2015 brings a lifting of the heavy energy and lessons we’ve had sitting on us for several years. The past 18 months have been especially intense; the last four months of 2014 were ridiculously hard. So 2015 finally feels like a New Year. And it is, although the newness didn’t really start until the energy shifted on the Chinese New Year on February 19 (the Year of the Wood Sheep).

While our lessons for at least the last five years have been a forced looking-inward, we are now at the point of taking all we learned and putting it into practice. That means the focus is on accomplishing rather than studying. The energy now helps us move forward and outward instead of feeling stagnant and self-evaluating.

For some it can feel like a release from prison; for others it’s just relief from unclear pressure. Blocks that were never consciously apparent, but were there nonetheless, are gone. It’s a time of positive forward motion, of new adventure and discovery. We can’t remain where we are anymore; we are compelled to move forward. Movement is also a state of mind. As the fog lifts, let go of the fear we’ve been facing over the last years and MOVE forward.

Given that, we still have paths of energy that help guide us. While there are day-to-day and month-to-month events that shape our individual challenges and lessons, there are also major themes that guide humanity as a whole throughout a year. So far, I have seen three clear and distinct themes for 2015:



The Piscean Age Brick Wall

This year a lot of people who avoided or hid from the inner lessons of the last five years – those who are stuck in the old Piscean Age energy of “ego” and “shoulds” and “power-over” – will find themselves running head-long into a brick wall. This manifests in either sudden and severe health challenges or by shooting themselves in the foot.

The lesser manifestation is the health challenges. People who are so frustrated in their own lives they have been taking it out on others – stuck in “it should be my way!” – will finally get the self-evaluation lesson by having it go inside their bodies to get their attention. Look for heart attacks, strokes and cancer to present themselves as a surprise to the individuals. It will not surprise anyone around them who can see it coming a mile away.

However, the majority of the Brick Wall manifestation comes from the ego-driven, children-in-adult-bodies who “shoot themselves in the foot”. The same group of people who have escalated in taking their frustration out on others will go too far and either be shut down or have everyone turn against them, which takes their power away. This will most easily be seen in the large playground of our Congress which is crammed with Piscean Age ego, power-over thinking and fear. With Obama not having to get along with them as he ends his presidency, Congress will go ballistic and blow themselves up trying to get their own way. They will turn the country against their blatantly selfish tactics that having nothing to do with serving the people they represent.

That is the macrocosm while the microcosm is seeing this kind of implosion happening with friends, lovers, spouses (especially ex’s), family members, bosses and co-workers. Again as with the health challenges, the individuals themselves will not see it coming, but everyone around them will.

Taking Responsibility for Your Place in Humanity

Those who have evolved with the times find themselves thinking and acting differently than those who haven’t. And with all the negativity that lost and stuck people are throwing off, it’s easy to dismiss them and leave them to their own karma and Godsmacks. But one of the long-term realizations we’re consciously coming into is that we are all connected – from molecules to souls. And what happens to the least of us happens to the best of us.

So teach others by simply standing in Truth and Understanding. Take responsibility for the fact that we chose to be here – and all of us knew this was going to be a doozy of a life before we arrived. Help others by avoiding judgment . Transformation is hard on everyone, even those who get it. Be the Aquarian Age leader. We don’t have to tell people what to do (that’s Piscean leadership). These days, it’s the individual’s job to find their own path within, not follow someone who can tell them the answers. Let them observe and absorb the lessons but provide the lessons by shining in your own power-within.

In Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map oracle cards, the “Follow The Leader” card sums it up nicely:

“Every life is a teaching tool for others. Your authenticity and honesty are an example to those around you. You’re being called to lead others by example. Your wisdom has been earned as a result of your bravery in the adventure of your life. The experiences of battles won and lost, places discovered, tears shed, and joy revealed have placed you in a unique position to be of service to others. Your suffering has been crystallized into a talisman of wisdom. Now you must share it. By being fully authentic, you’ll lead others into the light. You’ll be required to divulge some things about your past so that you may help someone else. Lead with love. There is another message here as well. Look to those whose great character and accomplishments you admire. Emulate the leaders you respect. You will then in turn have more to offer.”

Maintaining and Observing Balance Within

The third theme of 2015 is being able to maintain that balance achieved over the last five years in the face of continuing growth within self and dealing with the lack of growth in others. Even if we haven’t achieved the perfect balance that works in every circumstance, we have a really good idea what it is. The challenge is to stay in the new personal rhythm without being affected by past or current influences. Past influences that we’ve overcome but may still show their head to make sure we moved beyond them; current influences come up to help us be clear of our new resolve.

This is like moving into the work force after getting a master’s degree – we’re prepared with knowledge but not necessarily practical experience while moving from the contained space of school into the unlimited world.

Welcome to the unlimited world of 2015.

with love and gratitude…

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