We move into the true energy of 2016 with the New Moon on February 8 which brings us into the Chinese New Year of the Fire/Red Monkey (more on that next time). This is a year in flux and we have to be adaptable. It is also a very important year in getting us to stick with what we learned about ourselves over the last seven-to-eight-year cycle.

Knowing the answers to three important questions helps us stay in our own power-within and recognize our identity. It helps us complete our goals and get through this year productively instead of feeling lost or beaten-up. The questions help us know ourselves because, when we get down to it, being clear on who we are and consistently standing in that strength is what the year is all about.

First, a couple of things to know about 2016 and why it’s so important.

2016 is a nine year in numerology – an energy of completion, as ten is of a new beginning. All life moves and develops in a spiral upward. Our one at the bottom of the spiral, where we start, journeys upward through individual and broader humankind lessons, completing them with nine before moving into a new ten. The ten is made of a new, higher level one with the addition of the zero of unlimited options (zero equals “nothing”, as in “no thing” is impossible).

So 2017 will be a year of new beginnings where everything is possible. To take advantage of the beginning cycle next year, it’s imperative that we complete the ending cycle this year.

So what are we completing? In our adapting to the new Aquarian Age energy, we go through levels of consciousness expansion. 2016 brings a completion of the first level of expansion, a lesson of knowing our true selves so we are balanced moving forward with the ever-changing vibrational shifts of the new paradigm. If we don’t solidly know who we are at our core, we are easily thrown off course.

When we are very young, we learn initially by observing and absorbing those around us: our parents, siblings, extended family, friends, the outside world, entertainment. Few of us have consciousness to know who we are in a world new to us so we take on others’ opinions and the lessons they teach us until we can figure things out for ourselves. Frequently, however, we hold on to what we learned from others as if it’s fact even if goes against our instinct. Every time we do that, it’s like putting a coat over who we really are – the coat of someone else’s opinion or advice that stifles our own truth.

As we grow into our own self-awareness in our teens and early 20s, we frequently make decisions that go against our own gut instincts. Examples: being friends with people we don’t feel close to because of peer pressure, going into a line of studies because of parental insistence, or taking a job because of convenience or fear instead of doing what’s in our hearts.

We make decisions, big and small, every day that put more coats on us. By the time we’re adults, we’re loaded down with layers and layers of coats that sometimes stop us seeing who we really are underneath it all. And they can direct the course of our lives away from what we’re here to accomplish.

For the last seven to eight years, our journey has been to remove those coats and rediscover our true selves. This has not been easy because sometimes our entire lives are wrapped around who these coats have guided us to become. Getting rid of the coats sometimes means making major changes in how we live our lives, the direction of our careers, and staying in or leaving relationships.

2015 was the year for us taking off the last of the coats while 2016 is the test to see how well we did that. It’s like the final exam was in 2015 yet 2016 gives us a series of pop quizzes to make sure we got it. These quizzes help us stay “ourselves” in the face of the old established influences and behavior.

That’s why we have so many Mercury retrogrades this year with their energy of “re” – re-examine, re-assess, re-consider. They are our pop quizzes. They force us to take a second look at how far we’ve come in our awareness of who we are underneath past influences and how well we can keep those realizations.

Be aware that we have more time this year influenced by Mercury retrogrades and their unusually long before-and-after shadow periods than we have un-influenced time. So we’re really going to need to know who we are down to our core to accomplish what we all came here in this life to accomplish in this changing and challenging year.

Back to the three questions that serve as guides for us throughout our lives, but are especially important right now. Here they are:

Do you know who you are?

Do you know why you’re here?

Do you know where you’re going?

These are far deeper than “I’m Laurie Johnson”, “I’m here to help people understand things they might not immediately see”, and “I’m moving into Austin from Hill Country”. They encompass the truth of your soul and how clear that truth and your journey is to you.

Do you know who you are?  No matter what level of soul-awareness you are, from a young soul to an old soul, every incarnation refines our knowledge of who we are, our relationship with all life and clarifies our connection with Creator. To know this, ask: Who am I in my true self, stripped of anyone else’s opinion and influence? How much of how I behave is dictated by the people around me and my circumstances? Is there anyone around me who truly knows who I am and with whom I’m 100 percent comfortable? Am I comfortable in my own skin?

Do you know why you are here?  We all come in with a purpose: to complete karma with self and others, to heal from past life trauma, to learn to become better human beings. So ask yourself: Am I doing something I love to do (even if that is doing what I might not like to get money because I love my family)? Am I aware how I influence others? Who am I to the people around me? Am I a positive influence? Do I have long-term goals – not in getting a promotion at work but what my instinct has told me to accomplish? Can I imagine being on my death bed and feeling completely comfortable with how I lived my life? What is my purpose here as a soul?

Do you know where you are going? As we have gone through the fear-based, religiously-driven (rather than spiritually-driven) lessons of the Piscean Age, many of us have forgotten our innate knowledge of our journey from birth to death to rebirth and our ever-present soul-connection with Creator. It isn’t required to believe or know about reincarnation and past lives for there to be an understanding of our soul-journey taking us back to Creator. So ask yourself: Am I afraid of death? Do I know in my heart that I am okay when I die? Do I know – not just believe – I will be reconnected with loved ones and my guides, angels and ancestors on the other side? Do I know that my soul continues without my body, wherever and however that happens? This knowledge, more than any other, brings an incredible peace within once its achieved.

Knowing these answers keeps us strong in the face of this year’s pop quiz challenges and sets us up to take advantage of the magnificent, developing Aquarian Age energy by flowing with it instead of against it. While it may seem that it’s easier to just go with the old flow or with what we’re used to, no matter how uncomfortable but routine it might be, that won’t get us through this year with ease. If we don’t know the answers to those three questions, we’re going to have to face them at some point in this life, or take severe hits until we do.

A final note – an addendum – regarding my last newsletter on the Forty Great Things About Me list:

The list of forty things that are great about you can also be used with your children. One of my clients said she was going to write this list with and for her daughter who was at odds in a new school. Kids nowadays have so many merciless challenges and hard decisions to make early in their lives. If your kids need a little clarification in knowing who they are or having their own guidelines to know what to do in any situation, this list can help.

Do the list with your children, guide them into recognizing what is so great about them (because they really might not know that you see them as great) and what they believe within themselves (their personal guidelines). Have them read it to themselves every night and every morning. Or read it with them. It can really help them get through this flux time.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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