It’s a big weekend of release and restart. We are free of all summer challenges on Sunday, September 9 when the Hungry Ghosts Month comes to an end. The spectres return to hell and stop plaguing us with revenge and retaliation (i.e., our own karma). That’s the last push of having to look inside and figure out how we fit with the new vibration. Moving forward, we will be refining all the lessons we learned in the past several months, with many of the “automatic upgrades” sliding into our consciousness for activation.

Sunday also brings a lovely New Moon in Virgo to start the fall off in a new, easier light (although summer isn’t officially over until September 22 and the Autumnal Equinox). On Monday, September 10, we start Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year, which gives us another new beginning.

As we are moving into new energy, be aware that it will, indeed, be new. If we think things can “go back to normal” now we’re done with summer’s challenges, think again. New doesn’t move backwards, it moves us forward. New vibe, new you. All the retrogrades that forced us to look inward also took us back to previous situations, relationships and events that either we didn’t see clearly before or chose to avoid, giving us an opportunity to experience them again and make difference choices.

Take what we’ve learned during the difficulties of the past months and put it into practice for self, even if what we learned was that we didn’t like what was going on. Look at why we didn’t like it. That might seem obvious, but our disliking something has a lot more to do with how inconvenient it makes things in our life, or how unfair a situation or other individual creates difficulty for us, not necessarily that it was bad if seen from another perspective. Every event and challenge teaches us something. By continuing to look at self and consciously realize why we reacted the way we did and adjust ourselves without trying to adjust “them” (which we can’t), we lift into that higher vibe and move forward with a lot more ease and understanding.

We are still, very clearly, in the “Let Go, Let God” (or Goddess or Creator) year. Now is an excellent time to practice that while we adjust to life without the challenges of summer. The more we take it easy now, the easier life becomes. Try to look at the stress we experience normally as abnormal and find a way to let it go within self. Again, that has more to do with how we look at the stress rather than the stress itself.

Saturday can be a bit dicey as it’s the Dark of the Moon where emotions can be uncontained and run high, so be careful communicating from the gut. There are times when, even though the gut-reaction is always right, we can misread what it’s telling us because we want our way.

Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson has more to say on the weekend. I always love and appreciate his wisdom, so here it is…from his latest post:

In this coming weekend, September 8, 9, and 10, we officially begin a new benevolent wave of energy that can help offset the aftermath of the last two months, which I call the “Summer of Discontent.”

The new moon always represents a new beginning, it is a reset button that allows us to open a new page and start anew. Traditionally, it is recommended to start something new the day after the new moon, when you can start seeing the moon’s light growing. That is why you can start a new project or begin something new in your life on September 10th rather than the 9th.

Since the new moon takes place under Virgo, this weekend is a very auspicious time to start a new:

  • Diet – Virgo is the sign of purge and purification.
  • Routine – Virgo is associated with schedules and routines.
  • Work – Virgo is the sign of work and employees. It is a good time to hire someone, find help for your projects. Next week you can start something new in your work, maybe a new project, or perhaps initiate a change in your work space or work flow.
  • Service – Virgo is the super nanny or super manny. It is a great time to begin serving others.
  • Health – You know what you need to do for your health. Whatever it is: quit drinking or smoking, exercise more, start yoga, detox etc, all these things you can start next week.
  • Pets – Virgo is the sign of health and therefore the sign of pets. It has long been proven that pets improve our health. It is the Year of the Dog, so it is not too late to adopt a puppy.

This weekend is also Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. According to Kabbalah and the Talmud, on Rosh Hashanah, Adam and Eve were created. This weekend is a great day to balance your masculine and feminine sides. Take a good look in your life. Are you just as active as receptive? Do you balance work and rest, hunting with gathering, career with home, profession with personal? Do you balance pragmatism and spirituality? Do you give your artistic side enough attention? Do you exercise enough? These could be good questions to ask this weekend so you can balance your inner Adam and Eve. Since the primordial couple are also associated with the Garden of Eden, it is a great time to spend in nature.

Who are Adam and Eve? In the Tarot card for Gemini, the “Lovers,” you can see Adam and Eve. They are twins (Gemini) since they were born at the same time to the same parents but they were also lovers. They are the same (twins share identical genes) but opposite (opposite gender). Adam in Hebrew means earth and Eve, in Hebrew, Hava, means farm or mother of living. We have earth (potential) and the farm (manifestation). Nature and domestication.

Adam and Eve represent the need to balance Mother-Nature and Civilization. They are twins and lovers. Mother Nature evolves through us. Civilization is not a cancer, it is the will of nature, but like in any relationship, it needs to be balanced. This weekend is time we need to look into our lives and see how we treat nature/civilization balance in our lives. It is an eco-conscious new moon.

To celebrate Adam and Eve’s birthday, take your partner on a special date. If you don’t have a partner, plant a seed for a loving relationship.

In addition, September 13-15, we have a cluster of heavenly bodies in Scorpio: Venus, Moon and Jupiter. This affords us an opportunity for a major transformation. It is a perfect time to shed as well as connect to our passion and sexuality. These days are great for a therapy session, a transformative yoga class, a deep meditation, as well as making love.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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