On Tuesday, October 23 I hit the big 6-5!. And yet I still feel like I’m 18, not in naive way but in having an outlook of possibility for the future. In case it is of interest, here is a little bit about me.

I’m on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, principally driven by my Scorpio tendencies but very grateful for the justice, equality and ability to see both sides of things, Libra-style. So my Libra self balances out my Scorpio self, which helps make me more palatable in general.

I am a Yankee bitch by birth – born in New Haven, Connecticut to a family who’s roots go back to the American Revolution on one side and to German and Irish immigrants on the other. While most of my family has natural psychic ability, with that strict WASP heritage, only one cousin and I admit and take advantage of it.

I was raised in the Christian church, first on the Congregational path, then the Presbyterian, but none of it made sense to me. Even though I wasn’t aware of it when I was younger, I’ve always been Wiccan. I learned the teachings of the Bible but it seemed to have too many holes in the through-line. And, with my parents actively involved in church-doings, I saw too much of the hypocrisy of those involved who spoke holy-ly in church but behaved quite differently outside of it. When I learned about Wicca while in high school, it made perfect sense – “honor all life” and “do as you will as long as you harm none”. Once I connected with it, I believe I was remembering past lives before Christianity changed the face of belief. I’ve been a practicing Wiccan since my early 20s, eventually becoming High Priestess of The Grove of Earth Rising Coven (an eclectic teaching coven). My beloved coven-mates are in Los Angeles, but we Skype rituals from time-to-time and still practice the Old Ways.

My mother was a housewife until she got older and then did secretarial work before she found herself in Real Estate. My father was with the YMCA his entire working life, which meant when he wanted a promotion, we had to move to another location to get it. So in all, I’ve moved 21 times in my life, ten times with my family and 11 times on my own. Starting in Connecticut, to West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, California, Michigan, California, and currently Texas. I think because we moved so often when I was young, it never became a big deal when I got older to relocate (also I had a past life as a gypsy – read on).

I’ve had two significant relationships in this life – married for two years in my 20s, then with Patrick for 13 years in my 30s and 40s – although I’ve had many “in-love” relationships before and between. Right now, I prefer cats. They purr and I don’t mind care-taking them. I have two biological sons (now in their early 30s) by being a surrogate for friends who needed the help. They are exceptional men who are kind, generous and loving, as are their parents. I never wanted to raise children in this life, so my being able to contribute without that responsibility was perfect for us all, and very karmically complete.

I worked many jobs throughout my life but they were only jobs, not a career. I worked clerical from receptionist to company president’s Admin. Then I “graduated” to producing training videos for Ford Motor Company’s marketing team. But I wanted a career in the entertainment industry. I studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art and worked in local theater as an actor and director, eventually becoming a co-owner, director and actor in a 99-seat Equity theater in Michigan for a couple of years. Then I was offered my own hour-long soap to produce, direct and write by a local TV station (Michigan still), which was a great learning experience but, no matter how much we all put into it, more a valiant effort than a huge success.

I’ve always been a writer. Outside of acting/directing, I loved the idea of writing and/or being a teacher. I wrote my first play in fifth grade (for me to star in, of course), called “The Princess and the Golden Gate”. That started the bug. As I was growing up, for fun my best friend and I would write ourselves into our favorite TV shows as guest stars, which taught me the rhythm of writing for television. When I moved to Los Angeles the second time, I focused on writing instead of acting. I had some success, many great meetings, a great agent, was just getting known, on the cusp of the Big Time, then the 2008 crash hit and the backing, director and star of my First Big Screen Opportunity went up in smoke. A typical story in the industry. “Almost but not quite.” I do hope to get back to writing more fiction than I do now.

Oddly, the roadblock in my writing career and my mother coming to live with me in California after my father’s death led me to working as a psychic at the Psychic Eye Bookshop in Sherman Oaks, California. That opportunity was a great gift in a very difficult time. I was there for ten years, honing a skill that I never thought I’d rely on for a career. I was able to put my teaching dream into practice there and offered many classes in the Metaphysical Arts. It was such an interesting place and experience (much of it very dark) that I could write a book. Actually, I am…it’s a work in progress.

Spending as much time as I did at the Psychic Eye gave me the courage to go off on my own after a side stint developing the psychic presence and being “Den Mother” to the readers at The Green Man store in North Hollywood. I’ve been on my own ever since and expect I will be serving others in this way until I retire from this life.

While in the process of developing my psychic skills, I’d get messages for others involving their past lives. That opened up my understanding and remembering of reincarnations and my own past lives. Not in order of appearance, I remember past lives of being a male Jewish scholar, a Wise Woman in the Scottish Highlands, learning sorcery in India, being an Oracle in Greece, a warrior in China, a disgraced gladiator in Rome, a Vestal Virgin in Rome, a gypsy in the Black Forest, a dissident in Korea (tortured to death), a reluctant nurse in the Civil War, with my last life married to a Member of Parliament in London. That life ended in 1906. While I observed what was happening on the planet while on the “other side” in between lives, I didn’t reincarnate until 1953 and here we are.

I’ve had two main themes over the last arc of past lives: being a warrior or being of service to Higher Source whether that was as a Wise Woman or an Oracle. Starting with my life in the Civil War, I began switching into the more standard wife/mother role. In my last life in London, I overdid it by having ten children and not knowing how to handle it, feeling lost and hanging myself in the attic when my youngest (my mother in this life) was six. This life is about my balancing out all my knowledge – male power-over with female power-within – so I’m here at the perfect time (very psychic but really good with weapons). As I attain that knowledge, I become more in-tuned in my work.

I feel everything I’ve experienced and learned in this life (including remembering past lives) has given me insight into my psychic work. As a true Scorpio, I’ve re-birthed myself many times in this life. I’m in an incubation period right now, it feels, where I don’t know what the next adventure or path will be. But I know through experience and faith that it will be clear to me when the time is right. Meanwhile, I’m still here, still learning, still observing, and hopefully helping others along the way.

Thank you all for sharing your lives and difficulties with me, for trusting me and for many of you, offering your friendship. You have truly made my life full and successful. My grandmother always told me on my birthday, “I’m very glad you were born.” I’m very glad I was born. No matter how hard this time is, this is my time on my planet. I am very well aware I am here now by choice not only to learn for myself, but to help in this transition in whatever small way I can.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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