“You cannot get through a single day without impacting the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” …Jane Goodall

While I believe Ms. Goodall was talking about choices of kindness, understanding and generosity in day-to-day thoughts and actions, her words also pertain to the energy or vibrations we give off, consciously and, more importantly, subconsciously. While it may seem we can’t control our subconscious thoughts and actions, we can if we’re aware where they originated and why we have them. And we have a willingness to want to change within.

In my Spellcrafting class, one of the first rules of intention I teach is to believe we deserve what we’re asking for on all levels of self (this also works for prayers). If a woman wants to call love to her (not a specific individual, but someone not-yet-known), and she is overweight or considers herself “less than” in any way, no powerful spell or prayer will change the subconscious from sabotaging what her consciousness does. Asking for what we think we don’t deserve deep in our hearts doesn’t help us heal what we think is wrong with us. Getting that man who responds to our vibrations of self-perceived faults does not make up for them or heal us, except in bringing someone who will offer a negative lesson for us to heal ourselves.

It is up to us to face our inner demons and heal or dismiss them. Then we can get what we ask for because we’ve changed the vibration we give off. Vibration always resonates with like-vibration. Sending out harmony and acceptance within self brings someone who matches that. Someone we deserve.

Leslie Odom, Jr. (Tony winner for his role as “Hamilton”) has a new book, “Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning”. He writes that changing how we feel about things, how we expect, and what energy we give off changes our world rather than just wanting, hoping, and praying. If we don’t change our internal vibration, we can’t change our external one.

It works that way with everything, and always has. What we put out is what we get back. But we’ve become used to being able to get what we want on the surface without the inner work. Even if we don’t get exactly what we desire, we still believe it’s possible if we push and demand and physically work for it. However, that doesn’t fly in the Aquarian Age, especially right now when 2018 is specifically here to help us catch up on any unfinished karma that has kept us out of balance. Know that all incomplete inner work keeps us out of balance.

With all that’s going on in our external world and how time-consuming it is to just survive, physically and psychically, it can seem overwhelming to face our inner-selves. It’s hard to find the time or the energy to change the deep-seeded issues and history that cause us to emit self-sabotaging or negative vibes without intending to. A person who has been abused in childhood (or past lives) can be overwhelmed by issues of trust or abandonment in adulthood. Facing certain circumstances or relationships that challenge those issues takes a lot of time, energy and commitment. Who has that right now?

There are many levels of the vibrations we consciously give off – how we choose to treat others, perform our jobs, deal with family members, give our love to a spouse, or care for our children – that are influenced by un-dealt-with pain and fear. There are also levels under that surface that guide us to behave in certain ways to maintain the pain or fear vibration that was taught to us in childhood or past lives as who we are and what we deserve. While we chose how to present ourselves on the surface, on how people see us and relate to us, we rarely are aware of all the information we send out. And that information affects others as others’ vibrations effect us.

Our surface behavior is fed from our inner soul where the vibrations (soul-self) are not as consciously accessed. But the lack of worthiness, anger, held-onto experiences or non-acceptance of self taught in childhood or past lives become a blanket for us that gets thicker and heavier as we get older if we never face it.

How many times have we encountered someone who proclaims “I’m in a bad mood today!” as if it is a reason for selfish behavior? Maybe we’ve done it ourselves. If we know we’re in a bad mood, why aren’t we doing anything to shift it, instead of letting our negativity affect our well-being and that of everyone around us? Most of the time there is a built-up anger or resentment on a subconscious level that fuels our right to be in a bad mood. Everyone is supposed to pay for it because we can’t make the person or situation who initiated the trauma pay.

We can also get out of balance within self and subject others to our negative vibes from simple things like eating bad food, not getting enough sleep, being effected by an angry person, missing a light in traffic that we normally make, reaching for something and not grabbing it completely so it falls and breaks. All of these situations are just the external reaction to our internal vibrations being out-of-tune. These are the hints that show us our need to pay attention to our inner-selves.

If we don’t face these hints of larger issues, we’re unable to think, communicate, or function clearly. Then we allow them to feed on themselves until it becomes more normal to be out-of-sync than to be in balance within self.

So please be aware of the vibrations you emit – both in external actions, thoughts and deeds and in the internal ones that feed the surface. Pay attention to the hints. It is never easy and we may not want to look at our deeper selves and the damage that has been done to us, but this year we have major help in facing ourselves. Take advantage of it. Let’s try to be self-aware on all the levels of our vibrations. It’s the only way we make a better world in our immediate spheres and in the larger picture.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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