We get so used to stress, even the extra stress of this year, that we frequently don’t recognize when it’s stronger than usual. It’s the “Frog in Boiling Water Syndrome”. Place a frog in boiling water and he’ll jump right out. Place a frog in cool water and slowly boil it and he gets used to the rising temperature until it’s too late. A lot of us are the latter category right now. Except in this case, the boiling water is our evolutionary shift into the next level of being human.

Energy shifts cause extra stress, especially in 2020. But extra stress right now is considered so normal that abnormal stress is just folded into regular stress because we’ve been used to it for so long. We can identify it on the physical level by how frustrated we are with the restriction of our movements because of the pandemic and how worried we are about what’s going on in the world. But the non-physical stress has been something building for years, not on the 2020 level, granted, so we just kind of accept it as the new normal.

Still, there are times when there is an energy shift so intense, we have an equally intense reaction to it but just don’t know how to identify it or deal with it. That’s what happened last Monday.

On Monday, August 17, there was a very interesting, very profound lesson for our future that came as an energy shift. It wasn’t the usual kind that lifts our vibration so we feel out of sync for a while until we can adjust and adapt. This was a brain shift. We received a pure hit of right-hemisphere download that brought confusion, fear, emotional rawness and discombobulation because it was so unusual for our brains to function strictly from the right hemisphere.

We’ve been living in the left-hemisphere of the brain for the past 2,000 years of the Piscean Age, where the dominant importance in our lives has been led by logical, lines-and-squares thought process. We’ve been slowly coming out of that for the past hundred years or so, little push by little push, to bring us to the center of the pendulum swing where left and right hemispheres are in balance (the Aquarian Age). But sometimes to get that balance, we have to completely swing in the other direction.

Last Monday was that swing into the right-hemisphere creativity, spirituality, and imagination that have been in the background for a long, long time. The energy swung that pendulum clear over to the right and threw logic out the window for a whole day. It gave us an Aquarian Age awakening, not in a “Hallelujah” kind of moment, but in having to adjust to a part of brain becoming dominant when we haven’t used it that way in conscious memory.


Before I focused exclusively on my psychic abilities, I had a pretty good balance going on with how I used my brain. I worked in the corporate world, using my left-hemisphere, but also kept up the creativity of my right-hemisphere by writing and doing theatre. I was good at math doing logical bookkeeping and taxes for others. I understood driving and Rules of the Road, which are lines-and-squares functions (why some people say women are such terrible drivers is because we don’t usually think predominantly with our left-hemisphere). I love graphs and charts and maps, all lines-and-squares stuff.

When I switched to developing my psychic abilities as my main work, the left-hemisphere functions receded until even simple math became a challenge (as many of you know when I ask for birthdays in a reading and you give me the birth year, I still have to ask how old that person is because math is not working for me at all when I’m in the psychic, right-hemisphere-dominant mindset).

So I was surprised last Monday when I suddenly felt like I was in a fog. A really thick, all-encompassing fog. I was very discombobulated the entire day as if I was visiting another planet and didn’t know the basic rules. Everything felt strange, like I was under water, very Twilight Zone-y. Even when I took credit card numbers over the phone, I had to concentrate on which numbers to hit on the keypad because the number I was hearing was not immediately matching up with the visual number before me. This wasn’t a math issue, it was just not being able to hit numbers correctly because they didn’t make sense. Not a brain fart, but a brain readjustment.

I could have really over-reacted and thought 2020 was making me lose my mind. But when I realized we were getting a huge right-hemisphere download, it all made sense. We haven’t functioned exclusively in a right-hemisphere thought process for over 5,000 years. This was a day of total immersion and it was weird. Once I understood that, my reactions to the energy became easier to deal with and I didn’t judge myself but let the energy flow no matter how ungrounded I still felt.

The energy hit hard on Monday and we were dealing with adjusting to it and coming down from it all week. While it boosted our ability to access our right-hemispheres to prepare us for the energy we’ll be in by the end of the year, it still felt otherworldly and uncomfortable. We’ll probably get more of these hits as the year goes on. And we’ll probably assign them to just feeling off or in a fog because we don’t usually take the time to think why we’re feeling a certain way.

Young souls and stuck people will have a hard time with these shifts as they tend to respond to things they don’t control by trying to control them, or those around them. When they’re not thinking clearly (because of these shifts), they tend to get into primal reactions (save self at all costs) and that’s scary for everyone else. That’s what we’re seeing in world politics now. But that fear is being forced out of us bringing us into understanding. Trust there are higher energies at work that take us where we need to be, no matter how dismal it seems at the moment.

We don’t have to do anything to get this download, it’s part of being on the planet at this time. Just try to be more conscious of why we’re feeling a certain way and, if we can’t get the “why”, just acknowledge that something is going on that will make sense at some point. That requires trust, part of the 2020 lesson. It’s all part of the Bigger Picture of our human evolution. We are in good hands, but we still need to deal with this ourselves.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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