The Shift between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age 11/5/2012

The Shift between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age

I’ve referred to the shift between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age quite a bit in these missives. For those who haven’t heard me expound on it via a class or reading, I thought I’d write about it here. When the information on this shift came to me, it explained so much of what was going on in the world. I hope this helps bring understanding and clarity to some major themes we’re experiencing.

Every 2,000 years, the Earth is influenced by a different constellation in the heavens, a deeper slower influence than the planets in our solar system have on our birth and everyday lives. That influence teaches profound lessons and directs the overall long-term development of humankind, as the planets direct the overall development of the span of a single life. I’m sure you recognize this…the charting of the influence is called Astrology.

For the last 2,000 years, we’ve been under the influence of Pisces or the Piscean Age. It ends officially on December 21, 2012 when the Aquarian Age starts. As happens with such a profound change, we start to feel the consciousness shifts long before the actual day starts. In this case, we got smatterings of it with the awakening spiritualism in the late 1800’s. Another burst came with a glut of spiritual literature published around 1938. Then came the 1960’s and the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.

And as usually happens with such an intense change, the last several decades leading up to the transition tend to get really ugly. Those born into the old Age, but are already programmed for the new one, feel completely out of place even though they are the forerunners of what’s to come, i.e. a shift in how we look at things. Think Indigo, Crystal and Star children, those diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and kids who know how to use a computer when they’re under five. They think in completely different ways that are forcing everyone around them to adapt and learn but they rarely know they’re doing it for the good of all and it makes for a difficult life.

Meanwhile, those born into the old Age and want to maintain the old ways against all odds are finding themselves coming up against a fast-moving river of change no matter how hard they push to keep things the same. Again, a difficult and uncomfortable life.

The biggest lesson that we faced during the Piscean Age has been the male energy finding its own power in the guise of the male in power. This is why “man” has been in charge for the last 2,000 years. Even the population has been called “mankind” instead of “humankind”. This isn’t just the general male energy; it’s the specific lesson of being “the Father”.

Our political, spiritual, military and business leaders over the last 2,000 years – the major decision makers of humankind – have almost consistently been father figures.

Before anyone starts blaming men for all the difficulty and hardship we’ve experienced over the last 2,000 years (and are still dealing with), know that every woman alive has reincarnated as a man multiple times. That means we’ve all had a hand in where we are as a species today and how we’ve affected each other and the planet.

With males in the lead, females have taken the “lesser” role, even though there is no lesser path of learning. While men have been in charge, with all the glory and overwhelming responsibility that comes with it, women have been learning how to survive by multi-tasking on all levels.

The biggest Aquarian lessons we are facing right now have to do with being in balance, in harmony, understanding equality and communicating in deeper more complete ways than just the left-hemisphere of the brain and its lines and squares linear thought process of the last 2,000 years. And, of course, we’re shifting into the overall concept of humankind rather than mankind, planetary awareness rather than us against them.

This is a huge transformation, full of fear of change, and is much harder on the male. Men have to let go of their 2,000 years of entitlement and the idea that they have been the most important beings on the planet and get with a program that the female has been learning and anticipating for millennia.

That isn’t to say women have been sitting around knowing more than the men and not being able to speak. Women have been learning an inner self lesson (the power-within) while men have been dealing with the world outside (the power-over). We all agreed to learn these lessons before we came into this life, whether it’s turned out we’re good at it or not.

The Aquarian Age is the first time in human history that we aren’t swinging from one end of the pendulum arc to the other. We’re not going all female in response to the last 2,000 years of being all male. We’re meeting in the middle, at the point of perfect balance. You could say we are all graduating into a new awareness.

It’s not a mistake that this shift coincides with the Mayan calendar shift ending one Day of Mankind and moving us into another. According to the Mayans, each Day is 5,125 years long and alternates between female and male lessons (female for the First Day, male for the Second Day, etc.) The Day we’re moving into on December 22, 2012 is different: it brings the balance and harmony, signified in a lesser number of years as the Aquarian Age…the first time in 26,000 years that this kind of balance and harmony come into play.

A word on how I see this played out in our current election. I don’t see this as Republican vs. Democrat; I see it as Piscean vs. Aquarian. Power-over vs. power-within. We’re facing fear of the change that is inevitable and, on some level, we’re all aware of it. That makes some of us embrace the change and rabidly want to leap forward through the discomfort of transition while others want to hold on to what has been just as rabidly.

And be aware that on Tuesday, November 6th, Mercury goes retrograde as we all vote. The last time Mercury was retrograde on Election Day brought the balloting issues between Bush and Gore. And with the Eastern Seaboard having such horrific problems, voting may be delayed in that area. So don’t count on any answers about this oh-so-close election right away. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s probable it will be days if not weeks before we know who is the president that takes us into the New Age.

That being said, please vote, whomever you believe in. We are in the last months of 2012 where what we do now programs the lessons we face over the next 12 years. This election gives us a choice between learning via a negative lesson and a positive one. So, good luck America.

With love and gratitude…

p.s. Regarding a comment I made a couple of newsletters ago (the one about fear) saying “our leaders, who are losing their control over awakening humans and the world, are perpetuating the fear to keep themselves in position (yes, I’m talking Republicans).” I was not speaking of the general population of Republicans but of what I see is the great need to maintain control through power-over that seems to be a focus in the current campaign. I am very sorry if I offended any Republican reading this. That was not my intention.

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