Last week, we were hit with waves of fear energy that got stronger and stronger until the release on Saturday with the Full Blue Moon on All Hallow’s Eve (a once in every nineteen-year event). In the Old Ways, November 1 started the New Year, and the energy shift from Saturday to Sunday sure felt that way.

While the fear of last week seemed to push buttons about the election and that Trump was going to win again for those who were afraid of that possibility (i.e., the Piscean Way would continue subjugating everyone in the Great Negative Lesson after we thought we’d already gotten it), it was really just change energy that came across as fear of that change.

And it was intense! The strongest fear push of this year.

It showed in all the readings I did. Sometimes the fear came up very high regarding finances for people who were well situated, or fear that some would be alone forever because they didn’t have a partner with them at the moment, or fear that they or their family would get Covid-19. Basically the wave of change hit everyone where their biggest fears were and magnified them as if it was the End of the World.

But it is the End of the World, just like the shift in 2012 was the End of the World. 2020 is the continuation, or rather the culmination, of it, just not in our physical world. When 2012 brought the End on December 21 of that year, we completed the Piscean Age and moved into the Aquarian Age, a two thousand year journey. There were other endings that day, but at this moment in our lives, we’re most affected by this Age-to-Age change, so let’s focus on that.

This was not only a mindset change, it was a vibrational, energetic and cellular change—a Human Evolutionary change in a way that has never happened before to our species. So we were given the years since then to adapt by choice, with 2020 being that Brick Wall Year that makes us all step up or be lost. Without mercy. We’re playing for big stakes here. And people can feel that even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. Hence when an energy wave of change comes in, we can sometimes misinterpret it as if it’s fear instead of growth.

October was always going to be the high point in the energy push of this year. And while this week we’ll still be reeling from what happened last week, we’ve completed a wave of change that has been on our backs for the entire year. So last week felt like all the fears of the year manifested themselves in a matter of days, kind of like cramming before a big test or, in any performance situation, like tech/dress rehearsal week before a show opens.


We’re in WTF? mode this week, which means we’ll still be uncomfortable in our own skin but in a recovery way instead of feeling attacked-by-energy way. Sometimes that might not feel different, but it is. It’s the difference between being in a pressure cooker last week with the pressure released over the weekend but we’re still boiling in the pot.

Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, which brings another awareness shift/release and that is usually accompanied for days by personal, group and world chaos while we get used to not having a two ton weight of confusion and restriction on our heads. We can feel light-headed, stupid, unable to think clearly and overwhelmed, intellectually and emotionally.

This energy is what’s happening to humankind, not the election on Tuesday. The election is piggy-backed onto this energy, which is not a mistake because the election itself is a way to physically/consciously choose between moving forward into the Aquarian Age or staying stuck in the Piscean Age.

Hint: The Piscean Age is over! We cannot go back. Consciousness awakening, enlightenment, communication, equality, humanity, us vs. me…that’s the vibration we’re in and it doesn’t change. It just gets stronger.

So this week, some of the fear left over from last week, that we remember so well on many levels of our consciousness, can stir us up for the election, and linger the rest of the week because the results are not going to be known for days if not weeks. But it won’t be as intense. Even in watching the news and the polls and listening to fear-mongerers, it just won’t be as gut-wrenchingly fearful it was last week.

As I said in my last post, I don’t think there are going to be riots or violence on Tuesday, even though I’ve seen pictures of businesses boarding themselves up in preparation. The main reason is that the discombobulating energy of Mercury going direct will linger all week. Even if a group of violence-intending individuals is ready and can think clearly enough to get organized, there won’t be the anticipated One Moment to detonate them. The election won’t be decided on Tuesday night. And with the results announcement lingering in the Twilight Zone that is this year, there will be no focal point to explode.

Any chance of violent reaction gets lessened a lot more when Mars goes direct on November 13, and it’s easily the case that we still won’t know election results until after then. Get ready for the Big Wait because that’s what it’s going to be.

Trump will try like crazy to push the outcome for himself with illegal maneuvering, but I don’t see how he can be successful. I’ve tried to be psychically open to that possibility, i.e., of him making himself president again even though facts and numbers deny him, like he hasn’t been making a habit of that all along), but it never comes clear, i.e., it doesn’t happen.

And as I’ve said, the worst that we have with the election is that Trump fights and fights his loss, possibly including the Supreme Court even though that’s not set in stone (nor is it set in stone what they would decide), and we delay Inauguration Day a little.

With all the fear going around, which, please remember, is fear of change in the big Age-to-Age battle, the Aquarian Age vibration is already here. Equality and Humanity are inevitable. No matter the chaos to come this week, and the weeks ahead, it is really only demonstrative of that change.

Avoid buying into the chaos. Avoid having a clenched stomach at the outcome. Know we are in really good hands. Angelic energy and the Hands of Creator have our backs. Humanity can’t lose here. The worst case scenario is that we’re delayed because we allowed the stuck energy to overwhelm us. But I don’t think that’s going to happen in this election. Everything I see for the end of the year and the recovery of 2021 is that we are moving forward in awakening awareness.

As we have no power over anything but who we are and how we behave, avoid trusting a system that has been broken and is trying to fix itself. Trust the Higher Energy and the Aquarian Age vibe. They’re both stronger than anything from our past.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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