First off, Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope your trips, if you take any, are safe and delay-free, food is excellent, and the gatherings and company happy and joyous! Have a wonderful day of giving thanks and being grateful for what we have, especially in these transitioning times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

That being said, be aware that as we come to the end of the Year of Chaos, the energy push we’ve been experiencing will not slack off because we want to celebrate. In fact, the chaos gets stronger as it nears its completion and can interfere with everything we do over the next nine weeks, up until the end of January, 2022 (more on what to expect in January in a bit).

First, what’s happening through the end of 2021:

I’m sure you’ve noticed that people are becoming exceptionally self-involved. Not necessarily purposefully selfish or “it’s all about me” but in a self-survival way. Unfortunately, younger souls look at survival as “me vs. you” instead of “us dealing with a challenge” (that “versus” stuff is very Piscean Age black-and-white thinking). With the fear still high and chaos still shaking us up, people are pulling into themselves and getting very, very specific about what threatens them. And it seems, it’s everything that’s not an exact mirror of who they are.

If people don’t know who they are inside, they are easily threatened and young souls usually go on the attack instead of the defense. What used to be the racist “You’re black, I’m white, therefore you’re a threat because you’re different from me” has become the extreme and illogical self-survival separatist “You drink Pepsi when I know Cike is the only drink therefore you are a threat and deserve to die” Anyone who is slightly different, even down to choice of beverage, can set off an extreme fear reaction right now.

Our secret weakest points and hidden demons are coming forward, being highlighted, shoved right in our faces and given free rein to come to a focal point, over-saturating us by forcing us to look inward, even though many people are missing that point.

With so many people not knowing who they are and the change in Ages and mindsets making everyone face their own emptiness, many are not handling it well. It has come down to everyone being a threat, and that includes people within families and those who have been very close friends.

This will pass but not until we start to even out next year. For some, however, even in the new year, they’ll hold onto what makes them justified in feeling better about themselves at other’s expense because they’re not getting it from anyone or anywhere else on the planet, including themselves. They’re missing that it has to come from within and that’s a hard lesson, sometimes taking lifetimes. We all agreed to get it in this life, so the pressure’s on.

Luckily, through the rest of this year, the holidays are a big distraction from really being able to stew in self-survival separatism. But that also means gathering with friends and family has us dealing with everyone being insulated and on the edge of their own fear and judgment. That makes people very touchy. With the pressure of “being happy” because it’s the holidays, people can easily, unintentionally, take their fear out on their loved ones. So keep cool and avoid commenting on things you disagree with because that only leads to confrontation in situations that have no solutions.

We can easily lose friends and family relationships during this time if we aren’t aware how fearful and self-protective everyone is. Remember, though, that everyone is right in their opinions even if they don’t make sense or severely disagree with you. Think of how you came to your own opinions, the intricacy of decisions in how you got to what you believe and how important that is to you. Everyone has done the same even if they haven’t consciously and logically thought about it in the same way you have.

Still, these are our holidays and if we don’t compare them to other times or expect them to solve all our happiness problems, we can have a wonderful time. It’s up to us, but then everything we experience these days is how we look at it, not how it is happening to us.

What’s coming in January:

The danger of the end of the Year of Chaos really comes in January when the calendar New Year doesn’t bring relief. We’ve just survived two years of forced challenge and transition that we want to escape from, but January 1 does not bring that change in energy. The first month is always the clean-up month for the previous year. With people anticipating and expecting January 1 to give us a break, many will be very disappointed when we feel the same chaos-within without the holidays to distract us. And what we haven’t faced within ourselves will only be pushing harder to get our attention.

So tread lightly in January. It’s still a time to keep your head down and hold onto the safety bar. The energy does change on February 1, but those who want it to be different in January may very well act out in disturbing ways, both within their personal and professional circles and in the wider scope of our country and the world. Unfortunately, in the United States, that could mean violence, especially around the first anniversary of the January 6 Insurrection.

Things are still sorting themselves out in a “bigger picture” way. We still cannot help or save another person right now. We can’t change someone’s opinion or help them “see the light”. The Hand of God or The Force or whatever we want to call it is in charge and our job is to know ourselves and let the transition wash over us. It does get better in 2022, but January isn’t that month. January serves a different purpose.

Also be aware of the moons for the rest of the year as that will highlight our emotionality and ability to over-react. We just had a doozie last week on November 18/19 with a nearly total Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and will have the sister New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Saturday, December 4. The final Full Moon of the year comes on Saturday, December 18, right around when the Christmas holiday traffic starts getting really crazy. Take that into consideration and prepare to have patience.

We also have a New Moon on Sunday, January 2 (a good way to start the calendar year) and a Full Moon on Monday. January 17. As January can be a hair-trigger month, take self-awareness very seriously during these times. We can find ourselves in the middle of over-reacting to things before we know our buttons have been pushed.

So as we “celebrate” the holidays this year – and I use that word lightly – be aware of everyone’s stress level, including but not exclusive, to our own. If we get out of judgment and stop comparing things to the past, this is a great time to acknowledge we’ve made it through The Gauntlet and are getting ready to come into reward.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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