Original Newsletter Post – 7/29/19

We’re coming to the end of this powerful Mercury retrograde on Wednesday, July 31 as the planet goes direct at 11:58 PM on the east coast. So Thursday starts some relieving energy. However, as always happens at the completion of a retrograde, the push of it doesn’t ease up or let go until the very end. And then, the shadow period lingers so while we feel we’re in the clear, we also feel a little stupid with the release of the pressure until it all evens out.

Basically, that means take this week easy. Forgive anything and everything – within self, with others, with politics, with activities around the world – because everyone is out of sorts for one reason or another. This ending time can fuel tempers, self-pity, defensiveness and/or a feeling of worthlessness. We can also feel extremely tired – not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Especially watch what we expect from ourselves, either because of long-developed self-judgment or the need to get the jump of being judged by others.

Alex Myles posted:

Last Seven Days of Mercury Retrograde

For every one thing you release during this retrograde, the Universe rewards you ten-fold.

The more freely you let go, the more peaceful, tranquil and blessed life becomes. Mercury teaches the importance of paying attention to what keeps rinsing and repeating. It unearths what needs clearing and healing and if you are willing to do the work, there will be less drama, chaos and challenges to face the next time it retrogrades.

Loosen your grip and flow. The Universe adores forward motion.

The next Mercury retrograde hits on Halloween/Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve (and will be direct on November 20 in time for an easier but perhaps still uncomfortable and testy Thanksgiving). That time brings a whole different focus as we start the “Old Ways” winter on November 1 – a natural, circadian-rhythm time for slowing down and introspection. That retrograde will be deep-diving into our own psyche without the added “assistance” of so many other planets retrograding at the same time, meaning there will be more single-focus on self without the input of the bigger “outer” lessons from the Outer Planets.

While all current retrograde energy has been pretty intense so far this summer, we’re also dealing with another level of cosmic energy altogether. Again, I quote from Alex Myles:

Lion’s Gate Portal

Now Open

July 26 until August 12

The Sun and Sirius’ synchronized rising is now clearly visible, appearing as two Suns in the sky. This activates a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. On August 8, this powerful Stargate reaches its peak position and Orion’s Belt moves into direct alignment with the Pyramids of Giza, opening the cosmic “8.8 Lion’s Gate Portal”.

The vortex allows supercharged light codes to flood our planet, so expect the following:

Higher Conscious Awareness

Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Unexpected Endings and New Beginnings

Feeling Awakened, Energized and In Alignment

Seeing Number Sequences 11:11, 333, 444, 888

Receiving Prophetic Messages Through Dreams

The Ability To Instantly Manifest and Alter Your Reality

Frequent Deja Vu, Synchronicities and Spiritual Downloads

Unexpected Transition and Extremely Positive Transformation

To explain the meaning of numbers, here’s a post from about:

Synchronicity, Symbolism and the Meaning of Numbers

0 = Totality, realm of potential, primordial void

1 = Leadership, strength, confidence

2 = Duality, partnership, opposition

3 = Luck, success, intuition, the divine principles

4 = Stability, groundedness, calmness

5 = Adventure, freedom sensuality

6 = Balance between earth/spirit, intuition

7 = Synchronicity, spiritual awakening, introspection

8 = Abundance, prosperity, financial well-being

9 = Wisdom, enlightenment, high consciousness

10 = Completion, wholeness, integration

When the Mayan Calendar completed its guidance on December 21, 2012, we moved into uncharted territory, which is one of the reasons so many people are lost right now. At the same time, our planet also moved into a more densely populated area of space, and into new areas of energy we’ve never experienced before. We have gone from living in the base reality of the solid, physical world for the totality of man’s existence on the planet into a reality expanding to wake us up to the vibrations and energies around us. And those vibrations and energies are different than what we’ve subliminally been used to.

So when we are side-tracked by retrograde annoyances and the shifting or stuckness of people around us, know we are participating in a humanity-and-species-changing time that is far bigger than a friend’s betrayal, or delays in travel or the depressing craziness of politics. While all those are important, they are microcosm personal growth that is feeding the macrocosm human growth at the very beginning of a new reality. Please, try to keep perspective.


We are now collectively shifting from darkness and struggle into a space where light and grace are becoming the primary way to move and grow in this ascending world. Not every soul is ready for this arc and many will jump ship, so to speak.

This was one of many worlds where a 3D reality could be experienced. Many souls have not finished with the 3D gym or growth and will incarnate elsewhere to continue their journey. This world is moving through 4D and will enter into 5D in some decades further down the line. Even though this is the collective state of affairs, individuals can enter into a 5D reality of ease, grace and miracle consciousness well before then.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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