2016 has been a monumentally difficult year of forced change as we make further inroads away from the Piscean Age vibration into the Aquarian Age. Gratefully, we are almost done with it. There are three major events coming up in the next couple of months (and two minor ones) that help us graduate this year’s lessons.

These events can be seen as more forced change that is dragging us through the pits of Hell, or they can be perceived as enlightening moments to show us clarity at the end of a very chaotic year. If we are ready when they come, we can choose the easier path.

In order, what’s coming up looks like this (with the major events in CAPS):


The Election


Mercury Retrograde



On October 31st, we come to the end of the spiritual/soul year. In the pre-Piscean Age before the advent of our current organized religions, the pulse of the Earth and the Heavens was as recognizable as our own heartbeats. Natural yearly changes were honored for the important energy shifts they were. October 31st (no matter how it was recognized or what it was called) was considered the end of the agricultural year while November 1st began the New (Dark of the) Year. It always came with a heightened spiritual awareness to allow us to go deep within ourselves to reflect in contemplation and clarity.

That heightened spiritual awareness comes as the Veil that separates the physical from the spiritual thins at this time. It allows us contact and communication – not just with those on the other side or our guides, angels and ancestors – but with our soul-selves. In this year of self awareness, the focus will be on our soul-selves rather than the communication with others.

As we approach what we now celebrate as Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints’ Day, Samhain, Dias de los Muertos, try to be aware of our soul connections with self and others of like vibration. This was the most sacred of all pagan Holy Days. Honoring it as such harmonizes our vibration with Nature which helps us ground and be at peace within.

We may feel a little spacey, a little unfocused on what’s physically around us. We may be drawn to spend more quiet time, or party crazily if quiet time scares us. This time is magickal and a part of our human heritage that we’ve lost. Know that the Aquarian Age vibration is waking all of us up to remember and feel our rhythms with the Earth. If we allow it, we can feel the transition from the end of one spiritual year into the next which then reinvigorates our souls, the knowledge of who we are and why we’re here.

Be aware, however, that while we may feel reborn and more in harmony with the Earth, many will be stuck in their own fear. That means the rebirths of the few who are paying attention become they guiding lights for the many who can’t see for themselves. Hold on to personal heightened awareness because it will be needed in the coming year, for self and for all.

The First Minor Event – The Election

Our presidential election comes on November 8. The almost two-year campaign of fervor and the build-up of chaos as we prepare to chose our next leader has caused more outrage, dissension, disgust, chest-pounding, and fear than any other election in our history. If we can see beyond the candidates, we see that groups of people of like mind, or more commonly, like fear, are throwing their egos around in a last ditch attempt to stop the Aquarian Age sensibilities from coming in (the new power-within vs. the old power-over) . Can’t be done. But it hasn’t stopped the fear from taking over.

With the election will come a pinnacle of this group fear which will burst like an over-filled balloon and leave many of us feeling temporarily lost and confused no matter who is elected. If we have stood in awareness during our soul-energy shift on October 31st, our inner light and power-within will help guide those who are lost into some peace, although many will go kicking and screaming into 2017. Many will continue to be obnoxious in their egos but will be much more subdued – the fear becoming more personal rather than group-driven.

This means that relationships and communication going into the holidays are going to be touchy. If there is any way to keep the holidays quiet, this is the year to try it because miscommunication and misunderstandings with people we love (but might not like or agree with) can lead to permanent damage.


While the end of the calendar year has no true energetic significance, it is important because we’ve been told it is. Expectations of change and “things being better” have long been considered part of the New Year’s celebrations. When these expectations aren’t met because there is no energy shift to help them, we are left feeling frustrated, angry, and self-judgmental without consciously knowing why. Many party hard in that frustration and anger as a mask for their inner fear and use this time to release their pent-up emotions. But there is rarely satisfaction or lasting effect from that release as unchanged day-to-day energies don’t support the emotional need for a new beginning.

Our current calendar was created in Piscean Age ego by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, taking us even more out of sync with the Natural forces around us (there is no logical connection to the rhythms of the Earth, Moon or Sun in his calendar). Even as we have followed it, we haven’t lost our gut instinct that this is not a significant time of change. As we are getting more and more in touch with our Natural world, our resentment at being told a manufactured date is significant rubs us the wrong way, again without us having conscious knowledge why.

So celebrate as we would at any party. Have a good time, be with selected family and friends. We’ll have a much better experience if we don’t attach importance to it except for it being one of the big party holidays that gets us out of work.

The Second Minor Event – Mercury Retrograde

The fourth and final Mercury retrograde of 2016 starts December 19th and runs until January 8th. While the other retrogrades have been vicious, this one will be subdued. The effect will be more about the inability to hear or listen rather than communication itself being difficult. It will seem as if we are surrounded by gauze as we perceive the world. This forces us to complete our inner work of this year.

We will feel stupefied and seem to be walking through the holidays and the end of the calendar year. That can make standard Mercury retrograde problems pronounced, specifically issues with travel (from plane trips to driving to work) because people will not be paying attention. If we’re all feeling stupefied, so are the airline pilots, airport personnel and everyone on the road. So BE CAREFUL and try to pay attention, although that will be very difficult.


The actual energetic shift into the New Year happens on January 28, 2017 with the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. It is the tenth sign out of twelve in the Chinese zodiac, which fits very well with us coming into a numerological Ten Year.

Rooster is a symbol of honesty and is the moral compass of the zodiac which signifies fortune, luck and fidelity. That basically means after our chaotic year of battling egos in 2016, 2017 will bring a grounding in sense and honesty. It will take us out of the energy of the Nine Year of completion and into the Ten Year of new beginnings with unlimited options.

It will feel to many like a weight has been lifted. But if the major self lessons of 2016 were not faced and learned, the new beginning of 2017 will not help. Those who choose to remain stuck, mostly due to fear of losing their Piscean Age ego-identity, still have to face and learn those lessons AND the continuing lessons as we move forward. It’s much like a child who doesn’t learn to read in elementary school can’t really progress until they do, even though they are moved forward to the next grade and have to learn those lessons, too. It becomes a negative accumulated effect.

It will be very easy to spot these people as they will be more stuck, angry, fearful, and retaliatory than ever. However, once we move into the vibration of 2017, the power and affect these people have is considerably lessened. Many are expending all their energy leading up to the election and afterward will grumble and snarl but their bite will be gone.

What these months of change are preparing us for is a major attitude adjustment in how we see and live in the world. It becomes clearer with each shift that those who understand and embrace what’s going on will be the leaders and teachers (by example) for those who are stuck. That means we will all begin to understand our responsibility not just to self-development but to each other and all life on the planet. Some may not want that responsibility, but it’s on us anyway.

Through all the difficult energy we will be facing over the next several months, try to be kind in thought, word and deed to the many who don’t want change to happen. Think of them as the children who, for one reason or another, never learned to read so they have no idea what is going on but are faking it the best they can. The pressure for them to “get with the program” is intense from Higher Source. We don’t need to add to it because then we become infected with that negativity. If we can spend the time between now and January 28, 2017 in more inner, quiet energy, our breakthrough into the New Year will be all the more significant.

So, Happy New Year (all three of them) and much love and gratitude to you all.

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