What To Do For Love on Valentine’s Day 2014 or For All You Lovers Out There (and Those Who Want To Be)

While the energy of Mercury retrograde over the last few days has been making us uncomfortable in our own skin, it won’t affect us on Valentine’s Day.

From Feng Shui expert Lillian Too’s Mandala, a weekly e-zine, (info@lilliantoomandala.com):

Did you know that Valentine’s Day this year falls on an incredibly auspicious day – not only is it a day when prosperity energy is high, it is also the day of the full moon under the spiritual calendar, known as Amitabha Day and Medicine Buddha Day!

“And under the Chinese calendar, it is also the eve of Chap Goh Mei. Those already in relationships/marriages can offer fruit and incense to Amitabha and Medicine Buddha and request another year of smooth marriage. Those of you who are single can offer sweets to the Moon Goddess and request help in finding a husband or wife!”

According to Ms. Too, the SOUTHWEST corner of your home is the sector that should be activated to attract good marriage and romance. To locate the southwest corner, stand in the center of your home and use a compass (unless you already know the exact directions). It’s important that this corner is not a bathroom, garage, kitchen or storeroom. Especially, that there is no toilet involved as marriage, love opportunities and happiness get flushed away.

If any of the above “danger” rooms are in the southwest corner of your home, use either the southwest corner of your living room or bedroom instead.

First cleanse and bless the space you are going to use in this area. Then put a fountain in this corner as water enhances the beneficial energy and brings good fortune. Open up the marriage/romance energy of the corner by activating it with natural quartz crystals. A table or shelf with a marble or stone top is preferable for this area. Or place or hang a picture of mountains and nice scenery to enhance the energy of this earth sector.

Adding a fire crystal ball brings love and happiness. This is any crystal ball that is red. It can be natural or semi-precious stone or simply a red glass ball. Keep this corner well lit always since bright lights are really the best way to activate the energies of romance in the southwest.

If you know how to safely use seven day candles and the area is open to it, use a red seven day candle – once lit that stays lit – to bring fire energy to enhance love and happiness. Make sure there is nothing above the candle that can catch fire like drapes or anything flammable.

If you’re single and want to call love to you, another technique is to prepare your bedroom for that love to come in. Clear out a drawer and part of your closet to energetically invite him/her to put clothes there. Also put something red – crystal, stone heart, candle – on the stand on the side of the bed where your new partner will sleep. Finally, get a picture of red peonies or get red silk peonies to place on the wall outside your bedroom door. Not above or on the door, beside it. Do all of this on Valentine’s Day and enjoy the energy you’ve just opened up.

Then there’s always my tried and true “list technique”. Make a list of 40 things that if you met yourself for the first time, you’d like about you. Remember, this is about love, so these are things you like about yourself pertaining to love, how you are when you’re in love, how you feel, how you treat your lover. Write this list in first person, present tense and without negatives. Examples:

I am a loving person.

I have a great smile.

I am a great kisser and hugger.

I love to nurture and be nurtured.


You get the idea.

When the list is complete, write it neatly on red paper. Get a red seven day candle. Cleanse and bless it. Make an altar or holy space in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Cleanse and bless it. Have this all prepared before Friday.

Then, on Friday (Venus day, this year also Valentine’s Day) at 7:35 in the morning, light the candle and leave it lit for 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes, read the list aloud. Then take several minutes to recall within yourself how it feels to be in love, to love and be completely loved. If you’ve never experienced it, imagine how it will feel. This doesn’t include a specific other person, it is only about the feeling inside you when love is in your life.

At the end of the 20 minutes, put the flame out by smothering it (blowing it out is very rude). Do this once a day for 40 days starting on Valentine’s Day. The first day is the only day that you need to start at 7:35 a.m. (Venus hour on Venus day). As long as you do this at some time during the time you wake and sleep (always at the 35 minute mark), you’re set. If you skip a day, start at day one. There’s an accumulated power you achieve by doing this 40 days in a row.

At the end of the 40 days, read the list for the last time, do the “feeling of love” meditation then burn the list from the candle flame and let the candle burn out completely. That may take hours so make sure it’s safe as you let it burn. Then let the energy bring you that love.

One last option: if you know the Tarot or have a Tarot deck, use one or all of the five love cards to meditate on, starting on Thursday(February 13th). They are the Ace of Cups, the Two of Cups, the Four of Wands, the Six of Cups and The Lovers (number six in the Major Arcana). Choose the one that feels the best and take a moment to observe everything about the card, the colors, the imagery, the details. Close your eyes and try to recreate the card in your mind’s eye. Then open your eyes and see how accurate you were in remembering.

Then, with eyes closed or looking at the card, imagine you step into the card. First, look 360 degrees around and see what else is in the card you can’t normally see. Then listen and be aware of what you hear. Breathe in through your nose and be aware what you smell. Breathe in with mouth open and be aware what you taste. Be aware of what you feel, physically and emotionally. Then go to the symbol of the cup if you’ve chosen the ace, or the people in the other cards, and talk to them. Ask them what you need to know to call love to you or to enhance the love you already have. Ask them to help you. Listen to what they have to say.

When you feel you’re done, thank them (including the cup symbol), then step back into your world. Take a few moments to acclimate yourself to being back in your body. Put the card aside and pick it or a different one of the five the next day. Try to do this for 40 days in a row.

This is a good meditation to do right before going to sleep as whatever you requested will be the main focus of your subconscious all night.

Remember though, no matter what you do to enhance current love or call new love to you, If you don’t feel you deserve being loved – even if that feeling is buried deep inside – any technique mentioned above can work but may not last. So love yourself first and know you deserve to be loved in return.

May we all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love and gratitude… 

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