What’s going on in our world today? I’ve gotten that question a lot recently. The answer is simple yet very complicated. It’s all about fear. Not the obvious fear that is caused by an attempted coup in Turkey, terrorist activity in Nice and Munich, shootings in the United States and not knowing who our next world leaders will be (the United States is not the only country with leadership issues).

At the base of all these activities, there is a different fear that caused these actions in the first place. It’s hard to fathom that Turkish dissidents, terrorists or shooters are acting out of fear instead of arrogance, anger and hatred, but they are. It comes from the deepest fear of all – that the world is changing and we no longer have control over it or know our place in the new paradigm. It’s fear of the true unknown in a way we haven’t experienced for 2,000 years.

I’ve written repeatedly about the under-the-surface, vibrational changes that are happening as we shift from the 2,000-year-long Piscean Age “power-over” mindset into the 2,000-year-long Aquarian Age “power-within”. We’re switching from the lessons of the Divine Masculine into balancing that with the Divine Feminine. And becoming more spiritually aware in the process. Those are big concepts.

Sidebar: It’s important to realize we’re not swinging from the masculine side of the pendulum to the feminine side. We’re in the significant moment of finally, after a 26,000 year journey, balancing both sides of ourselves. But since the Divine Feminine has been so obviously absent for at least the last 2,000 years, we’re getting a big dose of it before it all balances out. That dose is making us look at ourselves, our world, where we’ve been, where we’re headed and what constitutes our worth in a completely different way.

The depth of this fear is usually not understood on a conscious level. How many of us take time to think about what and why we do things while we’re doing them in our day-to-day lives, let alone in the deepest recesses of our beings? Nor are we conscious of the waves of profound change that are bringing about this fear reaction.

Why is this year so different? We’ve been experiencing this shift and preparing for it for years, going back as far as the late 1800s. This year is different, though, because we’ve achieved the first level of balance in the new paradigm. We’ve reached a plateau with “make-or-break” energy. It defines how easily we can move forward by embracing and accepting the accelerated growth, or how completely we can remain stuck forcing us to repeat the lessons again and again if we don’t.

If we refuse to face and learn what’s in front of us, our future is caught up in a cycle of discomfort, frustration, anger and fear at not being able to progress. Every time we don’t progress when the opportunity arises, the lessons circle around and get harder and more intense each time. They’re trying to get us to pay attention to what we agreed to learn coming into this lifetime that is proving too hard to handle.

To add to the fear this year, we’ve also got a lot of young souls who have jammed themselves into this lifetime thinking they can handle what’s going on when they really can’t. They want to make sure they get the Piscean Age lesson before it’s gone because they don’t want to wait another 26,000 years for it to come around again. But they’re emotionally immature people who don’t know how to handle this transition so they become filled with confusion, frustration, anger and fear in a primal way that affects everyone and everything around them. The depth of their fear becomes infectious for anyone who is not anchored within themselves.

Also, this significant life of transition is so full of opportunities of karmic completion, people have come in with their own growth agendas, not necessarily the agenda of helping for the good of all . Although there are many old souls who have reincarnated at this time specifically to help, heal and lead, they are in the minority right now

Because so much can be accomplished in this life, a lot of people have taken on more than they can handle, have gotten overwhelmed early in their lives and have just quit growing. It’s as if they’re ambitious college students thinking they can take all their classes at once in the first year and half way through are overwhelmed and then shut down.

These young souls then try to hold on desperately to what they once were, wanting a simpler, easier lesson more conducive to what they’ve already learned. But the accelerated awareness isn’t stopping for them. It’s like pre-school-age souls are trying to take on university master classes – their brains are getting fried and they’re getting lost. They don’t know how to not push forward blindly in their own survival ego out of fear. And, again, that affects everyone.

Most of us don’t know who we really are without the labels that define us in society. When what defines us (from what we do and how much we have) changes (to who we are and how we affect all life), young souls don’t know how to adjust. When we can’t fake it anymore and we don’t know what we’re doing, fear takes over. Then the hanging on to what made us important becomes extremely paramount. Hence, those stuck in the Piscean Age mentality are trying to get us back to “traditional values” that serve their survival-ego purpose but no longer fit in the growth of the Aquarian Age.

Remember, fear has been a major tool in the lessons of the . Fear was purposefully used to control. What we’re experiencing this year is the Piscean Age fear coming to a head as we move into different concepts of accomplishing things for other reasons, rather than getting things done “for fear” what will happen if we don’t.

If we divide people into two groups of either here on their own agenda or here for the greater good, those with their own agenda (the majority) are on the wane, and those here for the greater good are on the rise. The good news is that the number of people who understand the real depth of what’s at stake for us all has increased so the masses of people screaming in ego and fear are being offset by those who are looking at the bigger picture. It’s not even yet, but it’s getting there.

The other good news is that this is the last year this level of fear will dominate us. However, until we get into the “new beginning” energy of 2017, the extreme fear we’re experiencing and the world-wide violent response to that fear will continue through the rest of the year.

In the Unites States, infectious group fear will build and build until the presidential election. Then it will burst like a bubble immediately after, no matter who wins. The rest of the year will simmer down to personal fear that has much less power to affect others. People will have used up so much energy getting to the election, they won’t have a whole lot of umph left to infect anyone else.

That being said, look for the holidays to be intense but quiet with a lot of undercurrent of nasty, like we all have a hangover from the over-extended energy we put into the fear of what was going to happen with the election. This is a good year to avoid doing anything “out of duty” over the holidays. Everyone is going to be extremely touchy, feeling raw, taking things personally and that can cause spats and arguments that, this time, can’t be healed.


Be aware that fear physically shrinks the brain and stops it from functioning. Emotionally, it takes us back to our default comfort zones, which in this case, especially this year, are the Piscean Age concepts of the male authority being more important and “in charge” over everything else. The fear of losing self-power will continue to be prevalent, even though it doesn’t have to be.

A dear friend and wise man, Michael Mendez, wrote to me recently about the fear we’re all experiencing:

“A great acronym for fear that I use is “False Evidence that Appears Real”. A great tool for people to use is to recognize that they are being fearful for no good reason. So drop the fear energy to “Cautious”. Many people and institutions are so quick to go into high energy Fear.  Then we are faced with a lot of people living their life in a “Fight or Flight” existence. “Cautious” is many levels lower in intensity than Fear. Being cautious, grateful and living in the present moment (to me) is a very powerful place to live.”

We need to go through this fear to shake up systems that are no longer effective. We will get through it. We will be stronger because of it. We will be better because of it. And we will all be more enlightened, no matter the level of consciousness each of us is here to learn.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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