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Mercury went retrograde last Friday, November 16, hours after Venus went direct. While this close encounter of retrogrades means the next three weeks (until December 6/8, depending on the calendar followed) will be focused primarily on Merc-retro standard interference, Venus retrograde issues continue to linger.

This is the least challenging and annoying of the Merc-retros this year, but please continue to be careful in communication, especially between those in love relationships. Avoid signing legal documents, buying big-ticket items and be really careful while traveling, especially with the chaos ensuing during the holidays. Patience is very necessary at the same time the energy makes everything feel that it needs to rush.


In early 2016 as I was packing to move from Spicewood on Lake Travis into Austin proper, I was stopped by a wild turkey roadblock on the country two-laner leading to my remote home. These guys literally stopped traffic for about fifteen minutes while they meandered on the road. It wasn’t that we stopped traffic to take pictures, they were ON THE ROAD!

As I have yet to become electronically savvy enough to send a big video file that captured their antics, these pics will have to do (until I figure it out – perhaps by next Thanksgiving). They came right up to the car window and said hello and then preened and pranced in front of the cars. They weren’t looking for handouts or food, they were proudly showing off.

While there’s not a lot of traffic on that road – just those who live in the neighborhood – they held up enough of it to get a bit of a back-up going. One person, apparently not as thrilled to meet wild turkeys in person as the rest of us, took a no nonsense approach and physically shooed them off to the side. It was wonderful while it lasted.

Happy Thanksgiving, to you and the turkeys. May we remember our blessings and truly be grateful for them.


On Thanksgiving Day, we also move into Sagittarius (where Jupiter is having a wonderful time being home and bringing good luck to everyone) and we get a New Moon. So while we’ll still be in Mercury retrograde, the energy shift that day will  bring a lightness to the rest of the year, balancing out some of end-of-the-year blues. Still…

We’re in the home stretch of a very challenging year. While the Merc-retro and its aftermath will keep us in the self-facing energy through the middle of the month, we will feel very testy during and after…not just because it’s the last retrograde of the year, but because we’ve had enough! We’ve gotten through the worst of the year but our nerves are jangled and we want this challenge and lesson stuff to be over. It will be soon. But even after Mercury goes direct, there are the holidays that split our focus.

Most of us will probably experience brain-fog for the rest of the year with a dose of testiness-for-no-reason on the side. That doesn’t help when gatherings of family and friends are expected to be happy and relaxing. So don’t expect it. The only relief we’ll feel this holiday season is that the lessons are over for the year and we survived.

With the Earth shifting her vibration faster and faster (hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires are physical manifestations of her healing), we’re all in new territory. After the year we’ve had, getting used to new territory is the last thing we need. Yet, here we are.

Take it easy. Stay away from unnecessary stress (the “shoulds”), relax as much as possible, avoid expectations and try to think outside of self since we’ve spent the entire year focused on self. We can’t force harmonizing with the new vibes; that comes naturally. We just have to give it time, which is something we don’t like if we can’t control.

Wishing us all a Happy Holiday Season and a sane Mercury retrograde. Celebrate, if nothing else, that 2018 will soon be over and we’ll have a completely different energy in 2019.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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