Maybe you’ve felt the exceptional brain fog, confusion or extreme emotional swings and interruption in sleep patterns over the last two weeks (or if you’ve felt that before, how strongly that energy increased in the last two weeks). That’s just letting us know we’re in the new energy of 2022, which didn’t really kick in until around February 6 or 7. With the expectation that the new Aquarian Age energy we’re getting in 2022 would change the world immediately, just hang on. We’re in it, but it just started! Allow it to get some traction.

The Chinese New Year shifted the energy for 2022 on February 1, but we were still in a powerful Mercury retrograde which meant we couldn’t do much even when we felt it. When Mercury went direct on Friday, February 4, we got relief and spent the weekend adjusting to having the heaviness of the retrograde lift off our shoulders. But still, it didn’t seem like things were looking up. If anything, it seemed things were harder.

But that’s telling us something. During these last two weeks we’ve had an uptick in crazy which might seem like it’s just more of the same. But it’s been worse and might still get worse before the bubble pops (which it will). That uptick, the extra loud yelling and self-righteous manipulation by the young souls trying to hold onto their Piscean Age power-over, has been intense. Book burning/banning, threats to Black universities and colleges, or to people of color in general, the extra push for restrictive voting and abortion laws…these are desperate moves to control with that old Overlord power so white male dominance will remain in place.

Too late. That energy has already shifted and we’re seeing that shift come into play every day. The more desperation and fear-mongering coming from the Piscean Age holdouts means the more the energy shift is affecting them. With their energetic support dropping out from under their feet, they are Wiley E. Coyote finally falling instead of being suspending in air off the cliff in disbelief, as he’s been for the last two years. And no matter how much those like the Coyote want to hold on, they can’t.

Relax, because we really can’t do anything to make positive change happen faster or clearer for the number of people who are choosing fear. It’s actually happening very fast. The only real choice we have is to stay out of fear and opt to trust that the Aquarian Age energy is on us and making changes for us we can’t always see or recognize. Embrace it and it takes you with it’s positive-change energy like a wave that carries you to shore.


Every 248 years, Pluto returns to where it was in a country’s chart at its inception and revamps that country. This Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the United States gets its Pluto return. It’s like a much bigger Saturn return that people experience between ages 27 and 30. When it shows up, it puts us on our right path, the path we chose before we came into this life (countries choose paths, too). If we’re already following that path, this is an uplifting transition. If we’re not, we’re abruptly and sometimes with difficulty, thrown into our right path. The United States is a little between the two. We’re on the right path, but we’ve been sidelined and our Pluto return is here to help us along.

You might have noticed that adding our country’s “birthday” in 1776 and Pluto’s cycle of 248 doesn’t equal 2022. But February 22, 2022 brings us to the same Astrological degree our country was in on July 4, 1776. And since Pluto is such a slow-moving planet, our Pluto return has been affecting us for a while and will continue to do so until November 19, 2024, with some refinement afterwards. It’s not something that happens on a single day, especially with the monumental changes it brings. We’ve been dealing with its demands of change for a while. Now we just have clarity on what to do and expect.

Note the wonderful repetition of “2’s” in that date. There are five of them, which brings us to a numerological 10, which is a new beginning (“1”) with unlimited options (“0”) . If we include February as another “2”, we get the number “12” which is a Master Number meaning completion and spiritual enlightenment (12 signs of the Zodiac, and if Christian, 12 apostles). And six “2’s” fits very well with this being a Six Year. However we add it up, this is a significant date in itself that also brings a significant event for our country.

We also have the significance of Neptune in opposition (happening every 170 years), but I suggest tapping into Gahl Sasson’s recent post about our Pluto return or access his book, “The Astrology of 2022: A Sacrifice for Love” for further info on that.

So what does this mean? Pluto brings death of the old and birth of the new, which when dealing with countries, means it’s giving us a chance to re-clarify what we believe in, what we stand for and where we’re going. If a country doesn’t refine itself in its Pluto return, sometimes it ceases to be or at least stops in its influence on others.

No worries, that is not what’s happening to us. We’re working very hard to go back to our basics and remember what we originally stood for, which is We the People. We’ve been dealing with that in the bigger shift, moving from the concentration on “me” to living in the “we” and this is just one more push for that to come into being. But that kind of change, returning to and re-establishing the concept of equality challenging the Piscean Age-inflated white-men-in-power, is not always welcome.

Okay, that equality is something we’ve been working on for a while and we’re still not there – Piscean Age, after all – but what we based our ideals on is that equality. And that’s one of the major themes of the Aquarian Age and our Pluto return.

If we look at the unrest that we associate with moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, we can see our Pluto return only adds to the change, not for the entire planet but for the United States specifically. And that change is what will bring the Piscean Age traditions that no longer fit us to a head over the next two years and release them with the United States being a new kind of leader in Aquarian Age humanity (I say “new” because we’ve faltered there as our arrogance grew over the years).

All of the unrest that forced change brings is in our faces right now: the desperation of those who were in charge having to face their “sudden” unimportance; the United States having to face our own arrogance about our superior power-over place in the world. Yes, we may have more money than any other country, more military power, more influence because we began ourselves with great concepts and great expectations (we’re the only country who has been founded on ideals of equality rather than conquest, although our conquest of Native peoples is another terrible Piscean Age story). But that power brings responsibility to the whole, which we’ve forgotten. It’s about not putting ourselves into the Piscean Age “I’m more important than you” mentality.

But believing our own hype has allowed us to invade other countries without a conscience, because we could, due to our greed for their possessions and our might. That is not our future, though, nor why we started this country in the first place.

However, like brats who always get their way, we’ve become arrogant and stopped living by our own principles. Hence, our Pluto return will force us to re-evaluate, rebuild and restructure just as the Age-to-Age shift does the same for the rest of the world. It’s like we’re getting double, sometimes triple, lessons because what we have to offer the world is that important (once we get there).

Even though this can seem dismal in the face of everything we’ve been dealing with in recent years, it’s all part of the same growth. There is no new without destruction of the old. And as the new Aquarian Age generations and those who have been in the Aquarian Age thought-process for their entire lives are now coming into power, look for the United States to remember its conscience, not only to other people but to the Earth herself.

Humanity and community (“It takes a village”) is our future. That is inevitable. The United States will be a leader in that, but we still have many lessons to face and resolve before we can step into the light with a good conscience. That’s what our Pluto return is about. We can no longer tell others what and who they need to be if we don’t live it ourselves.

Welcome to that lesson coming in without mercy. If people have a hard time with that, the change they need to make comes at them with more deliberateness. There will be individual push-back, and sometimes from groups of like-minded individuals who huddle together in fear-solidarity. That is guaranteed. Who likes to have their self-importance taken away? There will be lessons focusing on the stubbornness of some when others are already on the right page, so it may seem unfair that the majority has to deal with the minority’s ego-driven childishness.

But our souls have known this time is coming before we reincarnated into this life. If we don’t like how it’s going now, we only have ourselves to blame for not learning what we came here to learn (I’m speaking to the young souls who are probably not reading this).

Granted, this is higher-level learning and very demanding. But it’s also very exciting to be on the cusp of the new Age, seeing it form on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Face the shake-ups that will be happening to our country over the next two years, even though they may be scary. And stand in balance and peace that this all has a higher purpose. We make it – as a country and as individuals – if we understand the importance of our humanity.


Simply, I do not believe Russia will invade the Ukraine. This is a Putin shell game. He’s using this threat to eventually get concessions from the United States, NATO and other countries but that’s not even the real point of it all. The more substantial issue is not what’s happening on land, but under the sea. The true threat is what he’s doing to try to access the communication cables on the ocean floor that connect the UK with Europe. No one is seemingly paying attention to that, and other underhanded actions, which is Putin’s point.

Their “war games” off the coast of Ireland earlier this year were to cover their access to these cables. They were thwarted by the attention the Irish fisherman gave them refusing to let their fishing grounds be “invaded”. But it didn’t stop Putin’s plan. He just moved the surface fleet to another location. Should they gain access to the cables, they can steal data and interrupt utilities, internet, etc. in a different, more direct and long-lasting way than their normal cyber attacks.

I expect that the United States and NATO’s spy forces are on this and doing what they can. They’re letting the news focus on the surface Ukraine “invasion” which will play out only as long as Putin needs to put his other plans in place. Look to this lasting possibly into the end of April, then the war-mongering energy changes. Even if it seems Putin will cave before then, he’s just playing games with the world and, unfortunately right now, succeeding.

Again, this invasion is his fear-mongering shell game not a genuine invasion. There is no World War III coming. But…

The United States is far more vulnerable to cyber attacks than we should be. That’s because of our arrogance and the white male ego that some will argue about anything because any progress or change or suggestion not from them personally is an affront. So, if we need to be dragged into the Aquarian Age of cyber attacks to get us to pay attention, we will be.

Even though it was published in 1994, the book “When the Eagle Screams” by Stephen Bowman is before it’s time warning us of future terrorist threats, including cyber attacks. I read it when it was first published and it prepared me for what’s going on now. It’s scary, but then again, perhaps we need some fear of true threats rather than ego-driven ones to make the changes necessary.

Still, in the Bigger Picture, this is all part of a plan to get us into a better, more humane way of being. Putin, like the idiocy of Trump, is just another version of the same lesson. He’s certainly getting our attention, isn’t he?

We’re in the New Age. We can’t miss it. Balance yourself out and ride this wave. It’s an exciting time to be alive if we look at it from a perspective of Big Picture and what this shift is doing for humanity over the next 2,000 years, instead of the fear people are putting out day-to-day. Trust that our higher selves know what’s going on and what to do. We’ve got this.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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