The ritual is written specifically for the parents and baby involved based on their desires and the path they follow.

The pictures below are of the Wiccaning for Kyla, daughter to my covenmate Kellie and her husband Bill. They requested a touch of Native American spirituality be included so we made a Medicine Pouch to keep her safe and help her grow into a healthy and fulfilling childhood. A Wiccaning is usually done for a baby within the first three months of life, but circumstances prevented this for Kyla so she was a little older.

As we called in the Quarters of the Sacred Circle, we were joined by a falcon on a post at the edge of the yard. It stayed and watched the entire ritual. And even though the day threatened rain, it stayed clear and dry until our last words were spoken. Then the bird flew away and the rain came. Falcon became Kyla’s first Animal Spirit.

Please contact me via this website to request more information on a Wiccaning for your baby.