With all the upheaval in the world right now, many are imagining the absolute worst coming up for us in the years ahead. But if we understand that this is just part of a very intricate, long-term growth process, we’ll be able to see beyond our fear of change and not having control of our lives into the larger pattern at play for Humankind. Maybe this will help…

We, as human beings, have known for some time, mostly subconsciously or in our Higher Selves, of the great transition of the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. All of us were born in this lifetime with that knowledge. It’s why we came, whether or not we are aware of it.

Anyone, no matter what age, who was alive on December 21, 2012 when the shift officially happened, came here to do some pretty significant work in development and evolution, not just for self but for the human species, and for the Earth herself.

We came because the rarefied power of the time gives us the opportunity to accomplish so much more than at any other time since the last transition 2,000 years ago. We can make major strides in growth and awareness, and complete karmic contracts in one lifetime that would normally take us several incarnations. We can finish arcs of learning, graduate from multiple lifetimes as a soldier or a mother, or end a lives-long journey with a specific individual. Completing the work of this lifetime gives us unlimited choices on where we go and what we do next.

Unfortunately, a good number of souls have not been able to handle the intensity of the opportunity and shut down early in this life. These are the young souls who took on too much in an effort to get the Piscean Age lessons now – or really at the last minute – instead of waiting another 26,000 years for the specific Piscean lessons to come around again.

They came in for themselves and got overwhelmed. The lessons at the end of an Age are always harder and more advanced, so young-soul brains get fried. It’s like sixth grade students having to graduate a university master class without the benefit of all the grades in between. They’re lost. And being lost, stand in ego because it’s their only survival skill and, sometimes, their only salvation.

Right now, these lost souls make up about forty percent of our population where usually in other times they would make up more like twenty percent. They are completely unaware of what’s going on just as children are unaware that they’re part of a bigger world than their immediate family and school.

Others – a majority of about fifty percent (always the largest percentage) – who can handle the intensity of the opportunity, are growing and developing personally. They’re learning much about themselves and how they fit with other life in our new awareness of the equality of all. They came in for their own lessons and are taking advantage of the growth offered with varying degrees of success. Even if they don’t accomplish their entire checklist, they’re still making progress. As they become better human beings, they affect change in the energy of the people and the world around them.

Still others – in the minority at ten percent (and always in the minority) – are people who came specifically to help with this transition, over and above anything they would learn for themselves. They have already developed in previous lives into great teachers. These Wise People, including Medicine Men and Women, Shamans, Healers, Oracles, Astrologers of Old – and, it is believed, aliens who have come to help – have been reincarnating since the mid-1800’s to prepare us for this great transition. There is always personal growth in every life, but for these ten percenters, their purpose in being here is for the good of all. What they learn for themselves is extra.

Those born in the last two centuries were the forerunners who initiated and supported the end of slavery, equal rights for women, voting rights for everyone and a subtle spiritual rather than religious awareness. More and more of them have reincarnated into this specific life – all to help us move into the equality and harmony of the Aquarian Age.

This percentage breakdown of our current population fits very neatly into the natural development pattern of Humankind. Without consciously knowing it (well, some are aware), we’re all participating in a microcosm/macrocosm growth spurt. Here’s the rhythm of our development happening right under our noses…

Humans shift our awareness every seven years. It’s said all of our cells replace themselves within this seven-year cycle so we essentially become reborn, physically and spiritually. Our natural growth in our first seven years is to learn about ourselves. It’s why children go through the selfish “me” stage. It’s a way for us to find out about ourselves by bouncing egos off those around us, adjusting who we are based on the feedback

Our second seven years, from age seven to thirteen, is to learn about ourselves and others. During this span we refine who we are in connection and comparison to those around us as we realize we’re not alone in our own bubble. We’re part of something bigger. We develop skills to communicate who we are to others and skills to listen and accept who others are and the worth of their opinions.

The third seven years, from fourteen to twenty, is to expand our awareness from self and others to include the world, opening our consciousness even more. We adjust once again to a new knowledge that forms who we are going to be and how we are going to influence, or be influenced by, the much bigger picture.

We continue to grow guided by the set of lessons of each seven year cycle. When we reach seven times seven, or age forty-nine, the belief is that if we have paid attention, part of our responsibility for the rest of our lives is to use our acquired knowledge to help others.

Obviously, many who are alive today at forty-nine or older are still stuck in their egos and have no idea of that responsibility or the skills or desire to help others. But, again, this is a very challenging time of exponential and accelerated growth that young souls aren’t handling well no matter how old they are chronologically.

The macrocosm of Humanity’s growth and evolution is as the microcosm of an individual human’s growth. With that, the forty percenters are still circling the first lesson, having a hard time graduating (and, unfortunately, most of them won’t). The fifty percent majority are spanned throughout the second lesson, some just getting it while others are ready to move to the third. The ten percent have already progressed to the third before they came here and are helping everyone else.

What’s really cool, however, is that many of those in the middle journey will graduate to be the teachers in this lifetime. They’ve been ready but haven’t had the opportunity. That time is now and how we deal with the difficulties in front of us is one of the growth spurts we all need to leap forward instead of plod along (although no one really likes the negative lessons that get us there).

So here’s why we’re in such upheaval for the next few years: even though the majority of people who are experiencing life at this time are in the process of moving forward, those forty percenters are so loud and desperate, it’s like they’re sucking all the oxygen out of the world. In their fear of losing themselves (their egos) and being overwhelmed by what they have to learn (to play well with others), they are the children that are throwing such attention-gathering tantrums, all focus is on them. At the moment, that means that personal growth and the growth of Humankind seems at a standstill.

What’s really happening is that both the fifty and ten percenters are stepping back a moment to allow the forty percenters to throw their fits before they’re taken by the hand, perhaps even spanked or given a time-out, to move forward into a less ego-based ideology.

While having the patience to deal with this might seem overwhelming, please remember that we came here for this! Each one of us reincarnated in this lifetime knowing this moment in our development was coming. Our duty now is to actively participate in not just our individualized growth as souls but in the much larger and more significant leap forward of Humankind out of Mankind.

History does repeat itself until we get the lesson. And we do learn, albeit we sometimes need to be hit on the head to get our attention. Get ready for some head-hitting for that forty percent! And be ready to pick up the pieces and lead our lost souls forward. It may not seem they are helping Mankind grow into Humankind, but they are providing the clearest negative lesson possible to get the attention that change demands.

We’ll get there. All of us. One way or another. If we stand in awareness of our place in the greater whole and take responsibility for all of Humankind instead of just ourselves, this goes a lot smoother (and takes far less time than we think it will).

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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