Uranus Square Pluto Aspect 6/21/2012

Uranus Square Pluto Aspect

The first significant astrological milestone of the 21st century has arrived.  It’s the Uranus square Pluto aspect that peaks on June 24th and will hit us again on September 18th, and then again in 2013, 2014 and 2015, bringing with it a whole lot of change.  Here are some excerpts from what Annie Bones has to say about it in her Celestial Forecaster (one of my bibles):

 “Uranus square Pluto is not the sort of thing that occurs all at once.  It steps into our lives like the vibration of a Giant’s approaching footsteps.  It is ominous, dangerous, frenzied, and explosive, but it’s not the end of the world. 

 “It comes in the form of revolution (Uranus) in its struggles to mount the obstacles and to overcome the conflicts (the square position) of transformation and evolution (Pluto).  Where corruption, oppression and tyranny exist, a new revolutionary process begins to explode with unprecedented surprise.  This is where civil unrest takes a stand with established systems of power and precedence.  Uranus and Pluto affect monumental historical change, the square aspect empowers the complexity and labor intensiveness of these changes.

“One of the keys to understanding the true significance is to recognize the sharp rise in overall consciousness.  We adapt to new information so quickly in this high speed internet reality of ours that we are not aware of how truly adaptable we are in the power of shifting consciousness.  During a lot of our history people did not have the acumen for comprehending change at the rate we have currently achieved. 

“As for the troubled aspects of global societies, while we continue to be amazed at the corrupt, close minded, prejudice and hateful bigotry of old world thinking, a new level of consciousness is rising up to bring hope. Uranus in Aries brings an enterprising stream of awareness that is teaching us how to move through the chaos with unprecedented streams of consciousness.  Pluto in Capricorn gives us the wherewithal to do the impossible in the face of mass destruction. 

“Our powers of makeshift adaptability will be the backbone of enduring these times with a sense of purpose, influence and ingenuity.  What many people will discover is that they are not powerless, controllable or predictable.  The biggest way we can influence these times is through our way of thinking and acting.  We don’t have to accept a lack of harmony.  Things may seem to be getting worse on some levels but this is just part of what needs to occur in order for us to purge our weaknesses, grow and overcome the illusion of vulnerability.

“Uranus square Pluto guarantees the most radical kind of transformation for all.  This is the time to pay attention to the signs.”

I hope to give you warnings of the signs as they come along.  One of the first things I think you’ll notice, which I’m sure is not new, is how crazy and difficult a lot of people have become.  This aspect is only going to push that to the forefront and up the ante so try to keep calm (easy to say, very hard to do).

More on all this as we go along.

With love and gratitude…

“Addendum to last week’s Uranus square Pluto info:  If you’d like to keep up with current astrological events and don’t have Annie Bones’ Celestial Forecaster or another source, check out www.darkstarastrology.com.  It can be a little technical if you’re a novice, but it’s an excellent online source for what’s trending in the stars.”

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