As I have been down with a stomach bug most of the last week, writing has not been my highest priority, so this will be short.

Our world is based on duality: man/woman, day/night, Sun/Moon. It’s how we on this planet, in this time, learn. Time, space and duality are our classroom to give us markers of comparison when we’ve accomplished something. We learn by having opposition and mirrors: with others, with the world and within ourselves.

That duality shows us better than anything else who we are and how to achieve our better selves, even if we don’t like the lesson.

In our reality, two beings (human or most of our natural world) get together to make one (a baby of any species). That’s the microcosm to the macrocosm of the Aquarian Age. As we move further into this higher vibration, our duality is coming into oneness, our separateness into harmony.

We can see that in the current uncovering of all that keeps us separate: beliefs, color of skin, sexual orientation, economic difference, country of origin. With that uncovering, we are bringing to light the fear in ego, fear of losing the self we have accomplished, that has bogged us down over the last two hundred-ish years (the Industrial Age started the growth spurt heading toward the Aquarian Age where we flourished in new ideas while, for many, our soul-growth buckled-down to not change within as much as we were changing without).

When we get to the end of a two-thousand-year Age, our growth spurts rev up in anticipation of change and yet the fear grows also. So while parts of our advancement as a species blossomed, our self-awareness wasn’t necessarily on the same speed setting. With the shift in energy, concept, purpose and lesson in 2012 going from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, the demand to step into personal and global oneness has accelerated.

We can see this in the chaos on the news and face it in our personal lives everyday. The Aquarian Age brings us into a spiritual oneness. That doesn’t mean we will all have the same religion. It means we will all understand and embrace, by the end of its two-thousand-year span, that we are all the same. We are all one.

Chaos is just order from a higher perspective. So know that there is order and purpose to all the challenges we’re experiencing now as the vibration shifts under our feet and in our hearts and minds. We are moving from being separate into being one, which is what brings us closer to Creator. Everyone and everything alive today is not only here to just work on self but to be the forerunners for where we are headed as “human beings” rather than the separateness of being “man” or “woman”.

A quick thought to leave you with while heading into the last week of Mercury retrograde, of getting taxes done (if they haven’t been done already) and of the New Moon coming on April 15. That Sunday brings everything we’ve been experiencing in the last several weeks to a head. Since Mercury retrograded, it’s seemed like a lot has been compressed into a short period of time and the energy has affected people in new and different, not necessarily pleasant, ways.

Look for Thursday to Sunday to feel more like a month rather than four days. The end of a retrograde always seems to rev up the challenge. And we always lose who we are in the time of the Dark of the Moon before it breaks new. As Mercury retrograde makes us look inward and the Dark of the Moon shows us our shadow selves, this means we’re doubling down on seeing our true selves and everything that keeps us from living in that truth.

So gives ourselves a break this week. Go with the flow. Look at what we don’t want to see about ourselves with the kindness, compassion, and understanding we would like others to give us. We don’t have to change our world overnight. Just take note of what we notice. Then after the energy has cleared, journal about it, meditate on it, or even just think about it consciously instead of letting it slip into the background to come up again when we don’t want to face it.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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