Before I get to what’s coming for summer, a note first on what we’re experiencing now.

As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, we’re in a numerological one year (2017 = 10 = 1). This is a year of new beginnings starting the very important first ten-year cycle of the Aquarian Age. Yet we’re almost into May and many of us still seem to be waiting for 2017’s promise of forward motion to kick in. We’ve expected a feeling and experience of newness. What we seem to be facing is the forced opportunity to clear up the past to be present in the present.

“Forced opportunity” – that’s important to understand. Doors of opportunity open to us throughout our lives, such as the choice of a job or relationship that can take our lives in a completely different direction. Sometimes they’re taken, sometimes not. Sometimes they’re significant, sometimes not. Right now, the doors of opportunity opening to us are the most significant we’ve faced so far. Once these doors close, they will not open to us again. While that may sound threatening, it’s more meant to express how far we can leap forward to take advantage of accelerated change, or choose to be stuck fighting to get through it.

Last week, I mentioned that we’re all developing at different rates and speeds on different levels. Our adaptation is accelerated or delayed based on individual experiences, current life, past life, age of soul, karma and choice. The doors of opportunity open to us at this time are helping us face, overcome and release karmic contracts that are complete, rhythms we’ve adapted to that are not our own and anything or anyone keeping us stuck out of fear. We’re talking about big and difficult change.

A case in point (true story with names changed). Mary, a very together, self-aware person, had a destructive relationship with a European visiting her hometown of Detroit. Friends never saw why she was attracted to him or put up with his abusiveness or cheating, but they also never felt her karmic connection with him. Then she got pregnant and he dumped her. While she cried over it, she knew it was for the best. She was invited by a close friend to move to a new city to start a new life with the baby, a job already set up for her. She agreed to the move. Over a two week period earlier this month when both weren’t able to communicate because of busy schedules, the close friend found Mary had since married the European to get him papers (his visa had run out) and they had moved in together.

Mary’s door of opportunity was to overcome and release the completed karmic contract between the two of them (because he reneged on this contract long ago), move out of a rhythm of “for the good of the man” that had been a carry over from her previous lives in the Piscean Age and step away from the fear of needing a man to complete her. With her choosing to step away from the door of opportunity, she backslid from all the personal awareness work she had done throughout her adult life and now has to face going through that development again and again while coming up against an immovable object (his ego). Her trajectory now in this life completely changed because of one choice.

They’ll both “make it” to vibe with the Aquarian Age eventually but probably not in this lifetime. That is their choice. Still it’s hard for those loving Mary to watch her turn her back on self-awareness knowing she is now set for a life of difficulty when it did not have to be that way.

With all of us feeling more separate from those we love than ever before, clearly seeing the significant choices in front of us can be very difficult when there’s no one to confer with. But that’s the way it’s supposed to be right now. We need to know who we are deep in our souls, standing in our own power-within. That knowledge is necessary not just for individual growth but for the growth of humankind and the Earth.

On to summer. The doors of opportunity are available all spring and summer, which makes us feel bogged down while we work to face or avoid our pasts. While we can still feel the intensity and inevitability of hope and new beginnings, those feelings come up against their inability to physically manifest until we step through our doors. That makes us uncomfortable, some more than others, which then affects those around us. Then we come to August.


August is always the most difficult month of the year because it’s the Karmic Clean-Up month – the time when what we agreed to learn, face and overcome during the year since the previous August is shoved right in our faces if we didn’t do the work. That makes for harried, scared and reactionary energy. This August, because we will be coming to the end of the open doors of “forced opportunity”, we will feel our backs against a very big wall. We’re playing for the big bucks, not just 2017, but our growth and evolution for the next ten years, which sets us up for the next two hundred years.

Mercury again goes retrograde, from August 12 to September 5 and will probably be our hardest retrograde this year as it’s joined by the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto for most, if not all, of the month. While the outer planets in retrograde affect us in very deep-but-not-surface ways, what they and Mercury will be trying to get us to do in August is face ourselves and our “forced opportunities”. Our abilities to do that will be challenged by the over-emotionality added by the powerful Moons of August, both with eclipses: Full Moon on Monday, August 7 and New Moon on Monday, August 21.

Even if we are the most even-tempered and together people we know, we will all be affected not just because of personal reflection, but because so many young souls on the planet will be in high fear. They will fight back as if drowning and grabbing anyone to save them, even if that means drowning the other person.

This information is not meant to scare but to give a heads-up. Facing what’s in front of us now is vitally important. While it seems really difficult because we’re breaking patterns that have been in place for many lives, this “forced opportunity” energy is actually very helpful, as long as we recognize it for what it is – a tool to move forward, not a nuisance or hindrance.

Then comes the big relief at the end of September. The beginning of the month will finish off the difficulty of August and give us a couple of weeks to get back on our feet in time for a fresh energy of another New Year. September 21 brings the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah while September 22 brings the Autumnal Equinox to balance everything out. Both the Chinese and Jewish calendars are lunar-based, which is in harmony with the natural flow of the planet. The Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster on January 28 started our path with new energy which will be repeated on September 21, hopefully with us having cleared what has been in our own way to take advantage of the leap forward we can feel is coming.

So face what scares us, what keeps us in old patterns, the karmic contracts that are complete that we can’t let go of, usually because of fear. Dig deep into our souls, trust our intuition, rely on self. This is difficult, yes. Sometimes the worst difficulty will be in seeing friends and loved ones miss the clarity or turn their backs on it. We might come out of the summer having lost some of those relationships.

Let the energy guide us. Let the New Moon this Wednesday, April 26, ground us and give us inspiration for our personal paths. Moon activity always brings strong emotional reactions. Pay attention to what we’re reacting to, what emotions get blown out of proportion. They can be a guide of bigger issues within self that we need to face.

If you have come in as one of the leaders of this Age, then the “forced opportunity” lessons don’t apply.  If you’ve already done so much work on yourself that your clarity is unshakable, observe what’s happening around you without taking on the chaos and fear energy that can be pervasive.  There’s not much anyone can do to help another in this situation because it’s all about self-awareness and growth which has to be discovered personally.  Still, seeing someone in chaos and fear who is spreading that chaos and fear to anyone he can affect to relieve his own turmoil can easily bring judgment.  Try to stay in compassion and know that those who are affected are affected because it’s part of their growth, too.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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