With this being a Year of Fear and people “reaching a brick wall “ in being fed up with what they’ve subjugated themselves to all their lives, everyone is going through really hard self-awareness lessons. We all innately (not necessarily consciously) know that it’s really important to get these lessons this year, because 2017 starts with a vibrational shift that stops the old energy from having any influence at all. As we come to the end of this year, the push becomes more intensified.

Those who refuse to learn what’s being forcibly put in front of us now will be completely lost next year with no inner power or awareness to support them. And, unfortunately for them but fortunately for the rest of humanity, they will have little affect upon the world. That terrifies those who choose to be stuck.Most obvious is the male energy having issues finding who they are in this new Aquarian Age of equality and the concept of “humankind” instead of “mankind”. Those who are stuck in the old Piscean Age power-over male righteousness and entitlement energy are really out of sync, now more than ever before. That brings fear and a desperation to fit in, or in most cases, men still trying to make the world and everyone in it fit their own ego-concept.

While all men are struggling with who they are in this new vibration, many have just quit trying to adapt or learn anything at all. Among other ego issues, they are brattishly demanding their women, or rather ALL women, keep to the old ways and “be there” for them, make them feel better about their own male journeys and comfort them when they offer no comfort in return. In typical Piscean Age fashion when faced with inner growth, especially maturing emotionally, most men take their issues out on – or blame – those around them, with women being the usual scapegoats.

But women are facing these vibrational shifts just as deeply yet in more subtle and different ways, above and beyond having to deal with the extra push of men trying to “keep them in their place”. This year, women have been reexamining all the female-lesson Piscean Age constructs dealing with “being there” for others, feeling that what men say or do is more important than their own self-knowledge, or “needing” or “wanting” a man when none of these issues are part of who they have grown to be.

These very strong, very independent women have made lives for themselves and their families without the “need” of a man. That doesn’t mean a man or love is missing from their lives, but the “need” for a man to complete them is gone.

Many strong and independent women have called me over the last months with issues about suddenly wanting or needing a man in their lives when that hasn’t been on their minds before. Or they’re listening to the male voices around them with the old “they’re right” attitude making them question themselves. Or they’re considering taking back an ex who wants to rekindle something. In the latter case, the women are finding it hard to see that the men want back not because they really cherish the relationships, but because the women made them feel good about themselves. It’s selfish reasoning.

The inner challenge for women now is to see who they are in the new concepts of complete equality. Take the “ex coming back” situation: what was broken in the relationship will not be changed by getting back together. But the Piscean concept of having female identity determined by the male is a hard thing to shake. It’s especially hard when the men are pushing dominance so strongly right now in their own agendas while the new vibration is trying to break the programming of the last 2,000 years.

The Piscean Age way of thinking served its purpose. It’s time to move on. But as we face and rid ourselves of the old vibrations, the past comes up and bites us in the ass so we have to become aware of these concepts as the out-of-date energy they are. Then they can be released.

Basically, we’re all facing what the old ways meant to us, honoring what they’ve taught us and yet continuing to move forward into a different way of thinking. But because these old ways are so innately comfortable as we’ve been used to them for 2,000 years, we don’t recognize how much they’re clawing at us to stay in the same mindset. That makes our new Aquarian Age consciousness feel like it’s the one who is lost. For men, losing entitlement is a hard thing to face. For women, having to establish their own identity not determined by a man is a hard thing to learn.

This is very exhausting work. It takes a lot of energy to make this transition, to be on point about what we all individually need to learn. So we are unusually exhausted these days and yet still have to do more, learn more, change more before the energy shifts into the new year.

Being exhausted when the demands of the day haven’t changed also brings self-judgement as if we’re doing something wrong. So we’re not just facing fear on a monumental scale or having to adapt to a new vibrational way of thinking, we’re losing and finding our identity repeatedly, almost every minute of every day.

Please know the fear is okay. We’ve never faced this kind of transformation before in the history of humankind. So putting a lot of energy into transforming, but not knowing what to transform into (consciously or subconsciously), is making this very difficult. In previous times, we knew the kind of man or woman we were supposed to become. We had good and bad examples of those who came before. But now, we have no template. It’s all about growing into a vibration we’ve never experienced before. But it is one we’ve earned.

We’re in the last-gasp ego lessons of the Piscean Age, being faced with a large span of the basest “all about me” spoiled brat energy all the way up to the “egolessness” example of Pope Francis. Obviously, the former is what’s more prevalent. That’s because so many souls who jammed themselves into this life are so young and are having a hard time learning adult lessons.

For those who are getting the lessons, there’s the shock of seeing so many people being stubborn or lost around them. They feel as if they’re in a classroom where they know all the answers (because they studied) but they have to wait for the rest of the class (who haven’t studied) to catch up before anyone moves forward.

Also know that there is a time when we can help each other, when we can take on another’s karma and heal it. BUT THIS IS NOT THAT TIME. Women, especially, need to embrace this. Everyone has to face their own demons. That is each individual’s job. We all have to take care of our own selves right now.

That’s not selfish. It’s a fight for enlightenment. A fight for our place in the new vibration. We can’t help others if we don’t know who we are. Let this energy teach us.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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