What happens next? It’s October, 2020! Chaos continues to ensue, what else?

While we’re experiencing Mars squaring Pluto and Saturn (aggression, war, power struggles) through October 20, we haven’t hit the confusion that will be Mercury retrograde (October 13 through November 3, Election Day!) Plus we have lots of other fun astrological, Earth-related and karmic things in store for us this month.

With October starting like a crazy-maker with Trump and half his people infected (okay, that’s an exaggeration—but wait for it), it might seem like the month roars in like a lion and then will end like a lamb (like March is supposed to do). Nope. We’re on a steady uphill climb of chaos that will lessen a week or so after Mercury goes direct in November, but will continue on through the end of the year. It’s just the degree of difficulty that changes. We’re still on a learning curve and it will take until December 21, the Winter Solstice, for us to realize those of us who made it through 2020 to graduate into a higher vibration, and those who didn’t.

Given that I have strong feelings on what I would like to see happen with Trump’s infection—which doesn’t involved Trump dying—it becomes difficult for me to see beyond my desire and impatience to get to the truth of things. And the fact is that the Truth Revealed and karmic ass-biting energy of the year coalescing in October is so complex, multi-leveled, and fluid, I’m not sure I could get reliable accuracy on it right now. Or I could be accurate for a whole day before the world changed again.

The energy of change is swirling bigger, harder, stronger, faster than ever before, in response to how we’ve been living in that bigger, harder, stronger, faster ego energy of the Piscean Age.

However, here are some things I think will happen:

  • While Trump is very sick, much sicker than reported, he will survive Covid-19. It will be a hard journey for him and will have lasting effects, for months or years, which he and his team will lie about. This will not just make him physically weaker all the time, but will make him less coherent, if that’s possible. This is not going to happen quickly.
  • There will be no factual reporting about his health at any time, even with whistle-blowers at work.
  • He will learn nothing from this experience, so don’t expect a humbled man coming out of it. Not. Going. To. Happen.
  • There will be no further Presidential Debates (thank Goddess!) and very little campaigning, if any, for Trump’s reelection, although some will try. Biden will continue to campaign, having removed his negative Trump ads, but all he needs to do now is not be Trump in order to win. And he’s doing that just fine.
  • Trump’s avid followers are becoming discombobulated without his voice constantly ringing in their ears. That can lead to more chaos than if he recovered quickly and picked up where he left off. Fearful people led by a fearful spoiled, bully of a baby can do the most dangerous things. And when the bully isn’t there, each individual picks up the cause with their own inner turmoil added and justified. It is well known that in an apocalyptic scenario, the most dangerous people are fanatics. They are so right and therefore justified, they can do anything for their cause, even kill. It’s easy and accurate to call Trumpites fanatics. This doesn’t mean there will be rampant violence in the street in the immediate future, but pockets of outbursts are possible. Probably with gun play.
  • This is giving Republicans who did not drink Trump’s Kool-Aid, but have remained silent for their own survival, the opportunity to step out of their fear and back into their intelligence. I’m hoping they will. Maybe I’m being too optimistic. We’re talking Piscean Age thought-process trying to get out of its self-induced sheep status. It’s an opportunity only, so we’ll see.
  • Should he recover before the election, Trump will use that he was sick to say the election is unfair (not just rigged) because he wasn’t able to campaign the last month.
  • Trump will probably push his recovery to get back into the public eye before he’s actually healed, which means it’s a longer road to recovery for him. It will be obvious to everyone his health is still compromised, which we will especially be able to see during any public appearance he makes.
  • Trump will not win because of a sympathy vote, as Elizabeth Taylor won the Oscar in 1961 because she almost died that year and John Wayne did for True Grit in 1970 because he was dying of cancer. If Trump and his doctors tell the truth about what’s happening with his health, it could win sympathy for him, but they will never do that. Ego and his public face are too important.
  • Everyone already knows who they’re voting for so his infection doesn’t really change anything. His infection is about a lot more than this vote. He continues with his Great Negative Lesson, and now the lesson of Karmic Payback is front and center. Now it’s about making sure everyone votes and that those votes are not tampered with.

More chaos coming up, so fasten your seat belts.

Stay calm and carry on. Or as Douglas Adams says in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, “Don’t panic!

Aquarian Age sensibilities are coming into play stronger and stronger every day. Observe the chaos, don’t buy into it.

We get through this. We’ve just been given proof of the higher energy that’s working with us to bring about change. Karma’s a bitch, right? It is for the individual it’s hitting but apparently not for everyone they’ve affected.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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