As we know by now, this year is incredibly busy with astrological events that bring changes that will last for decades and set us up into the Aquarian Age mindset. We jumped right in with both feet in January, and continue to be required to “run with the bulls” all year. Here is some info on what’s happening, what to expect so we can be more prepared for how we’ll feel and what we observe around us, personally and in the world.

First, this is from Alex Myles about the first Supermoon of the Year that hit yesterday, Sunday, February 9. Even though the event has passed, it has ramifications for the months head. This is her post:

This Full Moon marks the first in a rare series of 4 Full Supermoons in a row. We have now entered a powerful energy portal that ends on the final Supermoon on May 7th. Any trials, challenges or struggles we are currently going through will close by the end of this period and any intentions we set now will divinely manifest and effortlessly become reality during this time frame. Numbers 11:11, 222, 33 and 4 are confirmations.

Full Moons are always energetically potent, powerful, creative and immensely magical times. This Full Supermoon and the cosmic vibes emanating from it are believed to be multiple times more powerful than a regular Full Moon. Lunar energy has a powerful influence on our lives and collective energy will be amplified and vibrate on a far higher level than normal. This means from February 8 – 10 lunar energy will be super charged and at its most intense.

Cosmically, everything happens in sequences and we are currently in one of these sequences due to four Supermoons taking place in a row. The first occurs on February 9, the second on March 9, the third on April 8 and the final one, which completes this three-month Supermoon portal, takes place on May 7, 2020 (Exact date and time depends on location).

When the Sun, Earth and Moon align they create a syzygy, which is a vortex of energy. A syzygy is when three celestial bodies configure in a straight line – also known as an energy portal. Unlike regular Full Moons, in which the energy lasts for a few days, the supercharged, intense and life-altering energy of this Supermoon sequence will be felt consistently from now until the Supermoon in May.

Those who are highly sensitive to energy will have sensed a change in the atmosphere since the end of January, when this highly charged energy started to build. To heighten things further, we have now entered Mercury retrograde’s shadow period, with the planet preparing its retrograde on February 16/17.

And here is Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s take on other astrological events affecting us for February and March (please note that I have not included the full post – go to his website at www.cosmicnavigator.com to read that). Gahl writes:

2020 thus far has been true to its predictions: we were on the brink of a world war, America and its president were on trial, a world pandemic unleashed and have not only doctors worried but also many economists. The infamous Chinese Wall which encircled the internet and information now manifests physically as mass quarantines and a lock-down of over 50 million people. All these events are synchronized with the dreaded Pluto (death and transformation) Saturn (karma and harsh lessons) conjunction that peaked mid-Jan but its shadow will overwhelm the entire year.

Here are a few dates that can help navigate the next few weeks:

Feb 9 – Full Moon in Leo
This Leo full moon is full of happiness and love, childlike qualities and creativity. It is also the time to prune your trees, roses and vines. If you look out your window, you might see that some fruit trees are in bloom, especially Almond trees, Cherry, Magnolia, Apricot.

Mercury Retrograde February 16 – March 10
Mercury is retro in Pisces between February 16 – March 3. From March 3 it will continue walking backwards until March 10 in Aquarius. The first part of the retrograde is more intense as Mercury does not like to be in Pisces unless he is delivering data that relates to healing, channeling, imagination, poetry, intuition, prayers, therapy and shamanistic messages. He can’t be bothered by mundane communications like texts, emails, letters or packages. When Mercury retrogrades in Pisces there are dangers lurking: deceptions, illusions, bubbles bursting, and relapses of old addictions or self-destructive tendencies. The last week of Mercury retro is a little easier as Mercury can fly easily through Aquarius. However, watch your computer, viruses, miscommunication with friends, governments, co-workers. As always, avoid starting new projects, signing documents, or undergoing surgeries if possible.

February 18 – 20 Stellium in Capricorn
These two days can be a big harsh, a backlash of the mid-January events. Stellium means a cluster of plants in one sign. The Moon, Mars, Minerva, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all under Capricorn. Fears can come about and guide our action more than reason or compassion. It is a period when people would feel they have to fight each other for survival.

February 23 – New Moon in Pisces
This new moon is a good time to start a project that you tried to launch before and failed. Since the new moon takes place during a Mercury retrograde, you are allowed to revisit old projects you neglected especially if they relate to imagination, meditation, dance and movement, yoga, or mysticism. It is a great time to start a meditation practice.

March 5 – 10: Venus Gone Crazy
Uranus, the planet of rude awakenings, chaos and unpredictability is in conjunction with Venus, the planet of finance and love. It means that relationships might go on a roller-coaster, unpredictable twists and turns. This conjunction can also cause financial upheaval and a tendency to take risks. After all, Uranus is the Fool in the Tarot cards.

March 9: Full Moon in Virgo
Mercury retro is almost over, so this full moon should represent an end of a project or assignment especially relating to work, health issue or diet. This is a good time to start a diet (as the moon will be waning). Anything you need to cut out of your life, do it now before the next new New Moon in Aries.

March 20: Spring Equinox
Happy New Astrological! Do something today that symbolizes balance and harmony. Start something new, spring into action. As the first day of the astrological year, it is a good time to renew your New Year’s Resolution.

March 22 – July 1: Saturn Moves to Aquarius
Hey Capricorn, you’re gonna feel a bit better for a few months as Aquarius will take the awful responsibility of hosting Saturn. Last time Saturn was in Aquarius was 1991-1993. For Aquarius it is a little preparation for what is coming in 2021 and 2022 when Saturn settles permanently in their sign. For all of us it is a shift of karma and lessons. From focus on career, tradition, conserving what we have, survival, structure and power we will have to learn lessons about our community, democracy, innovation, futurism, technology and equality.

March 24: New Moon in Aries
One of the best days to start big projects that can last a year. This new moon represents the resurrection of life, the Green Man returns from his sleep, Tammuz returns from the underworld. This new moon is also the beginning of the month of Nisan, from Akkadian calendar, representing the month of miracles.

Once Mercury goes direct on March 9/10, we are retrograde-free til April 25 when the true and potent energy-changing lessons of the year kicks in. Things we want to accomplish without challenge are good to be done during this time, such as buying a new big-ticket item (car or house) or having surgery. As always, it’s good to mark these dates on a calendar to know what to expect and have a ready explanation for how we feel.

Wishing you a smooth and successful run into Spring!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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