First off, did you feel that high energy flow last week for the three days before the January 31st Full Blood Blue Moon with Lunar Eclipse? It was the first time that combination of events (Full Moon, Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse) gathered together in 150 years. It was wicked intense. The energy was really good for some and really bad for others, depending on what needed attention or what needed to change in our lives.

A fellow psychic and I unwittingly affected the electrics in our homes. She, in the Los Angeles area, blew the circuit breaker in her apartment anytime she turned something on, then blew two light bulbs at night just by flipping a switch. In Austin, I blew five new light bulbs on the same day just by turning on the individual lamps that were spaced throughout the house. We didn’t realize it was a phenomenon until we compared notes.

My cats were on high alert as if we were in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. From Monday through the wee hours of Thursday morning, every noise or scent or flick of a leaf moving in the wind outside got their tails fat and their back hairs standing on end. Emma stood upright like a meerkat on more than one occasion to check things out (I’m very sorry I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to catch that because she’s so unbelievably cute when she does it). Also, I have been seeing a significant increase of spectral activity around me with at least one new guide joining my team when I work.

Then on Friday, the energy tanked completely. It felt like it was a throwback to the worst day of last year. The cats were again on high alert not with the excitement of the unknown, but with fear. Luckily, the energy evened out on Saturday. But what a ride last week was!

This Full Moon started a significant energy shift that will culminate with its sister New Moon/Solar Eclipse on February 16. That auspicious date starts the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog and gives us what we need to make it through 2018. It’s part of the Earth shifting we felt so strongly in 2012 that picked up again last year with the August 21st eclipse. Since then (August 21, 2017), there has been one major energy event after another, setting the bar high for vibrational awareness, which basically equates to making us focus on our own self-awareness.

This is a big year of change, of karma and the balance within demanding our attention and not taking no for an answer. Up until this year, if a person was unbalanced within, he could take it out on everyone around him, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced. This year, his imbalance makes him his own worst enemy, dealing with not just his inner dialogue but his physical being as well.

That’s the way karma works. It provides opportunities to learn by being right in front of us like a mirror. If we don’t get it, the mirror moves in closer so we can’t avoid it. If we still don’t get it, it moves inside and affects our health which we can’t ignore. This entire year is about facing that karma without mercy. We have help doing that but most of us don’t understand that help when it’s offered.

That being said, what I wanted to talk about today is the correlation between the dangerous flu season we’ve been having and the karmic lessons attached to it.

All physical issues we have, from a simple cold to the most severe forms of cancer, never start in the physical realm but have their beginnings in energetic or vibrational imbalance within. Small imbalances bring on a cold. Severe imbalances, personal karma or taking on another’s karma from love or debt, bring on more severe, sometimes fatal, illnesses.

Right now, we’re experiencing an unusually aggressive cold and flu season and that’s not just because the viruses that cause it have mutated to become immune to antiviral and antibacterial drugs. It’s because we need to pay attention to self in a way we’ve forgotten how to do and is not acceptable in our society. Most people who get sick with a cold or flu, take some kind of medication (prescription or over the counter) and just keep on going. They eventually heal but the cost is much more than it seems on the surface because the lack of true healing accumulates over the years and comes to a head. This year’s cold/flu season is karma coming to a head.

We get a cold or flu because it’s our body’s way of telling us we need to slow down, or we need a time-out from our daily grind or specific stress situation. This is an energetic response to the many levels of ourselves being overwhelmed by choices we’ve made in our lives. Why do you think the medical profession can’t find a cure for a cold or flu after all the years of modern science? They can only treat the symptoms until it runs its course or our immune system kicks it out. The only “cure” is to listen to our bodies and stop, allowing ourselves to recuperate. As we recuperate from the cold/flu, we recharge our energy an all seven levels of our being (three physical, four energetic).

So getting a cold or flu is one of those times when the help I mentioned hints what we need to do – stop and recuperate, and if we’re taking it seriously, reflect. We’re given a legitimate excuse to do it: illness. With us having to face our karma this year, this cold/flu season is especially strong in its God-smacking because we’ve probably been ignoring the importance of a cold or flu for most of our lives. It’s strong enough now for us to have to change our rhythms of “carry on even though sick” just because the workplace or other societal or family responsibility demands it.

The mutated cold/flu going around now is extremely serious because it’s adamant in its work to get us to become aware of a different rhythm. If we think it should go away because we “have to get back to normal” and we’re taking medication or we took three days off and slept throughout, we’re getting in our own way. With last year’s big lesson teaching us we have none of the control we thought we had over anything but ourselves and to “let go, let God”, trying to control or expect when you “should” get better misses the point. We’re not listening to our inner voice, to what our body is telling us and that only makes us sicker because the stress of expectation and judgment accompanying it are in opposition to healing energy.

This virus doesn’t care what medication you take to “fix it”. You can’t heal that way. The only way to “cure” a cold/flu is to build up the immune system to take care of it. The only way to build our immune system is to cleanse the body, rest and remove stress. And to listen to the body telling us what we need to do for it, not what it should do for our ego, societal/familial demands and expectations.

Helpful hint: When we’re sick, if we eat any dairy, wheat or sugar, we’re providing a breeding ground for the virus. Taking medication on top of that doesn’t stop the growth inside, it just masks it. So when medication eventually starts to make us feel better, if we haven’t eaten impeccably and rested impeccably to naturally rebuild our immune system, we will get sick again. When this cold/flu comes back, it’s stronger than it was even weeks before, bringing possible pneumonia or other far more serious complications.

So please, please be careful if the virus comes to you. Treat it seriously by treating the whole body, all seven layers of it, not just the symptoms. Alter what you can in your life to accommodate the illness/karma even though, with many who are vital in their current flow of service (at work or for others), that will be a huge challenge. But we’re dealing with more than a common cold or flu. We’re dealing with the karma of how we look at healing ourselves in the physical realm, which then heals ourselves in the spiritual realm.

After all, It’s a Master Eleven Year (spiritual balance) and a Two Year (physical balance). Taking the physical lesson of health by healing the imbalance the cold/flu brings helps us be more aware how we look at ourselves and our place in every level of our world.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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