The Solar Eclipse of April 2014

As we prepare for the new beginning that is marked by the April 29th New Moon and Solar Eclipse, which includes the opportunity to manifest in ways we never could before, here’s some information on the power of eclipses from astrologer Gahl Sasson from his Cosmic Navigator newsletter:

Traditionally, eclipses are associated with fated events, situations that you have “decided” to experience before you were born but obviously have no recollection of. During eclipses that are as intense as the ones happening this month, free-will leaves the stage in favor of destiny and the Three Fates. Some events must transpire whether we like it or not. Eclipses are whirlpools of incidents that guide us down the rabbit hole into a new reality that we are forced to accept.

 It is during eclipses that we learn to receive and accept our destiny. 

 Mother Nature herself reacts to eclipses: birds stop chirping, crickets turn silent. Thoughts stand still awaiting to see what happens next. 

 Eclipses are the earthquakes of the soul. 

On the day of the eclipse, we experience obstacles that prevent us from “seeing” the light. In those periods, we are left in the dark, in ignorance and therefore, subject to our worst fears. 

Throughout history, the eclipse has heralded a time of change and transformation. No longer was it possible to conceal or hide the truth. The blocked light of the moon or the sun caused change, death and resurrection. It has served as a bridge from darkness to light, from Hades to Olympus, from the subconscious to awareness, from ego to the higher-self. 

Eclipses are storytellers. They weave engaging, suspenseful, albeit scary, synchronicities into a tapestry of stories and events that cover the span of six months. What does that mean? Around April 29 (Solar eclipse in Taurus), events relating to finance, security, values, self-worth, and art (Taurus) will force you into action. Situations will prompt you into doing things you have never done before, say and feel things you never thought you would, and experience an external manifestation of your inner shadow.

This eclipse will be felt by leaders, the self-employed, CEOs. politicians, and will be more challenging to the sons of Adam as well as people born April 27-May 1 and Oct 29-Nov 2nd. So what happens if you are a woman and a CEO…well…it’s going to be tough for you and your employees who have to deal with you. Just remember, avoid becoming the eclipse of others and general nastiness. 

Mythologically speaking, during eclipses we become werewolves, howling, biting, scratching and yet not remembering or paying attention to what we are doing. In the werewolf stories, they never remember what happened to them while they were in wolf mode. Why do you think the only thing that can kill a werewolf is a silver bullet or silver knife? Silver is the metal associated in alchemy and astrology with the Moon. They are creatures of the Moon which gives them life and death. In a way, we all become creatures of the night around the eclipses. 

Every eclipse has a ruler and since Venus happens to be the governess of both Libra and Taurus, these Lunar and Solar eclipses are said to be influenced by her. It is also very auspicious that Venus is in Pisces, her sign of exaltation, where she is in full power extending her glamour to all corners of the earth.

The toolkit of Pisces, that can help us overcome and mitigate the hardship of the fiery eclipses, includes: creative visualization, dance, yoga, meditation, dream, music, poetry, movement and imagination. Venus, strengthened by her position in Pisces, is benevolent and is associated with peace, harmony and diplomacy. She is, after all, the goddess of love.

 This means that you can weather the storm far better with a partner on your side. If you don’t have one, perchance Venus and her eclipses will break the spell of loneliness and bring out of the shadows your Prince/Princesses Charming.  Believe me, with the state of the sky this month, especially the New Moon on the 29th, EVERYTHING is possible.     

 To help you deal with the cosmic currents, focus your energy on acceptance, surrender, extend help to others, avoid being reactive, look at the signs, avoid unnecessary battles, sleep longer than usual; do yoga, meditation, cardio, any exercise; detox, take long baths with salt water, and, in general, just be nice to fellow humans and sentient beings. 

Have a wonderful ride and don’t take life personally, it has nothing to do with you.

That being said, know that coming out of the Cardinal Grand Cross, we are all more emotional, exhausted and overwhelmed. Add the usual over-emotionality that the Dark of the Moon brings the day before the New Moon – and the feeling of being lost and helpless/hopeless as we find our new way – and this can be a difficult yet glorious transition. We are made raw in order to start again. With consciousness. With intent. With manifestation.

 So be conscious of who you are and what you are going to do in your life – on a small scale and on the larger one. Microcosm/macrocosm after all.

 Act with intent for your best and highest good.

 Manifest your new Perfect World. For the good of yourself, and for the good of all.

 With love and gratitude…

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