Here’s wishing you a wonderful festival, whether it be celebrated with costumes and trick or treat, or a ritual honoring the dead. According to the Old Ways, October 31 ends the growing season of the year, with November 1 (the pagan New Year) starting six months of the dark, inward-looking time. We’re also in a waning rhythm from the Full Moon last Wednesday (until the New Moon on November 7 – the day after the election – and boy will we need new, refreshing energy then). And we’re in the transformational sign of Scorpio. Taking everything together, that means there’s a lot of releasing going on.

But until we finish the election and get that New Moon energy, fear and stress are high. The intensity of that manifested itself in our macrocosm last week with the assassination attempts on Democratic leaders and the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday. With the tension of this entire year’s God-smacking lessons leading up to the election, and the accompanying fear as we face the biggest test of transformation from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age concepts, these acts of violence correspond to fear of the change we cannot avoid that has built to a breaking point. Obviously so for the perpetrators.

If you are uncomfortable in your own skin right now for no apparent reason, that means you’re feeling that energy of transformation. Please be aware of it and be extra careful as we maneuver through this last week of campaigning before the election on November 6. Fear is not only on DefCon One right now, it’s also being revved into full gear on purpose by the Piscean Age hold-outs who are trying in desperation to maintain their power-over (fear being their main control mechanism for the last 2,000 years). While their grip on being in charge is slipping, they’re going to make it last as long as they can.

While I don’t expect more mass violence this week, fear can still manifest itself, especially in personal ways. It might not be recognized as fear because we’ve all become numb to emotions and reactions that we have no choice but to face. But we feel and react to them nonetheless, sometimes unconsciously channeling them into depression, resentment, anger, and frustration, frequently turning on people we love (with whom we feel safe).

Since we are still in Venus retrograde until November 16, all levels of love relationships can take a serious hit this week without us knowing why. So stay conscious of our feelings and of what others are trying to make us feel. Avoid falling into the pit of mass fear. Strong, power-within-driven individuals make the difference here.

Standing in strength, trust and faith is especially important in the face of fear that will only swell until we pass the election. This is the year of putting into practice the knowledge that we are in control of nothing but ourselves and how we present that to the world. Focus on keeping yourself strong, balanced and sane because there is already enough insanity trying to take hold.

Meanwhile, back to Halloween. Below is Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s more positive post from last week about October 31 and spending time in Scorpio (until November 22, which is also Thanksgiving Day and a Full Moon). Obviously, as you read this, you’ll see his post includes info for last week and the power of last Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus as if it has yet to happen (sorry for the delay in getting this to you). Even though we passed that day and being able to take advantage of its power, we can still utilize the Scorpio energy to help us let go of what no longer serves us while we stand in its strength.

Gahl writes:

Today, October 23rd, the Sun enters the territorial waters of Scorpio. Everywhere you can see the sign: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Indeed, often I am asked which sign is the worst and I always answer: Scorpio. Then when I am asked which of the zodiacs is the best? I reply just as fast: Scorpio, of course. How is that possible? Scorpio is the sign of transformation and magic. It is the abracadabra sign. It can change from the worst (Scorpio) to the best (Phoenix). The next 30 days and 30 nights, we are under the spell of the witch and the warlock. We can change our lives. As we witness the shedding of the the leaves in nature (Northern Hemisphere) so can we shed the things we no longer need.

Halloween or Samhain/Calan/Gaeaf is the mid point between Equinox and Solstice and therefore is an ancient astrological celebration. It is one of the four most important days in the Gaelic calendar and for the Celts marked the period of transition from the season of harvest (karma – reaping the reactions of past actions) and winter (the dark time of contemplation and assimilation). The ancient druids believed that this period is a liminal time. During Scorpio, the sign represented by the card Death in the Tarot, the membrane that separates our existence is thinner and therefore somewhat penetrable to the spirit world or other dimensions.

I believe that on a spiritual level, the next two weeks is the best time of the year to connect and experience our past lives. This can happen through dreams, deja vus, meditations, regressions, and synchronicities. The next fortnight could be loaded with extra perception activities, deeper meditations and insights.

You might experience a certain craving, for example, to travel abroad, to start painting, learn a new language, engage in a new activity, all of which could be resurfacing memories of things you might have done in past lifetimes. Pay attention to anything out of the ordinary, a random meeting with someone you have not seen in a long time, a book that falls into your lap that changes or moves you or anything else that stirs your emotions.

In addition, we still have until November 8, Jupiter traveling in Scorpio which enhances our experience of this magic sign. For the last year we are experiencing the overflow of Scorpio-like frequencies and with Venus also retrograding now in Scorpio until October 31st, (yes, until Halloween and then she retrogrades in Libra until November 17) the immersion in the archetype of death, resurrection, sexuality and intimacy is heightened to new levels.

Whenever Venus is retrograde she creates chaos around relationships, finance and our sense of self-worth, but she also generates a great deal of synchronicity that causes us to come closer or drift further from significant people in our lives. However, she also might reconnect you to talents or partners you might have had in previous lives.

On October 24, we have a powerful exalted full moon in Taurus and Scorpio, this Wednesday is a great opportunity to sit down and meditate on what you want to shed and throw out of your life (Scorpio) so that you can increase your self-esteem and finance (Taurus). Use this surge of energy, this swell of cosmic waves to effortlessly surf to your full potential.

The next energetic landmark is on November 7, when we have the new moon in Scorpio. This new moon is a good time to start therapy, begin a deep research or an investigation, or initiate a profound transformation in your dealing with finance (but don’t begin any new project until after December 6th if possible).

So don’t be afraid, welcome intensity and depth into your life, bring about the magic of healing and transformation and stay authentic and real.

Have a great Halloween and see you on the other side!


p.s. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings and wishes last week. I had a perfect day and am grateful to you all for making it so much better.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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