Here we are. I can’t believe we’re in August already. Wasn’t it just February? Time is so weird right now: very fast and very slow at the same time.

Welcome also to the Hungry Ghosts month, which started on July 29 and runs to August 26 according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Hungry Ghosts Festival is on August 12, which is very big in China (and Chinatowns in the USA). So during August while the ghosts of our ancestors are freed from hell to walk the Earth and wreck havoc, it’s also a time to honor those who have passed, as the western world does with Samhain (aka All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, Day of the Dead). Perhaps an altar remembering ancestors helps keep the havoc from touching us too much.

As I consider the Hungry Ghosts are a Chinese explanation for karma catching up to us, August is the Karmic Catch-Up Month. With this being the Year of Self, the pressure is on to face things within us that come from other people…things that we’ve held onto without realizing it. So what comes up for us in August is really worth looking at and trying to clear. This stuff doesn’t go away because we don’t want to deal with it and the lessons get more insistent in the last three months of the year so paying attention now is in our best and highest interest.

For many who have already done so much self-work this year, the most annoying thing to face is those who have done no self-work at all and, like little brats, continually take that pressurized frustration and fear out on others. Those hold-outs are going to have a really hard month. I look at it this way: it’s as if they’ve gotten to their senior year in high school without learning how to read because they’ve been passed from grade up to grade due to the demands of the system. Now, this year, this August, they need to do twelve years’ worth of education immediately. How could they not be frustrated and scared? Again, pressure.

August also brings the glut of retrograde planets, which thankfully, do not include the fast-moving, hard-hitting inner planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are already retrograde with Uranus joining them on August 24. These are the slow-moving outer planets so their affect on us is deeper, soul-cleansing work. With the focus on self-clarification and awareness this year, they help us shift our consciousness, sometimes putting challenges in front of us so we can recognize and release toxic, self-destructive behavior that we’ve been taught.

This month we can break negative patterns, behavior and belief systems if we pay attention to what comes up for us. Try to look at every challenge, even something as simple as impatience for traffic if we get unusually angry about it, as a clue to what we need to look at and clear within.

For what’s happening in August according to western astrology, please check out Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s latest post that gives a planetary event-by-event list of what to expect this month. Go to for more info.


August’s challenges and lessons start a run through the end of the year of a push for self-awareness. If we already got it – because this year started that push hard January through April – this is again going to be challenging more because of other people’s challenges. If we didn’t get it, this is going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions and self-enlightenment that may frequently seem too hard to handle. I refer again to the senior in high school scenario who has to do twelve years’ worth of work right now!

One of the things I realized while living in Los Angeles was that it was the Ego Capital of the World. That sounds like I’m only talking about what happens on the surface in our physical lives in the Entertainment Industry, but that’s not what I mean. Because Los Angeles is the Crown Chakra of the planet and is just opening up with the Aquarian Age vibration taking us into higher understanding, people have always come to Los Angeles to learn about Ego. They may think it’s about fame, money and fan adoration, but that’s just the physical-world pull to get them to face themselves.

Los Angeles gives us the lessons to do a deep dive and get lost in our own Egos, or it teaches us to transcend ourselves and become Ego-less. This entire year is offering the same lessons on a much bigger scale. We’re just starting the Aquarian Age of balance, harmony, communication and humanity, which is a much less Ego-driven energy than we’ve had so far in our growth as human beings. Because we’re coming to a shift in energy next year with Pluto moving into Aquarius and the continuation in the United States of our Pluto Return, this year is giving us a chance to be ready for the changes the next twenty years are going to bring in a non-stop run into the Aquarian Age vibration.

This year is getting us to focus on the higher refinement of ourselves through all the energy focusing on that (the intensity of January through April and the August retrogrades, etc.) and through the challenges of the chaos that is in our physical world. We’re getting hit with both our three-dimensional and six-dimensional self-enlightenment at the same time. The final big push lesson before we face the work within Humanity.

Again, please pay attention to what seems like it’s getting in our way to stop us on what we think is our rhythm forward. We’re so used to that rhythm being dictated by a now-outmoded thought process, we push through without understanding we’re supposed to stop, reassess, release and move forward in a different mindset.

We can feel severe depression (that might last for a few hours or a few days or longer), and/or directionless (when we’ve had clear direction all our lives), and/or as if we’re completely alone (even if we have loving, supporting people around us), and/or fear, especially of the unknown (when we’ve never felt that kind of fear before), and/or lack of hope because we can’t see our future. It hits each of us differently depending on our own personal awareness and vibration and what we need to face within self.

So if we start to feel any of these challenges, the first thing to do is recognize what we’re feeling. Many times these feelings have been with us all along (not as strong as they will be coming up but recognizable) so it’s hard to identify them. If we do, the next step is to acknowledge that they are there to show us something, not to punish us or tell us we need to do more or something different. Women especially face the release of the last vestiges of Piscean Age programming by feeling we haven’t done enough, or there’s something different we could do, or we need to take responsibility for chaos that isn’t ours. That’s not who we are anymore, men and women. Recognize and release.

Sound is very important in healing and helping change our vibration during August and through the end of the year. Be aware how sensitive we can be to sound, like people’s voices that only annoyed us before now really grate on our nerves, or feeling overwhelmed by the sounds and energy of traffic or lawn mowers/leaf blowers or cacophonous sounds such a jack-hammers or construction. As we lift and refine our vibration, these sounds can physically hurt us.

So counteract the harshness and harmonize self with higher vibe sounds like singing bowls (crystal or brass), Gregorian chanting or music like Ladysmith Black Mambazo (for the grounding of the male voices in rhythm), higher vibration classical music like Mozart or Vivaldi, rhythmic drumming. Listening to natural sounds like whales, wolves, the sea, rain, thunderstorms connects us to the Earth and matching her vibration is what this is all about.

Work with balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain through Solfeggio tones (although be careful on the recordings because some of the music the tones are put to are not conducive to the vibrations themselves). There is an expensive program that takes us through steps of left/right brain balance that doesn’t use modern music, focusing more on the tones (many of which cannot be “heard” by the physical ear.) If anyone knows of this program, please let me know what it’s called.

Be aware of your health and which side of your body little annoyances, pains or physical issues manifest. If you’re right-handed, your right side is dominant and emits your vibration, while the left side is passive and receives energy from others. If you’re left-handed, it’s the opposite. If issues present on your dominant side, be aware of how you give energy, consciously and subconsciously, and if what you’re giving is being received (feeling blocked by being not recognized or not appreciated can result in a blow-back within your body). If issues present on your passive side, relate them to what energy your are receiving from others, especially if you’re not wanting to accept it and it’s given anyway. Check out Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” for listings of what deep issue is really being addressed.

Meanwhile know that we are on a great push to get ready for Aquarian Age change over the next twenty years. The more we are clear on who we are, the more we are part of the change and not the “victim” of it. Stay strong. We are in more aware hands than we can possible know or understand. Trust. Let Go, Let God/dess. Be aware of all around but mostly right now, be aware of self. It’s the year for it.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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