On July 25, Venus, the planet of love and abundance, went retrograde until September 6. On July 26, Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and rebelliousness, also went retrograde until December 26. That means as we come into August, five out of eight retrograde-able planets are seemingly moving backwards, giving us opportunities to face things about ourselves and how we look at and interact with the world.

This keeps the theme of the Summer of Looking-Inward alive. Every retrograde period stops the active, outward influence of the planet and promotes the passive, inward lessons. Since the smaller planets closest to us impact us more consciously on a day-to-day basis (while the larger, slower planets work on our deeper, more subconscious selves), here is some information on what to expect from Venus between now and the first week in September.

The following is what Astrologer and all around brilliant teacher and scholar, Gahl Sasson, had this to say about Venus retrograde in his latest newsletter:

Venus’ Seductive Nature

Venus is one of the benevolent planets. It bestows grace, love, and brings abundance and justice into our lives. However, like the goddess in the Greco-Roman mythology, she does it with a price, which we must pay when she retrogrades, about 7-8% of the time. Call it Venus Interest Rates or love-taxes.

Venus is associated with art, design, social activities, flirtations, values, self-esteem, partnerships (business and marriage), beauty, diplomacy, law, and negotiations. All these aspects of life will experience glitches, delays and reversals. For example, if you are shy, you might suddenly become awkwardly outgoing. If you are usually thrifty, you might spend more on things you don’t need. If you are social, you might be inclined to go out less; but if you are a person who loves to stay home, watch a movie, eat in, you might have the urge to go out.

In addition, you might experience reversal of fortune, misunderstandings with your partners, clients cancelling orders, and a strong need to reassess your values, as well as the way you make money.

Since Venus also rules your talents, you might find yourself wanting to reconnect to aptitudes, skills and endowments you have shun away for a while. Go with it. Once Venus goes direct after September 6, you might actually see them flourish into something more practical.

Leo’s Sense of Drama

Since Venus, the planet of love, is retrograding in Leo, the sign of the heart and romance, you can expect many bleeding hearts. As you will see below, Venus retrograde is not an auspicious time to start a new relationship, but Venus and her chubby Cupid son, will not stop shooting arrows at our hearts. Many around will fall in and out of love and even more are in the danger of falling into extra-marital affairs as well as a series of impossible courtly loves with unavailable people.

If you do have an illicit love affair, be extra careful, as many people get caught at this time and Venus retrograde offers a fast track to divorce. Venus retro in Leo could bring lovers from your past, either past in this life or previous. Leo, the sign of the child as well as ego, might bring about a great deal of childish behaviors, as well as patterns and wounds from the past. So please, no drama, or over reaction. You also might feel abandoned, unloved, with old insecurities surfacing.

Not advised:

  • Starting a relationship, as, alas, it might end before it even begins.
  • Buying luxurious things, you might have to return them or overpay.
  • Starting business partnerships or signing partnership agreements
  • Getting engaged or married.
  • Organizing big social gathering, parties as no one might show up.
  • Medicating yourself with sugar and carbs or whatever Venus seduces you with.
  • All forms of indolence and debauchery.
  • Having plastic surgeries.
  • Making large investments.
  • Buying art.

A good time for:

  • Reexamining your values and what you believe in.
  • Selling stuff to those who don’t believe in astrology.
  • Refinancing, great for individuals, bad for banks.
  • Getting divorce, undoing partnerships.
  • Changing lawyers.
  • Changing the way you make money.
  • Reconnecting to old talents.
  • Redefining and renegotiating partnership agreements.
  • Filing for divorce.
  • Buying second-hand objects.
  • Asking forgiveness and forgiving.
  • Redesigning your office, house, and bedroom.
  • Creating budgets, financial plans.

As the bible tells us, for everything there is a season under the sun, and the next few weeks, it is the season of releasing negativity from past relationships, reexamining your talents and what you believe in, and using the creative and fun energies of Leo to prepare you for the powerful surge of love you will experience after September 6.

Dates to look out for:

  • July 31: Full Moon in Aquarius, the biblical and Kabbalistic Day of Love.
  • August 3-6 Venus conjunct Jupiter: the muses are inspiring, planting seeds of love, art, and magic in our souls.
  • August 14th: New Moon in Leo, a great time to begin a creative project. Childlike and playful day.

Hopefully, his information will help you get through this time with a lot of enlightenment and little stress. Just be aware, this being August, normal things going wrong, like a flat tire or a misunderstanding with a love, can seem overwhelming instead of just annoying. So while you’re being kind to others, also be very kind to yourselves.

With love and gratitude…

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