Understanding Death in the New Age

Understanding Death in the New Age

As we know, this Piscean/Aquarian shift of energy and concepts has been and continues to be difficult. We’re emerging from one 2,000-year long lesson and belief system into a completely different one. It’s Power Over becoming Power Within.

This is the first time in human history there hasn’t been a world war, natural disaster, epidemic/pandemic or martyrdom that has forced or marked the change. There is no physical event (so far) that will make it easy in the future to look back and say “this is when we began a new age.”

The change and challenge is all on the inside. Human spiritual graduation. And that’s the point – to learn and change without a physical sledgehammer but a spiritual one.

Sometimes, unfortunately, as we shift basic belief systems deep within, we can become very stuck in old ways simply because we don’t like to be told what to do, even if it’s coming from a higher power.

Others of us, mostly younger souls who don’t have the experience, can’t change because the previous ”power over” lesson has been so singular and ingrained, it’s the only thing we know. Having to make any change brings incredible fear.

That brings me to what I want to talk about – our current concept of fear. That concept of fear colors how we look at everything, especially death. Fear of death – so innate in our subconscious for 2,000 years – affects our everyday lives in ways we don’t even consider. This is especially true for our many elders who have forgotten how to let go.

Fear and stubbornness for the sake of being stubborn are two of the main reasons death is so hard for many to face without fear or with any grace or comfort. And why, I believe, many older individuals are experiencing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Many of our elders are still hanging on when their Karma and Nature says they’ve outstayed their agreed length of life (what they agreed to in the pre-planning stage on the other side before coming into this life).

It’s not just modern medicine that keeps us alive. A lot of this problem has to do with how far we’ve gotten away from the natural flow and understanding of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Long ago, before the beginning of the Piscean Age and well into the first few hundred years of it, death was considered a part of life without fear attached. Birth, life, death, rebirth. A complete cycle. Reincarnation wasn’t “believed” in, it just wasIndigenous people in our time who have had little or no contact with modern western concepts still have this awareness. Most “civilized” people have forgotten it.

When the spiritual organization of the Piscean Age came, forming new beliefs into religions, one of the ways the original teachers of the religions were able to force that transformation on the general public was through fear. It didn’t start off as that. No religion currently practiced today began based on fear. But as religions grew through the common enlightenment brought on by the Age of Power-Over, fear became a tool.

Some ego-driven people became convinced that their understanding of this new spirituality was divinely inspired and they coerced others to believe the same, “for their own good”. They controlled through fear, mainly fear of what would happen after death. They forced others to live a certain way in order to avoid the horrors of their concept of eternal damnation. And we started to become removed from the natural flow.

An easy example is the Catholic faith with their Piscean Age concepts of Hell, Purgatory and Limbo. All are threats of punishment in death if we don’t live our lives according to what had been organized by early leaders as their right way of finding God. It’s so accepted, it isn’t even questioned.

Being religious doesn’t necessarily mean being spiritual. The main difference between spirituality and the religions that have grown over the last 2,000 years is that religion is based on another’s revelation. That came to mean that someone else, designated by God (and their chosen), connects with God for us because we’re not worthy or capable. Spirituality is the direct connection with God or Creator or Nature. The more someone else connected with God for us, the more removed we became from our own spiritual center. And the more removed we got from the natural cycle of life.

The current fear and stubbornness we’re experiencing isn’t just from religious teachings. These emotions were rampant during The Great Depression (1929-1939) when people learned to survive at all costs. After the “high” following our success in World War I and the leaps forward in the early 1920’s, The Great Depression was not only devastating because of the financial hardship, but because it was so completely unexpected. After people lost everything, with no government organizations in place to help them, they were still reeling from the fact the loss had happened at all.

That trauma affected people so deeply, it influenced how they taught their children – survive at all costs – without realizing the intensity of the lesson.

Most of our elders alive now were influenced by this survival lesson. Even if they were babies or young children at the time, they absorbed the fear from those around them and have held onto the lesson without knowing why. Without a spiritual basis to understand the natural flow of the life-death-life cycle, they know only to survive at all costs, making death, again, something to be feared.

While the natural rhythm of life lets us all know when it’s our time, most of us have no idea how to listen to the rhythm and so we ignore it. In this unnatural cycle, when faced with death, our inner core wants to let go but our conscious selves can’t do it. That puts us at odds with ourselves without being aware why we feel so off, so uncomfortable in our own skin or so completely lost.

As we get closer to death and feel a transformation coming but can’t feel the rhythm of it, the soul leaves the body on temporary journeys when it can to reconnect with spirit. It starts when we sleep, then moves gradually into the waking state. We “check out”, disconnected from our own gut instincts to let go, and we hold on no matter what. Alzheimer’s and dementia are a stop-gap way of dealing with that. And the families of our elders who are experiencing this disconnect are living in their own fear of death yet constantly face the death of loved ones, so everyone suffers.

Some elders, with or without Alzheimer’s or dementia, choose to opt out and live in their own fantasy worlds without concern for how much that puts a burden on others. That’s not just selfishness. The older generations were taught to honor and care for their elders. But that expected caring didn’t take into account our current dilemma of people lingering longer than their time. It was never intended for family members to spend years or decades in care-giving (unless that was the Karmic agreement). But if elders are too afraid to let go, what else can be done?

Then there’s anger. Sometimes it’s as simple as being angry at having lost the knowledge of how to let go, which, of course, isn’t on a conscious level. Or anger about a life-long lack of success and the overpowering feeling of self-judgment.

If it is believed we only have one life and that life doesn’t go as hoped, that’s a hard burden to carry. The only opportunity we’ve been given (this life) is blown because of circumstances, choices or other people’s influence or interference. How can we not be angry, especially when losing power due to age? So we strike out. Not realizing the anger is based on fear of failure, we stand in “should” and “shouldn’t”. We take our anger out on others to pay back what we perceive has been done to us.

A lot of family members who already have a good handle on the Aquarian concepts that naturally come with the starting of a new Age, have a hard time with their elders who are so stuck. As we return to the understanding of the natural life-death-life flow on an innate level, we don’t understand how our elders can be so clueless. Patience gets strained. The elders want someone to take care of them as they were taught to do for their parents, but the more modern generation doesn’t see it the same way. They feel put-upon. More disconnect.

I believe we all come back, we all experience multiple lives and our overall journey isn’t contained in just one life. How could we possibly learn – in just one life – everything we need to know to become perfect human beings? Think about it.

Hopefully, facing the truth of the Piscean fear of death releases a fist in our gut we never knew was there and gives us back a basic peace and freedom we haven’t understood for a long, long time. And perhaps this awareness helps us all have more patience for those who are so lost.

With love and gratitude…

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