Mars is now direct. Yeah! As of July 1, we are clear of its retrograde energy.

This past holiday weekend in the USA, with its celebrations (drinking, eating and laughing) and the explosions of fireworks, was the perfect release and catharsis to clear up the challenging and oppressive energy of the Mars retrograde lessons. On Tuesday, July 5, it’s like we’re starting the year anew.

With the pressure of seemingly having been under a two ton weight that’s been pressing and pressing and pressing on us since mid April, the sudden release of it can make us feel giddy, silly and stupid over the next couple of weeks as we adjust. That was great for a long weekend celebration, but not so helpful getting back into the day-to-day. It can also bring on a lack of concentration while we learn to think again without the difficulty of Mars on top of us.

So if we feel that we should be able to get back on track to push forward – a feeling that being held back these past two and half months can give us – know that the energy is clear for accomplishing and moving forward BUT if we try to do it all in one day, we’re only going to make ourselves frustrated.

Impatience was heightened during the retrograde. So was exhaustion, quick temper, questioning self, personal paths and the past that got us here. Part of the entirety of the Mars retrograde lesson this year, as part of the bigger Aquarian Age lessons we’ve been getting so far, has been to get into the rhythm of this shift, not try to control it.

With Mars now direct, our communication gets better immediately. Mars is not the planet of communication so normally it would not have affected us this strongly. But with Mercury going retrograde at the beginning of the Mars retrograde, it set up a chaotic communication pattern that has lasted until now.

Moving forward, we can also start to feel repercussions for the many things we had no choice but to do during these last months – things that were not recommended to do during a Mars retrograde. Many people have had to have surgery, start a lawsuit, choose to begin a romantic relationship, make big purchases, or make an investment. These are very specific things to normally avoid. The general rule in Mars retrograde is that “Whoever initiates, loses”. Any initiation of anything will start to have consequences on some level. Look for August rather than July for the full impact of the repercussions.

Such as: surgery that went fine may not heal as quickly as expected or may need some unexpected maintenance after the fact. The purchase of a house may reveal problems that weren’t seen in the inspections. A wonderful romance may have bumps when a truth comes out that changes the game for one of those involved.

There can also be repercussions from some of the high emotions that were expressed. Many of my female clients in existing, long-term relationships have called to find out why their men were so angry with them. In some cases, this will smooth out immediately. In others, the anger and meanness will be remembered and color how the relationship moves forward.

Men learning the Mars lesson are going to be stunned for a while and resentful of some of the things they had to face, without being consciously aware of what happened, why it happened and what to do with it. It was their first big lesson of having to be human, not specifically male, and it was an eye-opening shocker that they didn’t like. Many will still hold on to their “Piscean Age rights” with a vengeance and behave like children having tantrums. These are the people who went through the lesson like everyone else but didn’t learn a thing.

We are now in a time of Great Awakening throughout the end of the year. It will be interesting to see how people use what we just learned and how we work with the new “wake up” energy as we move forward, especially during the upcoming conventions and election.


If we know a storm is coming with all our modern weather tracking science, we take precautions. We can do the same with upcoming energy shifts. Without having to get too far into astrology, if we pay attention to just a couple of things, we can take the same precautions to be prepared for the vibrational changes as we adapt to the new Aquarian Age.

Be aware of the times of the New Moons, Full Moons, and when Mercury, Venus and Mars are retrograde. This can be found in any of the astrological calendars online or in hard copy. That gives us a heads-up to deal with the energetic challenges and lessons coming up.


New and Full Moons bring a lot of emotions that sneak up on us and can easily overtake us. That can run from feeling hyper-sensitive to extremely righteous and angry for no apparent reason. Also watch for the days leading up to both the New and Full Moons to be especially emotional and discombobulating.

  • July: New Moon July 4; Full Moon July 19
  • August: New Moon August 2; Full Moon August 18
  • September: New Moon September 1; Full Moon September 16
  • October: New Moon October 1; Full Moon October 16; Another New Moon October 30
  • November: Full Moon November 14; New Moon November 29
  • December: Full Moon December 14; New Moon December 29

We have some significant dates within the Moon energy.

  • New Moon on July 4, starts a new year for our country in clear, awakening energy.
  • New Moon on August 2, starts the three Wiccan/Pagan Harvest Festivals with new energy.
  • New Moon on October 30 brings new energy for releasing on All Hallow’s Eve.
  • New Moon on December 29 brings new beginnings for New Year’s Eve and Day – a good way to start 2017.


The Inner Planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars have the most obvious affect on us as they’re closer to us and move faster than the Outer Planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Outer Planets going retrograde affect us in deep, slow, in-the-roots ways that aren’t usually experienced on the surface. They’re like subliminal lessons. The Inner Planets can smack us in the face every fricking day when they’re retrograding, as we clearly know. Here are the times to pay attention to.

This year, Mercury goes retrograde again from August 30 to September 22. And from December 18 to January 8, 2017. These will be stronger than usual but they’re short (three weeks each) and don’t have compounded Inner Planet retrogrades to double the potency (as we just experienced with Mars and Mercury retrograding at the same time). Communication will be challenged, computers and electronics will go fritzy, travel and vehicles will be unreliable. Try to experience whatever comes with a long-term sight knowing it’s temporary which points up how we need to look at our own patience.

Venus is direct and stays direct until January, 2017. Yeah! No love and self-image lessons until then.

Mars – been there, done that. It won’t retrograde again until 2018! And then it won’t be anywhere near as difficult as this year has made it.

We’ve been through a very trying time. As we move forward, the more we honor what we’ve learned in the last several months, the easier it will be. If we fall back on old energy, old patterns that this Mars/Mercury retrograde was trying to break, it’s as if we had surgery that didn’t do any good and will have to have it done again.

Meanwhile, I hope we all had a wonderful weekend of celebration and release and are ready to seize the day with a new understanding and awakening. It’s all available if we just let it be.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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