Welcome to December. It’s going to be a very interesting and busy month, not just because it’s the holidays. In fact, with the chaos of the end of the year coming to a head, the holidays will help us not go too crazy with our own self-doubt and self-judgment, even though they’ll still drive us to distraction because they won’t be what we expect or necessarily want.

Saying it simply, these are not the holidays that are going to give us the joy and ease they have in the past, especially in how people deal with each other. But they’re more important this year because they keep us distracted from the super crazy ending of 2021.

Astrologically, December has lots of planetary activity that hit us on a personal level (many small changes) and only a few mighty big ones that affect the bigger picture. The many small changes (planets moving through our houses) will challenge us to know ourselves better and not get thrown off by the swirling energy of fear and crazy from others. Then, there are two main events that are very big picture to change humanity and the world. I hand the astrological explanation over the Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson from his latest post:

We are having the last exact Saturn-Uranus square on December 24, just in time to steal Christmas. This challenging aspect between the two rulers of Aquarius has tainted 2021: January/February (the Big Lie, and the beginning of anti-vax movement), June (Delta Variant) and December (Omicron Variant). The square between Saturn and Uranus manifests as a clash between autocrats and democracy, the future versus the past, young pitted against the old, renewable versus oil and gas, data versus misinformation.

On December 19, Venus, the planet of finance and relationships, is starting her retrograde motion (until end of January, 2022). I never let people start new projects during Venus retrograde, but alas, we need to start the huge endeavor called “2022” on such an occasion. But hey, not all is bad, we are also going to have Jupiter return to his traditional domicile, Pisces, on Dec 29 and that is great news for everyone.”

All of this planetary activity throws us off our game, especially if we try to hold onto to what we expect because of what was (i.e., past happy holiday times). The energy of the last two years has been trying to make us remember we are adaptable and agile when we have forgotten that. Many are not adapting to change right in front of us because we’re still holding onto our Piscean Age righteousness. The Aquarian Age doesn’t care. We’re moving forward even when some don’t like it and that brings friction and frustration and self-doubt.

December makes us face our own inner demons and weaknesses, even if we thought we’ve dealt with them already. For those who have done the heavy self-awareness work before we got here, know we’re just getting the dust-bunnies of self-awareness pushed in our faces in such a way, they feel much bigger and more important than they are. That’s part of being affected by other people’s energy and how important it is for us to get balanced within self, especially for what we have to do as human beings in 2022. It’s important to do the work, but it’s not nearly as urgent as it seems.

In December, we will feel very scattered and lost throughout the entire month with that feeling leaking into next month. People’s emotions are running very high without any logical reason. And without a logical reason, self-doubt and self-judgment sneak in and take over.

For men who are not used to living in emotion when their Piscean Age logic has been in control of things for so long, they’re not easily handling how emotional they feel. As a lot of men do when they are uncomfortable in their own skin, they take it out on other people, specifically people they’re closest to (while this is not limited to men, it is more predominant in them than in women). That can spread to generally anybody, like overreacting to a stranger in a store or on the road. So be aware of that within self, how others are affecting us and be careful the energy we put out and what we receive.

Without knowing it, we are affected by this energy pushing our buttons. If we’re not aware of the level of anxiety, of fear, of anger and frustration, of “I’m not getting what I deserve!” (a big one) within self, then we miss the fact that this can hit us pretty hard and we can be affecting others before we see it in ourselves.

So, as I’ve been saying coming into this final month of 2021, keep your head down, hold onto the safety bar, try to relax in the crazy. Avoid expecting anything from the holidays, from anyone, as it and they have been before. This is a transition season, not new nor old. Be in the moment and enjoy what is in front of you, not repeats from what has happened in the past.

Moving into January is going to be just as crazy but with a different flavor. On January 1, the chaos of 2021 changes into the Six Year of 2022 with the push for harmony and unconditional love. But those who still hold onto the chaos will be even more confused as their chaotic fuel dies away while they still want to cause issues for others in their own unhappiness and fear.

Those who expect January 1 to change everything because it’s a New Year will be frustrated because it doesn’t. January is always the clean-up month for the previous year until the energy shifts with the Chinese New Year (on February 1). We will feel the energy under our feet change but with all those holding onto chaos, it won’t manifest itself strongly yet.

Things wouldn’t be complete without chiming in on the Omicron variant since that will be prevalent and affect our holidays in December and the beginning months of 2022. Some things to know: this variant is far more contagious than anything we’ve seen, even though the symptoms are not as bad. So the danger isn’t actually going to be a worse version of Covid, but in how people react to it.

Many have had enough of dealing with Covid and the argument about vaccines. So we’re shell-shocked, which makes reactions more hair-trigger. With the distraction of the holidays in December, the main negativity from Omicron is that it will interfere with celebrating exactly at the time when we really don’t want to be limited anymore. With no reserves of patience, that means a lot of testy traveling and explosive family gatherings.

In January when expectations will be just as high as they are for the holidays but in a different way, the Omicron variant will cause even more blame to be placed on anyone who hasn’t gotten the vaccine. With fear-driven people ready to rumble, look for attacks on those who haven’t been vaccinated to rise, and a push in the news even more than before for everyone to get the shot.

The problem, however, isn’t Omicron or the vaccine, it’s that we haven’t gotten the lesson this pandemic has been trying to teach is which is to be the us, not the me. While it’s been reported that the vast majority of people hospitalized for Covid are the unvaccinated, think for a second how those people got infected. Do you think all the people in hospital are there because they got infected only by other unvaccinated people?

We need to take responsibility for everything we do and how we treat ourselves and others. Getting the vaccine doesn’t make anyone less responsible for being careful around others even though many feel that way. There are stubborn and unenlightened people on both sides.

With that being a leading trigger-point, and chaos frustration coming to a head in January, look for another interesting month of possible extreme reactions and extreme discomfort within self as we revisit 2021 and put it to bed (and we are putting it to bed).

Meanwhile, this is the holiday season and we can really enjoy it if we remember we are in the middle of the biggest transition humankind has ever experienced. Think Bigger Picture now and it makes it easier to have general patience when things don’t go our way. Again, now it’s we, not me.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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