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The first four months of the year gave us the opportunity to face the left-over karma that we’ve been dragging with us and to discover and revel in who we are without influences we took on by rote (i.e., parents’ opinions). May through the beginning of June was a mix of feeling lifted with the Jupiter in Aries excitement that was hampered by a powerful Mercury retrograde.

The Aquarian Age awareness-lift kicked in full when Mercury went direct on June 3 but that brought a mix of feelings, too. It has been, and continues to be, wonderful for people who are looking for the Aquarian Age mentality to change what’s leftover from the Piscean Age. But that lift is mixed with the Piscean Age holdouts who are more afraid and adamant than ever that nothing changes and they remain in charge.

I see their energy as if a five-year-old boy (the stuck male energy, no matter what their physical age) who has pretty much run wild and done what’s he’s wanted so far in his life – in action, in emotion, in ego. Now his mother (Aquarian Age balancing female energy) takes him to a place of spiritual practice, a church or temple or mosque. This is the next lesson of self-discovery in a spiritual way, growth into humanity, and they don’t want it. How can they still be in charge or important or able to get away with the old power-over mentality if they grow? They’re afraid of the change, can feel its significance, and they fight back.

At the door to the temple, he gets his feet firmly stuck at the threshold with his hands on the jamb and refuses to go any further, while his mother is pulling as hard as he’s pushing. The more she pulls, the harder he pushes and then he brings screaming and thrashing because his fear is so great. Look to any of the extreme political figures who are fighting to stay in power and see if this visual doesn’t fit. But this lesson for him is inevitable even though at this time, his push back is extreme, And the boys are throwing their fear out at everyone, without care how it affects anyone else.

It’s good to be aware of the levels or energy we encounter every day, especially now as it’s more extreme. We’re experiencing how we feel personally, how everyone else feels (from those close to us to those we encounter in a store), the purposeful influence from news and others’ opinions, the lift of Aquarian Age harmony while still having feet in Piscean Age fear, the planetary activity especially the shifts of our Moon, the influences of whatever Zodiacal sign we’re in plus the lessons for self and lessons for others, especially those not learned.

That’s a lot. More than we’ve been used to. But I think it’s important to know even if we aren’t consciously aware of it because we need to give ourselves a break and stop judging ourselves if we’re overwhelmed or tired on a regular basis. We’re dealing with a lot. And that list doesn’t include those who have subconsciously committed to helping mankind become humankind, which is energy work separate from everything else.

That means that going into the rest of this year, start with a basis that we are not only in complicated times, we are complicated beings in the middle of the biggest change humankind has experienced. It might help to navigate some of the things coming.

First, please be vitally aware of the phases of the Moon: the Full Moon, the New Moon and especially the Dark of the Moon (the twenty-four hours before the New Moon). These energies bring huge release, huge new beginnings and huge feelings of loss, in order of appearance. And as mentioned, be aware of the Zodiacal sign we’re in, which is now Cancer. Every sign has a positive and negative side, which we can feel equally. Cancer can make us feel emotionally magnanimous, wanting to help everyone, or in the next moment, make us feel like we need to hide in our shell away from everyone. We will get both without warning.

July is going to coast through fine, but, again, please be aware of the Moons. We’ve got a full Moon on July 13, the Dark of the Moon on July 27 and the New Moon on July 28. Be aware of the moods of those around you as they will be affected, sometimes a lot more than you, and it may take a beat before you recognize why people are acting weird.

August is, in Feng Shui, the Hungry Ghosts Month, where the souls of the dead are allowed to walk the Earth and wreck havoc. Basically, it’s a Karmic Catch-Up Month. This is different from the energy of the first four months of 2022. But this time it’s about catching karmic dust-bunnies rather than heavy work. It can seem especially heavy because there were quite a number of people who refused to do their karmic work at the beginning of the year and, as usual, they’re going to make everyone else pay for the pressure put on them in August.

August is also the single month of the year when all the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde at the same time. This is long, slow, deep-under-our-feet change that helps us face our karma and future lessons. But with all we’ve experienced since the beginning of 2020, we’re pretty tired of having to face anything that isn’t the life right in front of us. So take it easy in August and make sure you do things that make you happy, even if it’s a small thing like buying flowers for yourself regularly.

Watch for the Moons in August (especially the Dark of the Moon on August 26) and also the signs of Leo and Virgo. Leo is fire energy (which started at the end of July), very different from the water of Cancer, and is about ego in both good and bad ways. Virgo is earth energy and can be grounding with an emphasis on esthetics and beauty, or an obsessive need to organize everything or just have things in order.

September brings an ease from Hungry Ghosts but we don’t recover as quickly from the heaviness of energy as we used to. We have a Mercury retrograde hitting on September 9 through October 2 to take us back to re-assess what we’ve learned in the last several months. It’s a time of reflection along with all the avoid-MercRetro-things we’re used to: avoid buying big ticket items, expect problems with travel, computers, and communication. Take it easy!

Then on September 22/23, the Autumnal Equinox comes in to balance everything out and give us an energy break. This will be within the MercRetro, so it’s more of a time of self-reflection and self-balance. As it is an important Holy Day within the Old Ways, honor it with a ritual or ceremony that connects us with Higher Source. This is uplifting energy, unless you’re really in your own way (most of us aren’t). The Dark of the Moon/New Moon hits right after on August 24/25, so release is the name of the game toward the end of September.

Then we come to October, which is going to be the most significant month in the second half of 2022, even more than the Hungry Ghosts Month. There’s a lot going on that sets us up for the finale of the year and the new energy of 2023. First, Mercury goes direct on October 2. Yeah! Then there is the ending of a huge event leftover from last year: Saturn squaring Uranus on October 4. This isn’t just one day, as this energy has a huge lead up and let down, but that day is the focal point, and it’s a significant precursor to our election in November.

Saturn is the old way, which now is considered stuck and unyielding. Uranus causes upheaval and change into the new way, which Saturn doesn’t like. The square is the conflict. So basically, it’s a fulcrum for Piscean Age stuckness and arrogance to come up against Aquarian Age lift and progress. As that is so clearly represented in our politics at the moment, look for this energy to shake everything up in how the progress of those running for office or influencing for those running for office.

On October 28, Jupiter, which has been the leading edge of Aquarian Age lift since May 10, then moves into Piscean until December 21 when it will return to Aries until May, 2023. Jupiter in Pisces it means we become more emotional and the lift becomes more personal. Everything we learned or experienced since May 10 gets to be assimilated personally.

Then the big even that changes everything starts on October 30. Mars goes retrograde until January 12/13, 2023. This happens every other year so we haven’t had a Big Male Lesson since 2020, and we are so due for one. Basically, it feels like the male energy has been given their head this year with the caveat they they learn their growth-lessons on their own, by their choice, because when Mars goes retrograde, their choice is taken away. It’s Come-Up-Ance Time. Where individuals might not have been able to sway the block of Piscean Age male hold-out energy, this Mars retrograde will step in and bitch-slap in ways we can’t anticipate. And right before the election. What the Piscean Age hold-outs have been able to get away with changes completely. It’s going to be quite a show.

Jumping ahead because it connects, Mercury goes retrograde again on December 29 through January 18, 2023 (with the feeling lasting weeks longer) and that elongates and highlights whatever Mars is teaching. While the push-back from this stuck male energy may be extreme, because they have to make sure everybody pays if they’re uncomfortable, the end result is a shift from the Piscean Age male-dominated expression.

The Moons in October to be aware of: Full Moon on October 9 (go get in some good release ritual to get settled), Dark of the Moon on October 24 (go hide and keep your head down) and the New Moon on October 25 with a Solar Eclipse which only adds more power. Again, it’s the most powerful change-inducing month in the rest of 2022.

In November, the big news and chaos will be surrounding the election, which will have everyone discombobulated. While I’m not seeing exact outcome, what I can see is that this is going to be a clusterfuck. I think that’s expected. While many outcomes will be known immediately, there will be argument about everything that doesn’t go the way Republicans want it to. So look for results to be disputed and fought about with the finality of everything taking weeks if not months to settle in.

Look to especially emotional reactions to continue and focus themselves on the Dark of the Moon on November 22. People who are trying to keep things in the past will have deep fear reactions to change that is inevitable. Many of us will have no sympathy for their plight for the traumatic journey they’ve put everyone else through, but it will be pitiable to watch

The aftermath of our elections will color the rest of the year and we will get very tired of hearing about it. So take this time of what is supposed to be our “Happy Time” in the end-of-the-year holidays to do exactly what you want. We’re already going to be feeling testy and anxious, so don’t do family events if they add to stress just because we’re “supposed” to. Being around people and events that cause stress when stress is so high can cause a lot of long-term damage with people erupting with opinion and judgment in their own fear. Instead of going to a traumatic family Thanksgiving dinner, go to Cancun!

Take time out to celebrate not just the usual holidays, but the Winter Solstice on December 21/22 as it is a time of huge release from the entire year’s energy, setting us up for the very different focus that is 2023 (a better and easier time ahead).

We are facing the dust-bunnies of our big karmic lessons from the beginning of the year for the rest of 2022. But they’re just dust-bunnies. We’ve done the heavy lifting. However, with the intensity of the energy, everything we face and learn these days takes on a bigger effect. But this work clears us for what 2023 brings to us in the Big Move Forward.

We’re on a ride this year with the second half being a very different ride than the first, but all with the main focus of getting us all on the same page and moving in the same direction. If we look at what’s going on in the world, it doesn’t seem that is possible. It is. Trust that there are energies, along with individuals, that are working on this every day.

If we need to get a break from the craziness, just think about the reason you reincarnated on the Earth at this time. While it is difficult (understatement), it is also exciting to be part of such a huge change in humanity. Ground with the Earth to survive this in the easiest way. Appreciate the beauty and sensuousness of our planet and what she gives us. Tap into her vibration and it balances us out every time. If you have an opportunity, do some Forest Walking, or spend time on a lake.

We’ve got an interesting and challenging last six months of 2022, but what a ride we’ll be on!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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