A great man passed away on Saturday. Senator John McCain succumbed to cancer at 81. CNN reported: “McCain was a naval bomber pilot, prisoner of war, conservative maverick, giant of the Senate, twice-defeated presidential candidate and an abrasive American hero with a twinkle in his eye. The Arizonan warrior politician, who survived plane crashes, several bouts of skin cancer and brushes with political oblivion, often seemed to be perpetually waging a race against time and his own mortality while striving to ensure that his five-and-a-half years as a Vietnam prisoner of war did not stand as the defining experience of his life.”

When asked how he wanted to be remembered, he said, “He served his country” and, hopefully, he went on, “people would say, honorably”. I’m not a Republican, but I can recognize a man of integrity and honor, of strength and commitment, of compassion and conviction. He is and will be greatly missed.

Thank you, Senator McCain, for your honorable service to our country.


Today ends most of the super-stressed-out summer challenge. Mars went direct this morning at 10:05 Eastern time. Mercury went direct back on August 18/19 (but was lingering in Mars’ energy). An intense Full Moon hit Sunday accompanied by an unusually strong geomagnetic storm that throws off our electro-magnetic brain/nervous system functions for a few days. Thank Goddess September starts next Saturday.

So we’re in the clear from the majority of the worst lessons we’ve had to face in as long as people can remember – without most people consciously knowing WTF was going on. The question is “Where do we stand now?” I’ve written of it before, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it again, and look further into the rest of this year.

We’ve lived through the combination of Mars and Mercury retrograding together while Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were/still are retrograding at the same time (the outer planets having a slower, less-daily-recognizable push than the inner ones, but still bringing a depth of subtle awakening). We’re almost done with the intensity of August’s annual Karmic Catch-Up Month, Feng Shui’s Hungry Ghosts Month (which ends on September 8) and we’re at the end of the transformation and release of the double eclipses of July and August.

All of that happened in the Karmic Catch-Up Year of 2018. That’s exponentially more personal growth in two-and-a-half months than we’ve faced in previous centuries. So congratulate self on making it through, whether we felt we did it well, consciously learned something, or just survived. We all got something out of it, even if that isn’t obvious yet.

But just because we’re out of the bomb blast doesn’t mean we are clear of the debris field.

Whenever we focus on something, like learning a subject (cramming for the BAR) or taking an action that requires total concentration (running a marathon), there is a huge release after the fact. This time, it feels like a five-ton weight is lifted off our shoulders and we can become stupid and giddy with the lack of pressure. It takes time for us to return to our normal patterns. So be aware that this week and the first week or so of September are going to feel like we don’t know where we’re going, like we’re facing in the right direction, but can’t get our legs to move us onward.

That’s normal. Uncomfortable, but normal for what we’ve been through. We’re in processing mode and we can’t hurry through that, just as we can’t make a broken bone heal any faster because we’re tired of limitation and not being at full strength. Be careful allowing the feeling of wanting our normal patterns to return immediately. It won’t happen. All that does is bring frustration and resentment – and haven’t we had faced enough of that for a while?

Actually, we’re in a new normal. There is no returning to how we were or how the world was. After passing the BAR, the student is different, their world is different. After finishing a marathon, the runner is different in how she looks at herself and her world. This summer brought a monumental change, whether or not we are consciously aware of it. The vibration of all humanity shifted over these last months. It was as if we were watching and experiencing our evolution in the microcosm of ourselves and the macrocosm of humanity.

It being a new normal, we might see things very differently. We might notice colors are brighter or sounds are louder than we remember they were. We can recognize connections between our family, friends, and associates in a different way, or sometimes not recognize old emotions about them at all. Our usual reactions can seem off – not wrong, just not our usual reactions. Go with it. Note the differences and don’t judge them as wrong. After the student passes the BAR, there is a new confidence, a new plan for the future but also a feeling of “huh?”. Same with the marathon runner. They’ve both achieved a new vibration within self. So have we but it puts us into a new world we haven’t experienced before.

Unfortunately, this difference can also bring disappointment in self if we consciously or subconsciously feel we didn’t achieve what our higher selves wanted for us. It doesn’t mean we failed, but we can often have expectations of ourselves that we can’t possibly meet, or think we haven’t met if we judge ourselves harshly. Again, know that everyone shifted into the new vibe whether or not that’s comfortable. Give it time. It will even out. Though we still have other shifts later in the year, nothing will be as bad as the last few months.

The further we get into September, the more relief we’ll have from the pressure, sadness, anger, frustration and feeling of being completely lost. We can still feel lost and sadness until we hit the Autumnal Equinox (on September 22 which balances us out), and the Full Moon on September 24(which brings release of things we’re still holding onto). But that will be within self more than also picking up or being forced to deal with the lostness and sadness of others. We can deal with our own issues a lot easier and better if we don’t also have to feel and protect ourselves from those around us spewing their desperation.

On October 5, we move into our next challenge, Venus retrograde. While that will focus more on the female lessons of how women view themselves and their relationship with men, men will also have to look at how they view women and the role men have in women’s lives (and how women fit into theirs).

This is the reverse of what we’ve just learned which was men stepping into an emotional maturity, understanding their Aquarian Age role as equal human beings with positive masculine attributes (but no longer “automatic overlords”), and who women are in men’s lives. Meanwhile, women were forced to break out of the Piscean Age innate awareness of who men were to them and their role with the male population. No one was spared from learning or facing something about themselves during Mars retrograde, so no one will be spared from learning or facing something about themselves during the Venus retrograde.

However, since the female energy learned this lesson before the Piscean Age (or rather before the 5,125 years of the last Mayan Day of Mankind), this is more of a reminder than a new concept. Hence the intensity coming in will be no where near as challenging as what we just experienced. Then when Venus goes direct on November 16, the last Mercury retrograde kicks in within hours so the Venus lessons continue until Mercury goes direct on December 6.

We can dread that we’re going to be facing another one-two punch in human growth, but it really won’t be the same. The Venus/Mercury combo will feel like a skinned knee compared to the surgery-without-anesthetic of the Mars/Mercury/et.al. lesson, which was more a one-two-three-four-five-six-seven punch.

Then we get into the holidays. In the recent years of non-stop Aquarian Age adjustment, we have craved the happiness of the holidays earlier and earlier each season. Whether we traditionally have had happy holidays (many don’t), we still look forward to them in a group consciousness of the concept of happiness. They become anticipated as if they’ll give us relief from all the feelings of a difficult year. They don’t necessarily, but we humans love to look forward to something positive. We will be feeling the release from all the retrogrades just as holiday-excitement comes into focus. So watch over-spending or over-partying when we get there. It won’t compensate for the stress we’ve had and might bring more after-the-fact payment than is comfortable.

The point to remember is that this IS a difficult year but these lessons are not just important, they’re vital. They’re unavoidable. We can’t just stop a hurricane because we don’t like the wind and rain. If it’s hard to face our fears and step into a lesson, relax into it. Let The Force or The Hand of God or whatever you want to call it take over. We learn it one way or another. If we fight what’s happening, what’s changing within, it just makes it harder.

So while this might seem dire because we can’t just coast for the rest of the year, WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH THE WORST! Please remember that. When we get closer to feeling the vibrational change the Venus/Mercury retrogrades bring, we can experience a tightening of the gut in anticipation of a repeat of summer. But by then, summer will be long over. What’s coming is the leftover rain from the hurricane that has passed.

Move forward with dignity, honor, and integrity. Be aware when we’re feeling out-of-balance and practice facing it instead of forcing it on others. Take advantage of the ease of energy in September. Next year is completely different. There’s no way to avoid the chaos of the next several years as the entire world has to get with the program. But if we are strong within self (what this year is teaching us), then we become part of the lesson for the young souls who are having such a hard time just being alive. We become Aquarian Age complete.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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