Whats Coming for the Fall

Whats Coming for the Fall

Are you feeling more balanced after Sunday’s Autumnal Equinox? After the incredibly huge shifts of last week? Which followed the equally huge shifts at the beginning of September. Which were the clean-up shifts following the intense karmic lessons of August. Luckily, we’re in a more quiet and balanced time for a while (thank you Equinox). Here’s what we’ve been through and how to take advantage of what happens next.

As we know, August is the bitch month of the year. It was bitchier than usual this time because it was the first karmic cleansing of the new Age of Aquarius. And as I said in my last newsletter, this was a cleansing or reckoning for what we had carried into this life when we were born. It presented wonderful yet very hard opportunities to get rid of karmic contracts that were completed but difficult to release. It was a pretty big deal.

Once we got into September, it was supposed to be easier. However, the beginning of September brought war games between Mars (the planet of war, aggression and male power) and Saturn (the planet of structure and tradition). I believe this was a helpful aggression on a deep level, not necessarily on a surface one.

On that deeper level, it made everyone – men and women – come to grips with the driving force of the male power-over experience of the Piscean Age in order to release it. What was loosened by August was kicked away by this aggression. The power of Mars kicking at the structure and discipline of Saturn.

On the surface what we had to face day-to-day were people who felt angry and aggressive for no apparent reason. And because this was part of the clean up after August, we were all in our own self-involved bubble. Granted, this wasn’t much fun for ourselves or others, but it was really helpful in seeing what didn’t work for us anymore so we could dump it.

Just as that was easing, we had a monumental energy shift for the Earth on Tuesday the 17th, reminiscent of the shifts of 2012 when the Earth was preparing for her rebirth at the end of the year. These shifts always felt to me as if we were having a 9.0 earthquake, just in an energetic way, not in a physical way. We haven’t had anything like that in all of 2013. Some people could feel the lead-in on Monday night, but I was consciously, obviously aware of it Tuesday evening around 7.

Everything was suddenly very different. The energy became charged and quiet at the same time. Senses snapped into heightened alert status as if there was danger when nothing had physically changed. It was like the Veil that separates physical from spiritual was lifted and our dimension became One with another. This usually happens temporarily at All Hallow’s Eve when the air turns eerie and communication with the other side is available.

My cats and I heard odd sounds that all night, which when investigated, had no physical basis. Katie, my Bengal tabby hunter kitty, seriously stalked something in the kitchen. I went to see, in case a creature from the outside had made its way in, and there was nothing. Nothing visible at least.

In the morning, the world was exceptionally quiet, as if the calm after a storm. Kellie, my dear friend and fellow psychic, wrote to me in the morning that she and her husband, Bill, were feeling “goofy” as they took their 4:30 a.m. walk and felt…

“…a huge, huge boulder was lifted off our backs. We felt somewhere in the world the “synthetic father”, a.k.a. corporations, governments and institutions, took a big hit by Aquarian-minded people. The old infrastructures are breaking fast. The wheels are starting. I feel the energy is light-hearted for those attuned, and for those who are not, they’re going through another angry stage of not getting what they want. They are getting tired of the struggle. We heard some bird song this morning and all this energy came to me pretty clearly. My thoughts and psychic pick-ups are even clearer since the shift. Yeah!”

The energy hasn’t shifted back, as usually happens after All Hallow’s Eve passes. And I don’t expect it to. I feel all of our hard lessons of August and the beginning of September were preparing us for this shift. When Kellie and I talked later in the day, she said she picked up on people feeling like caged animals; either because they had so much new energy to do something, go somewhere but couldn’t as it wasn’t the right time, or because they felt they didn’t belong here anymore and were confined from practicing their once accepted power-over, ego-driven activities.

Then in the wee morning hours of Thursday, September 19th, the Full Moon hit, even though we were feeling the intensity of it for days before. We could see the ripeness of it as it rose at dusk on Wednesday, bringing the illusion of being huge and orange. “Huge” and “orange” were significant, i.e. the hugeness of its emotional power and orange being the color of ultimate creativity.

Ultimately, the feminine water energy of this Full Moon washed away and soothed all the aggression and karmic release. Except it came in with extra power and seemed to wash away and soothe like a tsunami. And we were all a bit overwhelmed by our cleansing.

Finally, on Sunday the Autumnal Equinox arrived to balance out this harsh energy. It brought release from all the turmoil that had started mid-summer which had gotten stronger and harder until the Earth’s natural balance point pushed us into a different world. Make no mistake, we are not returning to how we used to be. After this storm, there is a different energy, a different physical reality, and some clean up work needed. But we are not the same world.

So we’re in a new balanced energy. That doesn’t mean things will stop moving forward. In fact, we’ll be moving, learning, shifting, progressing at light speed over the next four to six months. Here are some things to be aware of:

As I said, the Veil was lifted earlier than usual and that will not change. Which means when we get to All Hallow’s Eve, the Veil is going to be lifted even further. We will feel the eeriness and profound quiet even more. We will see, hear and be aware of spiritual things even more. That can be scary. It’s also a great gift that allows awareness of our higher selves and connection to spirit on different levels, and helps us take advantage of the clear communication with spirit.

This isn’t just the spirit of those who have recently passed, but of all spiritual energies – guides, angels, animal guides, ancestors – even Creator – who work with and take care of us everyday. They’ve always been there. We might not have been aware of them, nor have we been able – in our limited physical state – to actively work with them. Now we can. So please work on being actively aware of everything non-physical around you and your connection and communication with spirit.

We will feel health issues that have no medical explanation. With this shift we took a huge step in being less dense human beings and as we change, our bodies adapt . That means we feel different, have pains or aches or fevers that have more to do with our vibrational reaction to things than to a virus or injury. Check out Louise Hay’s well known “Heal Your Body” to see what emotional or spiritual issues are manifesting themselves in your body.

Planetary activity in our solar system and in space will have a much more intense affect on us because we’re more in-tuned to it. Mercury retrograde (October 21 though November 10) will bring more chaos and miscommunication than it previously has. The big event of Uranus squaring Pluto, leading up to and after November 5, will be our next big push forward. We will feel that in our souls. It will not manifest in a physical challenge but in an emotional and/or spiritual one.

On lesser levels, every full, dark and new Moon will affect us in a deeper way. The solar activity is heating up again after a quiet time during the last month or so. We will feel that – the bi-polar-ish-ness of the sun spots, solar flares and magnetic storms – again more than before.

And, I’m sorry to say, some people and animals who are old, tired or have been ill for a long time will let go suddenly. The energy they’ve been accustomed to has changed so much, they no longer feel at home. Trying to fit into the new vibration takes more energy than they can spare to keep them alive.

With everyone on different levels adjusting to this shift (and some refusing to adapt at all), we need to regularly practice creating and maintaining a psychic shield of protection around ourselves and our children. It’s good to do this at the start of the day and right before we sleep. Surround yourself with bright white light coated with shiny steel before you head out into the world. Use a cocoon of soft, beautiful blue light to surround you while you sleep. If you’re doing this with your children, have them participate in creating the light and shape. They’re already really good at it.

With all this change, please just try to stay in balance. These lessons and shifts are getting us adapted to growth in the Aquarian Age. The Age of power-within. We can’t fight it, so go with it. We’re in a Brave New World with no instruction book except that which is within each of us.

And remember, all of this is to help us be more aware of ourselves. We carry so much that is an add-on from adapting to society that we’ve gotten away from who we really are and what we came here to learn. Recognizing the shifts as they happen and allowing our natural adaptable energy lead the way helps us as individuals and helps Humankind in our speeded up evolution.

With love and gratitude…

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