Welcome to June in the year of our Great Transformation. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse with the government falling apart and the pandemic “destroying our health and our economy” (which is a one-dimensional way of looking at it), we get yet another brutal murder of a black man by white police. Since this is not even close to the first time this has happened, with little ever coming of it to change the corruption involved, why should we expect this time that George Lloyd’s karmic sacrifice will make a difference?

Because we are in the year of our Great Transformation, and very specifically in a month where Truth Revealed is the theme song. What better reveal can there be than the Aquarian Age digital records of the undisputed truth of the event? What could not happen before, even though we were always given the choice to make it happen consciously, is now not just possible but essential. This is the year that breaks the Piscean Age’s back, but that does not happen easily or kindly. The biggest change humankind has ever experienced is right on top of us, which means events to help us get there are equally big. Even though it definitely does not feel there is higher purpose in these events, there is a higher purpose in these events.

Here is Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson’s take on what’s going on now and why. He mentions the previous posts he’s written, which can be found at his website www.cosmicnavigator.com under “Blog” in the drop down menu. As I always feel we can handle things better if we know what’s going on, I am helped by his words and wisdom that give a “bigger picture” perspective. Hopefully, this post will help us all in staying the course for our human evolution. It’s happening to us anyway, so we might as well participate.

Gahl writes:

Last week we talked about the volatility of the week and challenges in communication, aggression, and unrest and indeed, Trump (Gemini) decided to pull out of WHO, and was essentially called a liar by the social media platform that helped him become a president. Xi Jinping (Gemini) imposed sweeping anti-sedition legislation stripping Hong Kong’s super powers. And of course, George Floyd’s killing which started a series of demonstrations and unrest around the US bringing the “Us versus Them” of Gemini.

In the last few emails I mentioned in that Venus retrograde in Gemini (until June 25) can be very challenging and can “make” us say or do things we will later regret. It was very evident with Trump’s unfortunate tweets, and his decision to pull out of the WHO, an act which will be recanted since it was done during…Venus Retrograde. Gemini has always been associated with black and white, yes and no, yin yang. According to Kabbalah, Gemini’s Hebrew letter is Zayin, which shape and name mean sword, an instrument that cuts, like reason, between oppositions in order to later create a bridge. That is the paradox of Gemini, it uses the mind to categorize objects, (women have breasts and men has a penis) thus separating them, so that later they can be reunited (Gemini Tarot card is called The Lovers and depicts the marriage of Adam and Eve).

This is what is happening now as the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and the North Node are all in Gemini. We are seeing the black/white played out in the US, open/close economies around the world, freedom/tyranny in Hong Kong, life/death in Brazil, war/peace and the annexation of the Jordan Valley in Israel, etc. I am sure if you stop for a second and think about your own personal life you will find your Gemini moment. There is a sense we are becoming more extreme, pulled further apart by the sword of miscommunication. When Venus is retrograde, she forces us to look deep into our values and reexamine them. If you are a serial liar, then the truth comes to haunt you. If you are a racist, events unfold to expose you. If you are a looter and a thief, then karma bites you. The social pimples and zits grown to monstrous proportion are popping up.

In a recent newsletter discussing Saturn (action/reaction and hard lessons) transit in Aquarius (humanity, groups, government) I mentioned that last time it happened was 1991-1993, the infamous riots in LA took place. Now Saturn is back in Aquarius and today I read:

The Pentagon on Friday reportedly took the rare step of ordering the Army to prepare several active-duty U.S. military police units to deploy to Minneapolis as widespread protests following the police killing of George Floyd continue to rattle the city…Act of 1807, which was last used in 1992 during the riots in Los Angeles following the Rodney King trial.”

Unfortunately, things will get a bit worse before they calm down since we are entering the eclipse season with a Lunar eclipse June 5, Solar eclipse and Solstice on June 21, and right on the US Independence Day, a Lunar eclipse July 4. The last series of eclipses (Dec 26 – Jan 10) gave us the awareness of a biological virus. Now we are confronting social viruses, spreading rapidly by the Venus Retro and eclipses.

June 5 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
The eclipses in the next year and a half (excluding June 21 and July 4) are moving into Gemini and Sagittarius. You can go back to end of 2001 and 2002 as well as 1983 and 1984 to reflect on how the eclipses in the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius worked with you. Especially focus on relationships with relatives, siblings, neighbors. Your communication, contracts, business, sales, learning, traveling, publishing, teaching. Also, examine your relationship with truth and how you communicate your authenticity.

Eclipses are known for quickening whatever is happening in our lives. The transit of the North Node, the Dragon, into Gemini will bring to our attention the duality between truth and lies. Real and fake. Authentic and spurious. With the “leader” of the free world being a Gemini with Sagittarius moon, born under a similar eclipse we are experiencing on June 5, it is not surprising that after years of tweeting false statements (conspiracy theories, birther movement, etc), Twitter decided that it has gone too far and added a warning encouraging people to search for the truth. Again, Twitter, social media, based on binary language of 0 and 1, like a true Gemini, open and close circuit, is asking Trump’s followers to check the facts. It was Mark Twain who said that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoe. Today he would say that a tweet full of lies will get millions of engagements while the truth is still being typed. But the eclipses quicken everything, giving a big push for the truth to travel faster.

Since June 5 is a full moon, it is recommended to use the position of the moon right opposite to the sun in order to bring things into completion or an end. I can only hope that the demonstrations will turn less violent and more peaceful, allowing new bridges of communication to be built between the police and citizens, republican and democrat, and all other dualities and oppositions we are experiencing inside and out. I fear the unrest will continue into next weekend and might get worse due to the lunar eclipse if leaders will not address the situation with compassion and avoid threatening to send vicious dogs at the demonstrators. At the same time, I hope that leaders behind the communities that have been suffering for so long will be able to organize peaceful marches, the type that Dr. Martin Luther King would approve. It was under Saturn in Aquarius that he delivered his inspiring speech “I have a Dream.” We need that kind of magic now to extinguish the flames of hate and bring an era of love and understanding.

I wish you a happy week and a beautiful eclipse. In a perfect world, an eclipse in Gemini and Sagittarius could bring healing information and wisdom from a foreign land, and an encounter with a teacher or a mentor, maybe an inspirational book with a gripping adventure story. A great conversion and a healing with a relative. An idea for a new business. Perchance a bridge built to an unknown land, an original thought, a life changing philosophy. Who knows? Maybe we are living in a perfect world but just cannot see it…yet.

In the Genesis story of creation, every step of the way, day in day out, God says “it was good.” So, at least we know the founder and creator of the cosmos thought it was a perfect world. Maybe it is up to us to make it so…

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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