This month brings a completely different energy and feel to the air – not just in temperature and crispness, but in vibration preparing for the end of the Wiccan/Pagan year on Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve. It’s a time of high magic when the Veil between the worlds grows thinner and thinner as we move toward the end of the month, so we can communicate with and experience other dimensions, honor those who have passed and listen to their guidance. It’s already started in my house with the cats seeing and hearing things that “aren’t there” and intense dreams that provide release and guidance.

It also brings the Earth’s birthday which, according to Jewish scholars, is on October 23 (I feel so honored – that’s my birthday, too!) And for many there will be a big hit of unexpected positive energy that brings good fortune towards the last week of the month (this information comes to me through divination, not due to astrological influences, so the results are different for everyone).

Jury Duty

I was on Jury Duty last Monday and didn’t even get a chance to get kicked off the panel. Other potential jurors and I arrived at the jury room, filled out paperwork, sat and waited to be called into the courtroom. And waited and waited (as usual). I read a book. Everyone else was hooked up electronically in one way or another. Finally the judge came in and said the defendant settled and we could all go home. Kind of a lot of nothing. But the book was good and I was impressed with the Texas way of handling this process of the judicial system. And I felt good having done my American duty, in a very small way.


When I last wrote about the “Testing of our Aquarian Age Growth”, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was a blip on the radar compared to where it is now. It’s still an ultimate test of Aquarian Age awareness overcoming Piscean Age stuckness. It represents a transformative tipping point. The leftover Piscean Age male dominant, self-righteous entitlement is head-to-head with our required growth into equality and humanity.

It is impossible to not have a feeling for the outcome. And it is clear those wanting Kavanaugh’s confirmation pushed through, despite whatever the FBI investigation may reveal, are holding onto fear of change within themselves. Both sides can feel righteous as what is represented in the macrocosm of government is really the microcosm of the individual. The Aquarian Age path is obvious. It will be interesting to see how far we’ve come this year, especially after the Senate votes on Kavanaugh, if it even comes to that.

The upcoming Venus retrograde has a lot more to do with Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the midterm elections than we might think. Read on…



(Please forgive previous mention of this starting on October 6 – I picked that up from an alternate source than my usual Celestial Guide from Jim Maynard. October 5 is the correct day.)

All retrograde energy causes us to be introspective so we can hear our inner voices, recognize our gut instincts and our connection with Higher Source. Each retrograde lesson is determined not just by the specific aspects of the retrograding planet, but by the greater influence of other planets and constellations, the vibration of the Earth and where we are in the evolution of humanity. Therefore, some retrogrades are more influential than others.

While this is all “higher-purpose” good, the difficulty comes when retrograde lessons interrupt our demanding fast-paced, forward-motion daily rhythms. Our society is not geared to slowing down and contemplating. But sometimes, we have no choice. The Summer of Retrogrades was a perfect example – look at the havoc, disruption and stress that caused. Now, we come to Venus retrograde with the last Mercury retrograde of the year hitting the day Venus goes direct, essentially elongating the Venus lessons until December 6.

Normally, a Venus retrograde brings a reassessing of our values, relationships and finances, and sometimes jealousy, revenge, possessiveness and infidelity. It usually tells us to avoid starting love relationships or getting married and to avoid fighting with loved ones or making “final” decisions about relationships. While that will be in play, there is so much more going on during these next forty days and nights, it’s above and beyond anything “standard” Venus retrograde can bring.

Women are, by nature, more introspective than men. It’s not only that we’ve had to be so during the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age for the consciousness of man to develop, woman have traditionally been the receiving energy while men have been the giving energy (“giving” not meaning “generous” but “forceful”.) But with the advent of the Aquarian Age where all things are equal, where the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balancing out, men are having to develop their receptive side while women develop their forceful side.

This Venus retrograde is about women looking inward in a typical introspective way that women and retrogrades do. It’s about finding that balance within before we express it out in the world in a way that is life-altering and Age-defining, for all humankind. The lessons are not limited to women, as the Mars retrograde lessons this summer were not limited to men, but about the feminine in all of us and the roles we have had to play which are in the midst of profound change.

This is going to be very exciting. It is awakening work that women have been anticipating for a long time. While the Summer of Retrogrades was to give our male energy an awakening about the New Role of Men, this Venus retrograde will be about recognizing and standing in the New Role of Women – not a more important role than men, but an equally important role for all as human beings.

When the pendulum swings, it usually goes to the same extreme on one side as it was on the other before it settles into balance in the middle. With the male energy having been in power so long and now strongly holding on to their Piscean Age righteousness in fear of losing who they’ve been and who they are, we’d expect that female power to take over now, for Goddess to supplant God, for men to become the lesser of the genders.

But the Aquarian Age is about balance and equality. So while women will come to stand in their own power sooner and stronger than anyone thinks, men will learn a different meaning of what power is. Most of humanity is ready for this while those who are sticking with mankind are fearfully and loudly trying to convince the uncertain to hold onto the past. That doesn’t matter. The energy has shifted. We’re all adjusting, whether or not we like it. Male dominance is not an Aquarian Age vibe so a quick swing into female dominance will balance things out before equality becomes normal.

While we are all adjusting to what the New Role of Women is during this Venus retrograde, I suggest an exercise to help clarify – for both men and women – because we are all involved in how this retrograde (and the Summer of Retrogrades) has changed/is changing how we see ourselves in this New Age.

Make a list of forty things about who you are in your female/male perfection. Forty is not only the number of days and nights of the Venus retrograde but a sacred number of accomplishing change in all cultures throughout human development. This will be your personal power-within template.

Write it in first person, present tense, without negatives. See yourself in your own strength and personal power in the various roles of your career, love, friendship, family and how you see yourself. This isn’t about being in your power at someone else’s expense. It is about the power of who you are within. Avoid being limited by what has seemed impossible before. We are in a brave New Age. Everything is possible.


I am strong and clear in who I am as a woman, without apology.

My love for my husband is an expression of my unconditional love for all.

I exude confidence in my decision-making abilities.

My intuition provides valuable help and information in all I do.

I am generous without being used.

My female sensibilities offer clarity and balance to my male counterparts.

I am a teacher of seeing the love in all life.

I am a physical expression of the Mother Goddess.

I am a warrior of self-awareness and equality.

I know I am already perfect and I call that knowledge into conscious expression.

When you have the forty things, write them neatly and with reverence on green paper (green is the color of Venus). On Friday, October 5 (Fridays being Venus Day, October 5 being the day Venus retrograde starts), read the list to yourself, preferably aloud, before you go to sleep. Then read it the next morning before you get out of bed. Continue reading it each consecutive morning and evening until Venus goes direct on November 16. You will notice the difference in yourself, in how other see you, and in how you influence the world well before you finish the forty days and nights.

The entirety of 2018 is the most powerful and influential year human beings have encountered in terms of spiritual change and awakening, first within self then in expressing that in the physical world. It is not a coincidence that the lessons of this year culminate in our midterm elections, which are the beginning of closing up the Great Negative Lesson Trump has provided. He’s had his time. He stirred the pot, which was his purpose. He has awakened positivity with his negativity. Now let’s keep the ball rolling with self-awareness and awakening and VOTING!!!!!!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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