While we are done with 2020, we will still be feeling the reverberations of the changes it instigated well into 2021 and, because the changes have been so deep, into coming decades. We usually like to think that on January 1 of any New Year, everything is different. But we also know that’s not true. Granted, group consciousness can create a certain reality that everyone adheres and gives power to (i.e., the change from one year to another on January 1 brings in everything new). But we are having our consciousness transformed so the power we’ve assigned to things in the past will not hold sway as much as we would like it to.

Still, may we all have a safe, healthy Happy New Year celebration, however that happens, and look forward to the actual energy change into the New Year on February 12, the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox (more on that another time), which is also around the time of the seven planets in Aquarius hit!  Exciting!


One of my favorite shows on TV is The Expanse, which started out on the SyFy Channel. When they cancelled it after three seasons, Jeff Bezos picked it up for Amazon Prime because it’s one of his favorite shows, too. It’s based on a trilogy of trilogies novels (nine books in all with the ninth yet to come out) written by James S. A. Corey, a pseudonym for two writers who were in the George R. R. Martin sphere. Their work is frickin’ brilliant. Please give it a try if you like anything space or science fiction related.

In the third book/season, the heroes come across an alien-created space anomaly in a giant sphere they call The Slow Zone: an area that has control of its own environment autonomous to the rest of space and rules that apply there. Anything that comes into it obeys alien rules, which means ships that travel at normal speed outside the Zone automatically get slowed down, sometimes without warning, as soon as they enter the sphere. So traveling at the speed of light can change in an instant to traveling at the speed of a snail. Needless to say, this causes a lot of problems.

We are kind of in our own Slow Zone right now. No matter how fast and different we want the world or our lives to be, there are higher powers that are in obvious control of our immediate future, trying to get us to pay attention. This won’t be forever, but it’s definitely going to be around for the next five months while we continue to deal with the escalating pandemic.

The trick is to not wait for things to change “back to normal”. That isn’t going to happen. We think we’ve been forced into changes in 2020. Not really. We were confronted by them but unfortunately most people didn’t adapt to them, holding out for that “back to normal” return. We can see by the number of people who traveled and gathered over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and probably will for New Year that people didn’t listen or learn and wanted it to be their way, not the way it is. So the pandemic has come back harder. If we’d gotten its message in the first round, we wouldn’t need it to get worse.

So take cues from The Slow Zone and listen to what it’s telling us. STOP and feel the new vibe. Breathe it in. STOP and be aware of self (aware, not ego-indulgent). STOP and feel what is around you rather than what you want it to be. STOP being only aware of what’s coming at you and be aware of what you’re putting out. STOP thinking “me” and start thinking “we”. STOP thinking “victim” and start thinking “warrior”, or if not “warrior”, “survivor”.

The best way of purposefully harmonizing our vibe with the New Normal is to STOP and allow ourselves to do that. That usually means meditation of some sort. When we meditate, we slow ourselves down to take in information from around us on a higher vibe. That’s why it’s so soothing and grounding.

It can also mean taking time in Nature. That doesn’t mean just taking a walk with other people’s energy present. It means being with Nature, letting our vibration change to harmonize with a tree, or a field, or an animal.  Stand next to a tree and breathe with it.  Imagine yourself inside it, use all your senses to experience that.  Talk to it, listen to it.  Be one with it.  We all know how to do this but we usually never take the time.

As we’re in the Aquarian Age completely now, include meditation that brings in anything artistic, such as working with music or Solfeggio tones, or humming or drumming or dancing. Let the perfect vibes of anything artistic raise our personal vibes, even if it’s just for five to fifteen minutes.

What’s changing around us is the world we created, not the world itself. If we STOP and let ourselves listen and remember and feel the world as it is, the chaos we created stops, too. We created the need for Trump and he is the “savior” that brought us to a STOP to STOP our own chaos and how big its grown. We’re going to STOP anyway—by choice or by force. How we accept it is up to us.

Have patience with self, with others immediately around us, with Humanity and world trends. Again and again I’ve said (and it’s still true), we have more angelic energy working with us now on a personal level and species level than we’ve ever had. Trust that we are all exactly where we need to be, and others are the same, whether that’s easy to accept or not.

Watch the “shoulds”. If someone thinks, “the sky should be green”, we know the sky is never gong to be green so who does that upset and frustrate? Only the person who thinks it should be green and the people they insist on trying to convince that they’re right.

The time of enlightenment is at hand and is only stopped or slowed by our own choice to be stubborn.


This is Asha. If you follow me on InstaGram, you know a lot of my pictures are of her sleeping and snoring or purring or just being cute. I am so in love with her. She is so sweet and affectionate, but it wasn’t always that way. When I adopted her two years ago, she was very aggressive and defensive and would rather spend time with my other cat, Lizzie, than with me, even though Lizzie was also defensive and not very friendly.

Asha had been rescued from the street by an Austin rescue group (we have a huge TNR program here, it’s a no-kill city). She was pregnant and put into foster care so she could have her kittens. But when she was in labor, after delivering two babies, the next one inside was stillborn and the vet had to do an emergency C-section and spayed her at the same time. While she was recovering in foster care, she still had to take care of her kittens and deal with a well-meaning but crazy, disorganized, hoarder who was her foster mom (to whom I am incredibly grateful even though she was unaware of the stress she put into Ash’a situation).

It’s taken two years of unconditional love and patience for this cat to release her well-trained survival attitude necessary for life on the streets to believe and trust I love her and will take care of her forever. In the last months, she’s started to come to me to be loved and wants to lay near me when I’m doing readings, or working on the computer or watching TV. She made biscuits for the first time a few weeks ago, which means she’s comfortable enough to let that feeling of contentment surface in her.

What this taught me is that how someone adapts to what you want them to, whether that’s returning love that you give them, or wanting them to receive openness when you’re being kind to someone, is up to them. You don’t know what they’ve been through nor their capacity for “getting over it”. Continue to be loving and kind and accepting and it will make a difference, it just may not be on your timetable.

Be in the moment, let others be in their moment. STOP judging because we never can tell the depths of what another person’s experiences or emotions are, as they usually can’t tell what yours are. If you feel misunderstood, know they do to. This is especially important as we are tested in the New Year to find out truth about people that we thought we knew.


As promised, I’ve made the decision that I will continue Discount Thursdays for the first five months on 2021, that’s January through the end of May. That means for every Thursday in that time, prices are:


  • $30 for 15 minutes (instead of $45)
  • $40 for 30 minutes (instead of $70)
  • $50 for 45 minutes (instead of $85)
  • $60 for 60 minutes (instead of $105)

Please book through my website ( If you pass this offer to others, ask them to book via my website instead of calling, emailing or texting me. I will just send them to the website anyway.

As usual, these special prices will not be listed on the website, nor with PayPal. For payment, I can take your credit card over the phone at the time of the call, or you can go directly to and pay my account (

Wishing you a life-changing New Year, as it is meant to be. We will be experiencing chaos coming into order, but know we created the chaos and angelic energy is bringing the order that we want.

Thank you for following me and listening to my rants. Hopefully some wisdom and inspiration did come out of them.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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