Welcome to October!

I’m always talking about balancing self, especially noting all the challenges thrown at us in this time of accelerated ascension that force us to look at our out-of-balance issues. Now we find ourselves in Libra time, the Scales, where the main theme is balance, polarity and harmony. But that’s not all we face as we move through October.

We made it through the Year of Karmic Cleansing (August 2013 to August 2014), through September’s Full Moon to New Moon healing and past the Autumnal Equinox (on September 22) which helped us balance the light and dark within ourselves.

Now as we move through October, we enter a new awareness of “self with others” (the Libra energy) helped by the Mercury Retrograde from October 4 through 26 and a pair of healing eclipses (Full Lunar Eclipse on October 8, Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23) before we move into the Death and Rebirth of Scorpio also on October 23. All the while we are slowing down our natural Circadian rhythms as winter approaches (which means it’s good to release expectations about moving faster than your body wants or society demands).

First, about the power of Libra. The wheel of progression through the 12 signs of the Zodiac is divided into three sections of four signs each: “Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer” then “Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio” and finally “Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces”. They follow an elemental pattern of fire, earth, air and water. The first quartet deals with knowledge of Self. The second expands to understand Self and Others. The third goes further to know Self, Others and the Universe.

Libra brings enlightenment to that single-minded “I AM HERE” focus of Aries and into the recognition that we are not alone, specifically recognizing individuals in pairs: love, family, friend, work. So as you move through the rest of October, consciously be aware of yourself AND the others around you: who you relate to, who you don’t, relationships and what you bring (or don’t bring) to them, what the joys and issues are. The challenge is to bring clarity to the balance and harmony outside yourself.

While I think we’ve all learned to anticipate any Mercury Retrograde with dread as it disrupts communication on all levels (especially watch out for conversations and expected (mis)understanding in the love department), the quiet communication within is never disrupted because that inner work is the point. The same way a cold is meant to give you a reason to rest, Mercury Retrograde is a reason to slow down and look inward.

This retrograde will be no different. For those who are trying to make the world their way without being aware of or facing what the challenges are teaching them, this will be an awful time. For those who go with the flow and accept what is being put right in front of their faces, this time brings an inner knowledge and peace. Look at whatever is seemingly negative coming your way as an opportunity to let go personal concepts of why it “should” be different and see why it is.

Example: a tire on your car blows out, which is scary if it happens while driving. It takes time and money to get it repaired, especially if you find out all your tires are bald and need replacing. Not only are you off balance because of the fear, but then extra time you don’t have in your busy day and money you had allocated for something else need to be spent, completely disrupting your schedule and budget.

But if you think instead that this is Mercury’s way of getting you to handle a problem you didn’t want to deal with, perhaps it is keeping you from having an accident in November that could have killed you or someone else. Everything happens for a reason. Mercury just brings it in a way that forces us to look at things differently.

As usual, Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to edit, re-evaluate and re-examine projects, relationships and commitments. It’s a good time to let go of people, substances, habits you no longer need. And it’s a very powerful time for manifestation, prayer, sending wishes and good vibes to family members and friends. Especially as we are coming up to All Hallow’s Eve – one of the two times of the year when the veil between worlds is thin and energies on the other side communicate much more easily.

While Mercury Retrograde gives us a hard time with mundane communication, it supports inner or spiritual messages. If you believe in Angels, they can now hear you better. If you believe in Higher-Self , then now you can sacrifice your ego to get closer to it. If you believe in life after death, now you can communicate with dead relatives. If you know the way to DreamTime, the next three weeks will be filled with lucid dreaming. It’s the BEST time for meditation and meeting with soul-mates from past lifetimes.

There are two eclipses this month bringing us one of the most eccentric, creative, surprising and unpredictable Lunar influences we’ve had in a long time. So be aware the high emotions you are feeling are caused by something much bigger than the slight or anger or fear you may be experiencing. Avoid reacting because of how you feel in the moment. That moment will pass and repercussions linger. Examine, instead, within self why your reactions are so strong. Learn to observe and accept the emotional reactions as an opportunity to clearly see what needs to be released or healed. Then release and heal.

On October 23, we move into Scorpio followed by All Hallow’s Eve, the time of Death and Rebirth. The “spookiness” of this time existed long before any holiday. It is the most transformational time of the year. And after all we’ve been through this year, this can, again, either be extremely difficult if fighting change or extremely rewarding if going with the flow and allowing yourself to transform.

Do something to celebrate this transition more than getting into costume and accumulating candy. This is a sacred time that our recent forefathers tried to make into a children’s holiday to banish the fear that grew as people got further and further away from connection to the natural flow of the Earth. Return to your knowledge of the dark and light within yourself. Honor your ancestors and those who have passed, honor the cycle of Death and Rebirth.

To get through this month, work on your connection with Creator, on prayer for higher understanding and for the good of all generally (the planet, humanity), and the good of others (friends, relatives, co-workers) specifically. Being selfless in thought and action automatically puts you on the right path and eases the effects of the intensity of this month. Leave space for things not to be perfect and know everything has a reason. Ask your Higher Self and your Guides, Angles and Ancestors for help and you’ll get it. And above all, OBSERVE rather than react.

With love and gratitude…

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