Over the last seven years, the challenges of our Age to Age evolution have been getting stronger and more demanding each year, leading up to 2020 which brings us to either graduation or failure. As we’ve dealt with those challenges (or not), there’s been a trend to anticipate the end of the year holidays as a time that will make us feel better, usually based on experiences we had when we were young. Except we recently have been looking forward to the holidays with desperation and anger to give us relief after a difficult year. Basically, we just want things to be easier when they’re not and feel we deserve a reward even though we’re still in challenge mode. The shifting energy doesn’t care about man-made holidays—there’s bigger work being done.

Still, planning for the holiday season has become bigger, starting earlier and usually ending up being disappointing because nothing could live up to expectation of a happiness that can’t be repeated or forced. This need for the holidays makes itself known most obviously in the timing of ads for the Christmas buying spree (something else that’s supposed to make us feel good: spending money and receiving gifts) which has come earlier and earlier every year. Last year, it started near the end of September. This year, I saw my first ad for Christmas paraphernalia (matching Mr. and Mrs. Claus mugs) on September 1. Three full weeks before last year!

This tells me that in the midst of all the challenges and changes this year brings to us, many are still waiting to be bailed out of facing our own truth by anticipating rewards and happiness because of a traditional holiday. I’m sorry to be the bearer of 2020 news, but the upcoming holiday season is going to be more challenging than we’ve ever faced, partly because we are going to be stopped from participating in ways we have become used to.

With the next wave of the pandemic on it’s way to coincide with cold and flu season, this Covid Express will be more like a bullet train rather than a locomotive, all the way through til May, 2021. Being around family and friends, especially if travel is involved, will not be safe. There will be chaos in the wake of the election no matter who wins and we will need to have that promised release more than ever. But it won’t be possible the way we want it. We’ll be stopped from celebrating Thanksgiving in the usual way, and that will extend to the December holidays and New Year’s Eve/Day.

I don’t think the majority of us are consciously thinking about this yet—we’re still very concentrated on what’s happening now, as is appropriate. Or we’re planning as if the pandemic isn’t a consideration in December because it wasn’t before. But it’s here now. So please act as if 2020 is real and actually happening.

And remember that this is one year in our lives. One year when we can’t do what we want or are used to. There’s a reason for that. Look at what’s going on in the world and that reason is very clear. Accept and adapt.

Is one holiday season where we have to look at things and behave differently that big of a deal? It is if we need it to be. Think where that need is coming from and address it. Avoid putting that need out there as a salve to anticipate relief and reward. We’re getting both, just not when we want it. Meanwhile, we all still have work to do.


Survivor’s guilt is an emotional and spiritual response that happens when someone believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others have not. As 2020 is one long traumatic event, those who are able to cope with the pandemic-caused chaos, and the energetic/vibrational/cellular shifts happening under our conscious awareness, are frequently feeling they should be having a harder time because so many others are. And they’re turning it on themselves as guilt.

Many introverts I’ve spoken to are enjoying the forced down-time. Many who are already in the Aquarian Age vibration and mentality, are relieved that change is finally coming that will make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Many who are tired of the Piscean Age mindset are seeing the shake up we’re experiencing as a necessary evil, like running through fire to get to safety on the other side. And many of those people feel guilty that they are handing this energy better than a lot of the people they know.

If we’re able to trust we’re on the right path, and that all the difficulties we’re facing are necessary to bring about a higher good, it’s easy to understand that survivor’s guilt is something else we need to acknowledge and release. We can be pleased with our lives as they are right now and with how we’re dealing with things without losing compassion for those who are not dealing with things well.

Everything is karmic this year, from facing our personal issues to dealing with what we as a species have done to other people and our planet. That’s neither good nor bad. It just is. No one can help another with their personal karma, so why take responsibility for it? It’s okay to be happy now. It’s okay to cope and enjoy the process of change, even if it can also be scary.

Give yourself a break.

Give everyone else a break.

Let it be.


If you read or encounter anything that causes a fear reaction in you, know that it is one of two things:

  • Someone is trying to unconsciously (i.e., not intentionally) infect you with their fear because it makes them feel they’re not alone,
  • Or someone is trying to infect you with fear on purpose to wreck havoc for a personal reason, i.e. the rumor that there will be riots in the streets if Trump doesn’t win, or an Aquarian Age candidate you want to win is already losing if you don’t contribute to their campaign now!.

There are so many examples all around us because fear has been used as a control mechanism for the last 2,000 years and is not just lingering in 2020 but coming to a head. And we’re used to it in the Frog in Boiling Water kind of way—it sneaks up on us.

Fear is an underlying energy as palpable as the earth beneath our feet. It’s easy to feel it, even if we’re picking up other people’s fear more than our own. It’s not easy to recognize it because we’ve been living with it as a mainstay of our society and religions for so long.

Try to be conscious of the fear mongering that is going on in front of you—that which is intentional and that which isn’t—and take yourself out of the equation. Fear isn’t an Aquarian Age vibe, so let it go. I know, easy to say, not easy to do. But give it a try.


Revelations 13:5—“The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.”

I don’t usually reference the Bible, but in conversation with a deeply spiritual friend and client who studies Kabbalah, she pointed out that passage, particularly the part about “forty-two months”. This is where we are right now if we assume the “beast” is Trump who has been allowed to exercise his authority since his inauguration. That means his reign is now over.

Obviously, there is more to Chapter Thirteen in the Book of Revelations, but I thought I’d throw this out there to think about. It might give us hope that there are, indeed, bigger forces at work beyond fools running around pretending to be human beings trying to put their fear on everyone around them.

Stay strong. We’re not out of the woods, but we’re getting close.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!


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