This is our final week of Mercury retrograde until August 30. The powerful but small planet goes direct early in the morning on Sunday, May 22. I don’t know anyone who won’t be applauding this transition. Even those who don’t believe that astrological events affect us will feel relief without knowing why.

But before it’s over, before a bit of ease sets in and everything starts making more sense than it has for the last 18 days (and it seems the retrograde has been a lot longer than that), we still have to get through this week.

While we normally expect the end of a run like this to slack off and be easier than when it began, that never happens with Mercury retrograde. It’s like it has to make sure it uses every last second to get us to look at or face something within, sometimes more intensely than it did when it started.

All retrogrades show us our inner “demons” so we can consciously be aware of them to heal and let them go. A lot of what is shown to us can come up in the most negative way possible, and yet seem disconnected to the difficulty happening in our physical world. Having income from a self-employed retail business be unusually bad with multiple miscommunications with suppliers, being hyper sensitive to the funky energy and everyone around, and losing a favorite expensive bracelet all in a matter of a few days don’t seem to relate to a single inner lesson, but they do.

Example: two years ago, a client who had been happily married for a decade was suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by her husband who told her he hadn’t loved her for years and wanted out of the marriage. Just like that. She’d had no clue he had changed. He exhibited no different behavior leading up to it. This was actually his reaction to not wanting to face childhood issues that he transferred to their relationship, but that’s another story.

That life-changing trauma made her question herself because she never saw it coming. If she missed that, what else would she miss? The energetic/vibrational reaction settled in her body and become the norm to help her be ready in case something similarly traumatic and life-changing happened. That put her base vibration on constant high alert as if she was always functioning at DefCon 1. Unconsciously, this new high alert status dictated her perception of and reactions to everything around her.

So when three days last week seemed to be picking on her with loss of income, miscommunication with suppliers, hyper-sensitivity, and losing the bracelet which, in her culture is a sign of bad mojo, not to mention invasive dreams with her ex-husband in the forefront, her reaction was as if the world was coming to an end.

But the events served the retrograde purpose to get her attention about something within she wasn’t conscious of and yet affected her on every level. If she hadn’t been “notified” of the high alert vibration within to heal it, fear would have gotten stronger, reactions to daily events would have become more over-the-top, and eventually her health would have been affected.

We all have deep reactions within us to something that has happened at one time or another in our lives, or to something we haven’t faced from previous lives that we brought forward to heal and complete. This year especially (because we’re in that “plateau” energy I wrote of last week), these retrogrades – right now Mercury and Mars – are bringing any inner truth that rules our lives, and therefore our reactions, to our attention so we can recognize, heal and complete them.

In many cases, what we face during retrograde energy is no where near as difficult as it seems. But it comes up against the rhythm we’ve established in our neat-packaged world and interrupts our usual flow in most unexpected ways. So we really don’t appreciate it. We see it as in interruption to the way things should happen. Ideally, that gets us to pay attention to not only our world within, but what we’ve made of our world without.

I’ve said before that we as a society have lost our agility to deal with the unexpected unless it’s a shocking event like 9/11. Over-reacting to events that happen during any retrograde period brings that to our attention in a big way. Sometimes it seems like we’re going over old stuff again and again each time a retrograde hits us, because most of the time we are. Some of the issues we’ve picked up along the way, especially those influenced by parents in early life, can take many self-confrontations and awakenings to get to their core to be healed and released.

In addition to this being the last week of Mercury retrograde, we are also coming up to a full moon on Saturday, May 21. It’s called the Full Flower Moon and is considered a Blue Moon because, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s the third of four full moons in the same season (although I’ve also heard a Blue Moon is the second full moon in one month).

This is going to be the physically brightest moon we’ve seen in a decade because the Blue Moon is coming up opposite the Red Planet, Mars. Traditionally, this is a moon of fertility because the planting of seeds for the new agricultural season is prominent. That relates to us planting seeds within our lives to promote growth for ourselves over the next six months.

Sidebar: even though the Mars retrograde energy tells us to avoid starting anything new (“whoever initiates loses”), use the full moon energy to plant seeds/ideas/intentions within to come to fruition and growth without when Mars goes direct on June 29/30.

As we are leading up to the full moon this week, be aware it is going to assist the Mercury retrograde work of facing inner demons by making us feel everything much, much more than usual. Our reactions can be not only over-the-top, but emotionally extreme. This happens leading up to any full moon, dark of the moon or new moon, but with the combination of the 2016 energy and the Mercury and Mars retrogrades, this week can be pretty intense.

So be aware of perceiving small annoying things/people as world-ending and reacting over-emotionally. The Mars retrograde can make us feel incredibly depleted, misunderstood (and misunderstanding), impatient, and aggressive. With the full moon and the last week of Mercury retrograde on us too, this week can seem like the energy is turned up to eleven.

It’s best to take this week with grace and ease, even if we don’t actually don’t feel it. Tune out, try to go with the flow, save reactions to things not going our way until next week when we will be able to handle things better.

And breathe! If we force ourselves to be grateful in the face of challenges (because the negativity is helping us in a back-handed but very effective way), we can keep things in perspective.

The good news is that we all get these lessons whether we are consciously aware of it or not. For those who are paying attention, the shift into a better self-understanding is immediate. For people who are avoiding the lessons, they get them anyway but won’t put them into practice until later, which makes their lives so very uncomfortable until they do.

Hang in. We all make it in the end, that’s a guarantee. This is just one week. A hard week, granted, which can seem really, really long. But by keeping it in perspective no matter what happens, we can sail through it.

Good luck.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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