In these pages I talk a lot about the “energetic vibrations” or “vibrational shifts” we experience as we go through this Piscean-Aquarian Age transition. As it’s such an intense time of change and can best be perceived if we’re consciously aware of what’s happening, I thought I’d address what I mean when I say “vibrations”. It’s been a while since I’ve written about it, so here’s a bit of a recap.

Everything in our physical world, including ourselves, is made up of atoms vibrating at different speeds. We couldn’t see, hear, smell, touch, taste, perceive, learn or even exist without them. They are our physical classroom for human development. The speeds, or planes or levels, are “interpenetrating”, meaning they’re not above or below each other. When I mention “higher vibrations”, it isn’t because they are “above” other vibrations but are at a more refined frequency.

There are seven “states of matter”, not all of which have yet been “proven” by the scientific community. But all of them have long been known by ancient teachers and metaphysicians. The three physical states are solid, liquid and gas – that which we access in the world around us through our five senses. The four non-physical states are etheric, astral, mental and spiritual – that which we access with our sixth sense. Many of us have yet to be consciously aware of these last four.

The planes exist by working together to form the whole. When one vibration changes, they all then change, like a locomotive that moves first and draws other cars along with it until the entire train is moving at the same speed.

Examples: a broken bone first and most obviously affects the physical body. The change then resonates and affects all levels, from physical to non-physical. Healing has to take place on all levels for the healing of the whole body to be complete which is why there are different levels of healing expected by the medical community. The body heals the initial pain and trauma from major surgery in a few days or weeks. It then takes perhaps three more months for the depth of the surgery to heal and sometimes up to a year for the entire body to heal. Without speaking of it, they are acknowledging the healing that takes place on the non-physical levels.

And it works with just as much impact from the other end, too: change in our non-physical levels affects the physical body. People doing spiritual enlightenment work shift their spiritual energy which then resonates into the physical body. So when I talk about us becoming more physically sensitive to the world around us in the Aquarian transition, this is what I mean.

In the Piscean Age, part of the overall lesson was to focus only on obvious states of matter – what we could physically experience. It was a time of the left-hemisphere of the brain, the logical lines-and-squares thought process. Awareness or acknowledgment of the non-physical states – which couldn’t be proven with existing knowledge – was unimportant and taught to be non-existent. If you couldn’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste something, it didn’t exist.

As we move further into the Aquarian Age, being aware of all states of existence becomes increasingly important, especially of those planes that have been previously unperceived. The shifts in vibration are predominantly now coming from the spiritual level, the highest vibration within and around us. Our learning in the logical, physical realm has reached a plateau. We are shifting into learning from the spiritual non-physical realm.

It’s natural progression and has happened before in the evolution of humankind. The scope of the shift we’re just beginning, however, is not in our conscious memory. The last time something this profound was available to us was 26,000 years ago. But we can see a sample of how individual growth led to group growth which affected world growth by going back 400 to 600 years to the Renaissance Period.

At that time, in a similar but much lesser way to what we’re facing now, there was a major awareness shift. Old souls came in with new enlightenment to teach and elevate the masses. One of the most profound ways this was accomplished was through music. The classical music of that time did more than provide an evening’s entertainment for the nobles with a new version of tunes. The harmonizing vibrations which came out of that 200 year span healed much of the negativity from the preceding Dark Ages and set us on a new path of understanding the world around us.

The vibrations of the Renaissance music rippled across the entire planet, even to those who could not hear them, and shifted everyone’s personal awareness. It helped heal the planet from the damage humans had caused with the negative vibes of the previous 700 years.

So what does this mean for us and where we are right now?

As humans are made up of the seven states of matter, so, obviously, is the living being that is our Earth. As all things grow, learn and transform, so does the Earth. We – humankind and our planet – are in a symbiotic relationship. When humankind lifts our collection vibration through an enlightenment spurt, such as the Renaissance Period, the Earth shifts to match us. And when she changes her vibration, which happens less frequently and is more profound, we have to match her. That’s what’s going on now!

We humans are innately drawn to match the strongest vibration near us – it’s one of our greatest gifts and helps us to quickly learn and adapt. We do it in small temporary ways, such as being affected by the bad mood of someone near us, and in large permanent ways by adapting our consciousness in an overall vibrational shift, as the music of Mozart and Beethoven helped us do. We are now having to harmonize to something soul-expanding and seemingly very foreign, but it’s all just the next part of our evolution.

When we reached “The End of the World” on December 21, 2012, it obviously wasn’t the physical end of our planet or our species. It was an end, or transition, of one vibration moving into another. The Earth was refining her vibration, having her own enlightenment – a-once-every-26,000-year birthday or more accurately, a re-birth day.

This shift was so profound, some who felt the change coming – and we all did in one way or another – recognized it in their understanding of only the physical planes of existence. Hence there was fear that there would be debilitating natural disasters as opposed to the vibrational shift it was.

In the years leading up to her Big Shift, others felt the Earth’s preparation as she let out bursts of energy waves that were very much like Braxton-Hicks contractions. People would feel suddenly dizzy without a logical reason. Unless we knew what was happening, it could feel like the start of an earthquake, or in a scary, more personal way, as if one was having a stroke. Then it would pass and we’d get back to normal, many putting off the experience as just “weird”.

The Earth has been actively working on this transition for the last 200 years but held back her biggest shift to allow us to get on board. When her “birthday” came, she could hold back no longer. She made the vibrational leap. Usually she protects and guides us through these transitions. But as a woman in the throes of labor, it’s all about her and the birth. So the Earth’s transition was all about her and her re-birth which meant her attention on us, her protection and guidance, disappeared as she changed her focus. Without that attention, many have felt lost.

But as everything happens in its right time, so did this. As the Earth pulled her constant vibrational umbrella of care away from humankind to focus on self, it was the exact time when humans had to learn to stand in our new awareness and take responsibility for EVERY vibration we’ve created. By learning to do that, we step into the new enlightenment and match the Earth without her having to consciously get us there. It as if we’ve all been learning to ride two-wheel bicycles with the Earth holding our handlebars so we can get our balance. She has suddenly let go and we’re forced to get our own balance. And we all know how.

Many are getting this easily: these are the people who are the leaders in social consciousness, the movers and shakers bringing the imbalance to the attention of the masses. This presents itself as the current burst of the push for equality on all levels (i.e., gay marriage, removing the Confederate flag over state buildings) and highlighting man’s abuse of animals. It also is seen in the children who are already in the new vibe and are changing how we all perceive the world (those with ADD/ADHD or are Indigo, Star or Crystal children).

The biggest difficulty now comes with the people who refuse to adapt. We all knew what we were getting into being born now, but it’s been harder for some than others. Many younger souls got overwhelmed and then shut down. Now they feel more and more like they don’t belong anywhere – at home, at work, with friends, in their belief systems, in their own skin. If everything around them is changing and they won’t – and it is a choice – they are left behind in an energetic way. This presents itself as stubbornness, ego-driven behavior, being out of touch with self and eventually leads to ill health and sometimes early death because their vibes are so out of sync.

We’re not expected to completely adapt to this shift today. This happens over a span of time. But the time is much less than it normally would have been in other similar circumstances. As human beings, we’ve never had such a transition from physical awareness into spiritual awareness. Thankfully, many old souls and wise men and women have chosen to be born in this lifetime to help. It is also believe there are souls from other planets who have come to help because this transition is that profound and important.

So try to be aware of the vibrational shifts within and around you. We are in the Big Push of adaptation, from 2008 to 2023. Be aware of your feelings and intuition, as those are the key indicators of growth and learning in the Aquarian Age.

And welcome to the new vibrations.

With love and gratitude…

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