Today, Monday, October 18, with Mercury and Jupiter moving direct, we’re coming out of the heavy energy that has been hitting us for months. Last week was especially chaotic with both our emotions and our disconnected actions raging unchecked. Many times, we could observe the chaos and emotionality in others, thinking “What’s up with him?!” without being aware how much we were oversensitive within ourselves. This week should start to balance that out.

Granted Neptune and Uranus are still retrograde, but without the push of the other planets joining them, how they affect us will be more normal. Their influence comes subtly, working on our depths and not what’s happening day-to-day. Neptune goes direct on December 1 while Uranus follows on January 14, 2022.

However, even though we like to think when something is over, like the ten-ton weight that has been this retrograde season, everything will get better immediately. That’s not how this week is going to go.

First, when the emotional heaviness that has made many of us feel overwhelmed by any small challenge that came our way lifts, we feel light-headed and can’t think clearly. It’s a different version of “can’t think clearly” that the retrogrades and the Age-to-Age transformative energy have caused. It’s light instead of heavy. But since we’ve gotten used to heavy, feeling light will take some adjustment.

So expect this week we’ll all be living in some version of stupid. We can’t concentrate or speak well or hear well or act well. So give yourself and everyone around you a break. This is just a few days of discombobulation while we adjust. It’s good to know there’s a time-frame to it otherwise we can overreact based on what we’ve been experiencing thinking it’s either coming around again or just hasn’t shifted.

However, be aware we have a Full Moon hitting on Wednesday, October 20, and that’s going to be a bit of a challenge. The over-sensitivity we’ve just gotten out of is going to re-surge, probably as soon as we start to feel lighter with the retrogrades easing up. And with our inner rhythms being affected by all this change, then the ease of it, then change again, we can feel very tired and overwhelmed. The Full Moon can bring a lot of energy, but that can make us feel hyper rather than excited.

So watch our actions, and our words (if we can find any of them that make sense) and avoid judging self and others. We’re all just trying to get through this. We haven’t moved into “getting through this together” yet, but it’s all a process. We will.

What would normally be a few days of adjusting to the lightness with Mercury and Jupiter going direct is now elongated and exacerbated by the Full Moon. Given that, we should start to feel normal-ish over the weekend. Then we get into Scorpio time on Friday/Saturday October 22/23 (depending on where you are in the country) and that leads into something else altogether. It’s all good, but it can be weird.

Every year as we get into Scorpio time and approach Samhain (pronounced Sow-een, or All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween), we get the eerie energy of the Veil being lifted. There are two times of the year when this happens. On Samhain when the spiritual and physical worlds touch, and at Beltain (April 30/May 1, aka May Day) when the invisible and physical worlds touch (the invisible world of faeries, Elementals, devas).

This year, the unworldly magick of the season has started early. I’ve been feeling it building this last week. Normally, this energy is potent the day or two leading up to October 31, and the day after, but this is part of our transformation of perceiving ourselves and the world around us in a more enlightened way. The strength of the energy will build until after the beginning of November, but I don’t believe all of it will every completely dissipate again.

We are becoming more spiritual beings in the Aquarian Age and part of that means becoming more aware with other parts of ourselves besides our left-hemisphere logical brains, not just adding the creative and spiritual right-hemisphere. We normally perceive with everything we are but the Piscean Age limited our perception to just what we could see and prove in the physical world. We are so much more than that. And the magick of this season helps teach us awareness on a whole different level.

So even though the strength of this energy has a time centered around Samhain, the magick won’t leave us again. If we pay attention to it, it will teach us about itself, and ourselves, and all we have to do is let it. Stay open-minded and catch our thoughts when we fall back into “That’s impossible”, “That’s not real.” There is so much more to us and our world than we have been taught to perceive and believe. Let the magic of the season shift us into who we truly are.

And trust your gut, your intuition. It is always right. We frequently get intuitive hits and our Piscean Age-trained left-hemisphere brain then puts everything into logic and we talk ourselves out of what we felt. Try trusting intuition or gut feelings every time and see what happens.

Meanwhile, enjoy the release from retrograde-tension, the craziness of the Full Moon and our journey into magick. It’s going to be some week!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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