We have a couple of significant astrological and energetic events coming up this week that, hopefully, will get us out of the oppressive remnants lingering from the punch we got on Friday, June 9. On that day, we had a powerful Full Moon and we were finally released from the four-month-long Jupiter retrograde. The days leading up June 9 were dark, heavy and difficult – darker, heavier and more difficult than we’ve had in a while. They were overpowering. And even though we expected to take some time to recover from that kind of energy, especially after the length of the Jupiter retrograde, last week was just as oppressive, sometimes even more so, when there should have been relief.

But the three events this week give us a break. They offer us an excellent and powerful time to reprogram ourselves and how we deal with the flow of our future, if we allow them to help us. This is one of those times we can get in harmony with ourselves and what’s going on, but it requires us to be in the balance of letting go and manifesting at the same time.

On Wednesday, June 21 we have the Summer Solstice and the Sun enters the astrological sign of Cancer. This gives us the longest day and the shortest night (in the northern hemisphere) and a shift in our emotional state. Then on Saturday, June 24, we have a New Moon in Cancer. So look for this week to be a bit of a roller coaster of energy and feelings, which brings things to a head and releases them almost at the same time.

We’ve been through a lot this year in energetic change making us uncomfortable in our own skin while raising our vibrations. That rise in vibrations gives us a clearer understanding of ourselves and the Big Picture, but it also enables us to pick up the fear, stuckness and negativity from others easier and more intensely than ever before. With the shifts this week, we can also start to learn how to take charge of how we accept and deal with the energy instead of letting it lead us and control us through emotional upheaval.

First it requires us to get out of how many see ourselves in this challenging time – that we are victims. Victims of bad luck, other people’s issues, the government, minorities, differing belief systems, foreigners and immigrants, anything that an individual sees as not me.

We are not victims. We might be having a hard time right now, but everything is happening for a reason, even the negativity in our lives that is causing stress and difficulty; even not being able to achieve or accomplish what we think we deserve.

If we look at every event that is happening to and around us, including the chaos in our government and the world, as being in our faces to help us see something, to help us learn, instead of as a punishment, the ease and release of stress becomes palpable. That’s not an easy thing to do because of how we’ve been taught the world and our place in it should be. We have a trajectory of goals and accomplishments set by expectations taught in childhood and society that put pressure on us if we don’t do “what we’ve been told”. That’s a very Piscean Age power-over concept that we’re moving out of. We don’t need to honor it anymore, but we still do by rote.

So let go of the victim mentality! Know we’re in difficult and changing/challenging times (which means we don’t expect them to be “great”), and carry on the best we can. Living in our society and the success-mentality of our country has given us a false expectation that we should be happy all the time. If we’re not, then something’s wrong and we strive to fix that, or judge ourselves that we’re not doing anything right. But there are times when we can do everything right and still not feel we’re accomplishing our goals. Sometimes the goal is to survive and nothing more. We’re all doing that right now, some better than others. We got through the last several weeks of oppression and are still here. That is a major accomplishment.

On Wednesday, June 21, we get an emotional release and a sense of being “home”, something the sign of Cancer does for us automatically. It’s as if we’ve been on a long, hard journey (the leading up to the Solstice) that has been throwing challenges and difficulties in our faces every moment, not letting us sleep or recoup, and finally we reach the peace of home. Honor that by honoring that we have survived, that we’ve learned something about ourselves and the Big Picture, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. Take it on faith that it is a big deal we’re still here. And take time to meditate.

Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson writes on the subject:

“The Solstices (winter and summer) are the days when the solar disk rises and sets at the same location. It stands-still (sol-stice). In Psalm 46:10, it is written: “Stand still and know that I am God”. On June 21, at Sunset, the time when day and night, masculine and feminine meet, rest in a quite place (on the floor, sitting on a chair, laying on the bed) and close your eyes. Breathe in to the count of four, hold the breath to the count of two, breathe out to the count of four and then hold the air out to the count of two. You will see that after a few scores of cycles you will forget to count or wander off, and that is when passive meditation begins. We call it passive because it does not include any visualization. Just relaxation and sitting-still to be come one with the One.”

Doing this meditation helps us balance ourselves with the ending/beginning energy of the Solstice. We let go of the “ourselves” of the last months, allow our natural vibration to dismiss the input from everything not us and get back to who we are without the strains and stress of our Piscean Age expectations. “Let Go, Let God”.

Then, on June 24 on the New Moon, we can manifest what the time in Cancer can help us achieve. It’s important that we do this with “the Grace of God”, i.e., not demanding but putting our desires out there and allowing our guides, angels and ancestors, or the Force, or however we perceive higher energy, to bring them to us in ways we might not understand. Those guiding and caring for us can see so many paths to success that we, in our limited human form, just can’t. So let them work without trying to control how that’s going to happen.

Gahl suggests:

“On the New Moon, you can decide what you want to work on but on the day after the New Moon (June 25), it is best to put the seed in the ground. On June 25, preferably at night after the moon rises and is visible, go to a source of water (well, river, lake, pool, sea, fountain, etc), and meditate. Write on a small piece of paper what you need to achieve in the next 28 days and put the paper in the water. As you watch it get soaked and wet, imagine how your focused intention is joining the cycle of life, water to vapors, to rain, to river and to sea. Imagine how your wish travels from one source of water to the other, carrying your prayer to the collective unconsciousness, into the realm of ideals so that it can come down to you materialized.”

Wishing us all ease and peace within ourselves as we come into this transformative week.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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