So, last week was a lot of fun!

Transformation, up-grading, birth is never easy and last week proved that. There was an intensity of energy leading up to the Vernal Equinox and Super Full Moon, then a different intensity of energy on the day of, and a different intensity of energy coming out of it. Even though Wednesday was the day last week of releasing and rebirthing, there was also a mega-release on Friday. Events, relationships, growth, lack-of-grown, up to and including many deaths that had been building up for years, were finally completed.

Astrologically, the weekend was supposed to be more gentle coming out of the previous week’s struggle, but then we had a continuation of solar activity that bombarded us with electromagnetic waves to make us crazy. Just when we needed to rest and recoup, we couldn’t sleep or think or speak well or drive.

This week is easier, quieter, with fewer bursts of life-altering lesson-energy, just the tail end of the first Mercury retrograde of 2019. As MercRetro always takes us back to look/experience things from the past, and last year’s awakening is the focus, coming out of it on Thursday, March 28 in the morning will end leftover 2018 energy and turn us in a new direction. The lessons learned or not learned will continue, as they always do, but the “running head first into a brick wall” feel is over. Now we look ahead. But not til after next weekend.

Usually, just when we think things should let up as we get to the end of an astrological event, we get the opposite – whatever it was supposed to teach us lingers and gets stronger up to the very, very end. MercRetro is no exception. Expect this week to feel dull in an uncomfortable way. Expect weird dreams that leave us unsettled throughout the day, even if sleep is achieved for only a few hours. Expect clumsiness and a disconnect between brain and mouth. Expect depression or a lack of caring, which is not only a reaction but a defense.

When next weekend comes, we will probably feel thick and stupid in recovery. We will want to feel better and happier and lighter, and hopefully some of us will, but the overall feel will be like a transformation hangover. Next Monday, we’re in April and that starts a whole new chapter with rainbows and the ability to put learned enlightenment into practice. Take your time. We don’t have to make up for all of 2018 in the first week.

None of this week will be as bad as we’ve just experienced, but because we’re raw and vulnerable after last year and the beginning of this year, we are susceptible to over-feel and over-react. Watch what we say and do, especially on how that affects others. Each of us is going to be receiving and reacting to others spewing out their own discomfort and pain which can be so much stronger if they don’t know what’s going on or why they seem to be cursed. Knowing what’s going on might not help the energy be different, but it gives us choices in how we react and how we treat others.

This week, breathe! Spend time outside even if the weather is not nice. Meditation, which normally is perfect to achieve peace in chaos, will be difficult because concentration is non-existent, so avoid judging self for anything we can’t achieve that we normally can. It’s good practice to learn to stop judging self. We all need to be aware that surviving this ascension is probably the most difficult energetic thing we’ve faced in this life so far, even if it is mostly happening on a subconscious and DNA level. So give yourself and those around you a break!

Those who are conscious of this ascension will continue to see lights from other dimensions and hear things that “aren’t there”, feel dizzy, experience super-sensitivity to emotions of those around us, have the desire to spend time alone, want to disconnect from the phone and social media. Again, step away from self-judgment and do what you need to do to get through. Do it with integrity and knowledge of being the light for others, even if it’s a struggle right now. We are all responsible for each other, even if at times that can be a burden.

Any transformation depicted in movies is seen to be difficult and painful (recall any werewolf movie and you get what I mean). That’s the level of change we’ve been dealing with and will continue to face, but after this week, the worst of this step of change is complete.

Then we get used to the new us. Yes, please!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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