Just a quickie here to let you know how this week is unfolding – energy-wise. Three celestial events are going to be making us feel discombobulated, irritated and annoyed this week – and here’s why:

Last week on Wednesday/Thursday, October 2/3 (depending on where you were in the country), Pluto, the planet of generational changes, went direct after being retrograde for five months. During those five months, we were facing a lot of our own negativity. We had to reassess what old, deep, subconscious lessons and experiences no longer worked for us and bring them into the light to release them. It was a difficult but cathartic time. (Catharsis seems to be the theme for this year with all the other planetary events focusing us on the same thing.)

With that energy released from us, we felt like a two ton weight was lifted without knowing it was there. As with every retrograde coming direct, there is a time of adjustment during which we feel stupid, giddy, and discombobulated.

So there’s that.

On Tuesday, October 10, Venus moves into Scorpio until November 1. That means the planet of love, relationships and justice is in for transformation. Again, what no longer works for us is being brought into the light to release – this time about love, relationships and justice. Watch being testy in all relationships, speaking without the words being approved by your brain first and feeling how unfair things are, on a personal and global level.

It’s another catharsis which is happening on a deep level so we may not be aware why we are impatient with those we love or how unfair life is to us. But we’ll feel it all the same, even without being consciously aware of the “why”. As this week is Venus in Scorpio’s beginning, we’ll feel the punch of the change strongly. Then we get used it to more after the weekend after the Full Moon.

As the last Full Moon was so powerful, expect this one, coming on Sunday, October 13, to be as powerful. We’re already feeling it and it’s almost a week away. This pushy, self-assessment energy grows as we go through the week, again, making us feel annoyed and irritated. And when we feel annoyed and irritated for no obvious, concrete reason, we automatically assign the feeling to something or someone that makes sense. Then we take it out on the situation or the people in front of us instead of looking inward.

While all this seems negative because of our day-to-day experiences, it is a powerful release time. What is annoying and irritating us is a mirror for us to see what we’re unconsciously holding onto that we no longer need in our lives.

So step back from people and situations that make us irritable and stand in generosity knowing that everyone is having a hard time. Stay strong, be gentle to self and ride the energy instead of being overwhelmed by it. At the risk of sounding like a parent, it’s for our own good.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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