With all the dismal news and feelings of chaos and hopelessness out there, in spite of anticipation of the holiday season, perhaps it would be helpful to take a look at where we are in the bigger scheme of things.

For people who don’t know what’s going on in the bigger picture, when I explain about the Piscean Age/Aquarian Age transition, they’re always surprised that the outlook is far more hopeful than they could have imagined. For people who are aware what’s going on – that we’re headed into more harmony, communication, equality and awareness – watching it slowly inch forward day-to-day can make anyone believe we’re never going to get there.

But there is proof right in front of our eyes that things are getting better, and it’s been unfolding over the last months prompted by the major Earth shift with August 21’s eclipse.

Two major ongoing events have been very clear in showing us that we are, indeed, waking up to a new awareness of humankind and the “power-within” instead of mankind and the “power-over”.

The first was the outcome of the elections earlier in November, especially in Virginia and Oklahoma. Women, people of ethnicity and the first transgender politician replaced the calculation and outdated “cover one’s ass” mentality with the ideals our country was based on (“We the people…”).

This isn’t about Democrat vs. Republican. It’s “for the good of all” instead of “for the good of me”. Again, it’s the Aquarian Age vibration of “humankind” coming to the forefront and replacing the Piscean Age conventional, stuck thinking of “mankind” (i.e., “man” is rightfully in charge). While we still have to do a lot to get everyone to see and understand this, the outcome of the election was proof positive that things are indeed moving out of the fearful energy that started peaking when the New Age enlightenment began its influence.

The second event, which is more like a movement, is the outing of sexual predators and sexual harassers that were an accepted part of life for the entire Piscean Age and, more specifically, since women got the vote and moved into the mainstream. Once women began superseding their role-identification of wife, mother or prostitute, the female threat to male superiority came to the forefront represented by the “dick is all” survival mentality. The dick cannot be questioned, so the dick punishes and reminds women of their subjugated place.

It’s never been about sex; it’s always been about power. It was and is based on fear of losing one’s “power-over”. It’s us moving out of the Piscean Age roles of male and female into the Aquarian Age role of human being.

There was a recent poll taken since this wave started saying that 56 percent of women in the work place have experienced sexual harassment or abuse. Having been a woman in the work place in corporate America, in the entertainment industry and in my current profession, I can say that number is low. It’s more like 86 percent or more. In each one of my professions, I experienced some version of sexual harassment or abuse. And I observed it almost everyday with others. But up until now, it would have done no good to report it, as many who did found out.

The fact that the poll was taken at all means there is mainstream seriousness about what’s unfolding. Can anyone imagine that poll having any impact to bring change if taken even ten years ago? Be aware, though, that as this unfolds, while almost all the women will report the truth, a few will exaggerate to make up for years of abuse. That happens when anything subverted for so long comes into the light. Also know, whatever happens because of exaggeration is karmically deserved.

The awareness that surfaced in both the November elections and the outing of sexual abusers has been developing within and under everyone’s conscious radar for quite a while. The low vibration of stuck thinking and sexual “power-over” are no longer vibes the Aquarian Age energy accepts. That which doesn’t harmonize with the new, higher, more refined vibration, doesn’t stay.

Forward movement is always taken in steps, slow enough for all to get it, and then it bursts forth into conscious action. That’s where we are now – in conscious action. With this finally-achieved burst of awareness surfacing, we will become more impatient to bring more change faster to harmonize us with the new vibration.

While both of these events are ongoing and still take time to cause change enough to reach everyone, they are happening faster and more completely than was possible before. These movements are not fads nor will they go away when the press overdoses the public making us numb to hearing about them. There will be new revelations every day, new surprises (good and bad), that keep us moving forward.

More diversity and consciousness will come into politics to lead us out of the Great Negative Lesson. Campaigning in 2018 will be chaotic, scary and crazy with alternating waves of fear and enlightenment. The mid-term elections will be a marker to see how much we’re all “getting it”. I expect there will be a great many more people “getting it” than have before. That will also mean a stronger push-back from those fearfully stuck. The good news is that after 2017, the power of those who are stuck will have lost its impact and their push-back will be weak and insubstantial.

Regarding the sexual abuse awakening, 2018 will bring an outing of many, many more men, especially in Congress where “power-over” has run rampant. The publicity of those in the public eye will cause change in their well-known entertainment and political professions that will also begin to cascade down to other professions, i.e., those in business who have notoriety only within their small worlds.

As I’ve written before, know that the young souls among us are not going to accept the Aquarian Age lessons in this life. They are too afraid to move forward and don’t have the soul experience to grow beyond where they are now. It will take leaving this life for them to let go of their fear and accept the enlightenment currently presented. They are learning, but in a way that is very “under the surface”. Their child-level egos can’t take in the adult journey of this hugely transitional life. But they will be adults at some point and what they take with them from this life into their next will help them grow exponentially.

While there is still turmoil and chaos involved in our day-to-day growth right now, please be aware how far we have come in such a short period of time. It might not seem like we’ve accomplished a lot with so much more to do, but if we look at the bigger picture and how long it has taken for this awakening to “suddenly” happen, we are in an excellent state. Change is happening and won’t stop. In 2018, it will be more visible and happening faster in all areas. We’ve started to act consciously to break away from 2,000 years of conditioning. All we have to do is look.

It is a fantastic way to see that there is hope for our future.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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